Title:Seishun no Shoumi Kigen
"A Youthful Term of Enjoyment"
Author:Lex "Spork" Tenou
Pairings:Established couples, Endymion/Serenity and Haruka/Michiru
Warning/Disclaimers:Characters from Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I am not Takeuchi Naoko. Therefore, they are not mine, and I make no profit from this.
Reynaldo Montalvo adjusted his dark hair, flicking a lock away from his forehead. Leaning into the mirror, he carefully placed the contact over his eye, blinking rapidly to settle it.

He stared at himself for a moment and nearly laughed. He stood at a trim five eight. Normally, his dark hair was a luxurious blond that made women's fingers ache to run through. His now brown eyes were normally a deep, rich green that seduced men and women with a mere glance. His breasts were also bound tightly against his chest, something he only bothered with occassionally under normal circumstances.

Then again, normally, he wasn't Reynaldo Montalvo. Normally, he was Tenou Haruka.

Shaking his head of those thoughts, he took a deep breath and exhaled. "Yes...I am the great Reynaldo Montalvo, sent from Madrid for the Queen's massage!" He frowned in the mirror. Maybe a bit more macho? "I am the great Reynaldo Montalvo!"

He nodded. Perfect. Just the right amount of trill on the r's. Man, that had taken forever to learn.

He looked over the rack of car keys before pulling out the Maserati keys. Flashy and perfect for this endeavor.

Grinning to himself, Reynaldo made his way to the sleek power of the Maserati. Smiling, he slid behind the wheel and turned the ignition. Closing his eyes, he relished the rich purr of the engine.

Pulling out the driveway, he sped over to the Palace, his personality settling further over his shoulders.

"Open the gates! It is I, Reynaldo!" His haughty announcement was greeted with a still silence before the gates opened. He released a sigh of relief before pulling into the Palace grounds.

After properly badgering the garage master in proper care of the Maserati, he strutted to the receiving room and sniffed loudly in displeasure at the decor.

"Ahh! Reynaldo! Her Majesty awaits you." Reynaldo nodded imperiously and followed the manservant through hallways until he opened one final door. "After you."

Reyaldo swept into the room and nearly stopped dead at the sight of the nude woman laying face down on the bed. Two well built guards stood on either side of the doorway, implacable and immobile. The manservant smiled nervously at Reynaldo.

Serenity raised her head and looked directly at Reynaldo. His heart hammered in his chest as he waited her approval.

"Hello." Serenity smiled widely at him. He nearly smirked but remembered himself in time to switch to a wide, charming smile.

"Hello, Your Majesty. Shall there be music during the royal massage?"

Serenity nodded. "Do you have anything from Hero 730?"

Reynaldo grinned. "Would 'Start' be sufficient? I haven't any of the others with me."

Serenity giggled lightly. "That would be wonderful." Looking over at the manservant, who was fidgeting slightly, and the two immobile manservants, she gestured dismissively at them. "Leave us. Take the guards with you."

"Y-Your Majesty?" The manservant looked at Reynaldo, who merely smiled.

"Leave us. Don't forget what I used to do before I became your Queen."

The manservant bowed deeply, an embarrassed flush overtaking his cheeks. "Yes, Your Majesty."

The door snicked softly shut behind them as they left. Serenity laid back down on the table, the beginning chords of 'DO IT' pumping into the small room.

"Ahh...finally. Start whenever you're ready, Haruka."

Haruka stared at Serenity, shocked. "You knew?"

Serenity giggled. "Of course I did. You used the same cologne as always." She turned her head and smiled at the flustered woman. "Besides, I can sense you."

"Well, then...you ready for your massage?"

Serenity settled back onto the table. "Yes, please!"

Haruka's strong fingers began on Serenity's scalp, sliding through the loose blond locks. Serenity moaned low in her throat. Having your hair up all the time did tend to be painful. Haruka grinned and moved her kneading fingers to Serenity's neck.

Surprised at the knots she found, Haruka spent quite a few minutes working loose the tension in her Queen's neck. Each released knot of tension was met with a groan or sigh of pleasure.

Continuing downward, Haruka kneaded Serenity's stiff back. Her fingers danced up and down her Queen's spine. When she reached about the twelfth vertebra, a soft snore sounded from the head of the table.

Haruka chuckled slightly to herself and continued her task.


"Mmmm...It's no wonder Michiru can play for so long! She has you to work out all the tension!"

