Title: Okinasai (Wake up!)
Author: Lex 'Spork' Tenou
Pairing: C/S
Rating: PG-13 for adult humor and situations. Flashback of women enjoying each other's naughty bits ahead. Naughty, dirty, nasty language. Bad Sporky! Bad! Ok, ok, it's really just some casual swearing.
Disclaimers: CSI, Catherine, Lindsey and Sara do not, under any circumstances, belong to me. I am poor and spend all my money on imported Japanese musical program books that are nifty and shiny and Nao looks so hot in them and...ahem. CBS and other large corporations who hide in shadow own them, as do the individual actresses who breathed life into what could have been lifeless characters. I'll put them right back where I found them when I'm done! Ignore the hickeys...
Spoilers: Some, for Reboot, Stargate SG-1, Madam President, and bookstore cafe's everywhere. Minor for first season CSI.
Angst: Nope. This is just a nice happy fluff piece. Isn't cotton candy nice?
Note: Started as a response to a caveat emptor challenge issued by Shatterpath