It had been a few months since the first massage session. Serenity had requested that Reynaldo visit weekly, a request Haruka was readily agreeable to. The thrill of fooling the Palace servants week after week was worth it alone, aside from the pleasure of serving her Queen.

A task that she was now executing with her customary skill. The Queen had awoken with a painful cramp in her leg the night previous, and Reynaldo's arrival had been greeted with alacrity. Her strong fingers dug into the tight muscle as she spoke to her Queen.

"How's that?"

"Oh, yes! Haruka!" Serenity's moans were positively orgasmic as the tension as released.

"What the hell?" Reynaldo turned to meet furiously confused blue eyes.

"Your Majesty." Reynaldo dipped his head in deference to his King.

"King!" Serenity smiled up at her husband. "When did you get back?"

"Just now. Who's this?"

Serenity smiled over at Reynaldo and nodded. Grinning widely, he bowed and announced imperiously, "I am the great Reynaldo Montalvo!"

Giggling, Serenity looked over at the frowning Endymion.

"And what are you doing here?"

"Giving the Queen her weekly massage, of course."

At Endymion's continued confusion, Serenity giggled more and tugged on his sleeve. Leaning down, Endymion kept his wary gaze on the grinning Reynaldo.

"That's Haruka, King!"


Haruka bowed and saluted him, a cocky grin on her face.

"Doing what I can to keep Crystal Toyko running smoothly, Your Highness."

Endymion shook his head, a smile beginning to form on his face.

"You are going to be the death of me, Serenity." Leaning down, he gave his wife a kiss. Clapping Haruka on the shoulder, he grinned. "You must have some talented hands. She usually only sounds like that when she's eating."

Serenity blushed heavily and buring her head in the table as Haruka and Endymion laughed.


The chorus of "Prince of the Earth" played in the small chamber. Haruka sang along softly as her strong and sure hands worked over the tense knots in Serenity's back.

Reynaldo looked up as the door opened, his hands pausing at the beginning swell of Serenity's buttocks.

A calm and composed Kaiou Michiru watched as Reynaldo paled and yanked his hands from Serenity.


"Hello, Your Highness. Tenou."

Haruka winced.

"I've just been giving her massages, you know how tense you can get. And Endymion knows, and I just didn't want to be completely out of the loop and you were on tour! I was lonely!" Haruka pleaded desperately. That couch was really uncomfortable.

Michiru giggled and draped herself over Serenity in a warm hug. "It is so easy to tease them, isn't it?"

Haruka looked back and forth between the two women and pouted.

"It is no fair ganging up on me like that!"

Michiru laughed and wrapped her arms around Haruka's neck in a tender embrace. "Hello, love. Did you miss me?"

Haruka smiled widely. "Like you wouldn't believe."

"Let's go home." The smoldering look Michiru shot over at Haruka before turning to say goodbye to Serenity caused the breath to hitch in the tall woman's throat.


In a nearby hall, four men milled around as they awaited the return of Endymion. Two of them argued over whether or not Buttercup could beat up Supergirl. Another read a book idly, while the forth studiously ignored the rest.

"Supergirl could freeze her with ice breath!"

"If she could catch her! And what about Buttercup's speed and hyperactive youthfulness?"

"Ok, so maybe you have a point."

"Thank you."

Jedeite stood and glared at Nephrite and Kunzite. "This was not why Serenity revived the Shitennou!"

A blond haired figure darted into the open doorway and shouted loudly.


The figure ran out as quickly as they had run in. The Shitennou were left staring at each other and the doorway in bewilderment.

"Who the hell was that?" Zoicite looked around at his companions.

"Was that a woman or a man?" Kunzite asked Jedeite.

Jedite stared at the empty doorway. "I have no idea, but I'm vaguely attracted to them."


SHITENNOU aka the Dark Kingdom Generals/Prince Endymion's protectors - SHI (four) TENNOU (Heaven King/Ruler).
GO TENOU - GO (five) TENOU (Haruka's last name)
Jedite was played in the myu by a former Neptune, hence the attraction to Haruka. ^^

Author's Notes:
This idea came from watching too much Sera Myu. Characterizations are from the Myu, most notably Mocchi as Endymion and Nao as Haruka. I love my Myu. 'Hero 730' is a boy band with one of the Tux Boy's from the Myu. Very cool. 'Prince of the Earth' is from "Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu" and is quite possibly the best Tux Boy song ever.
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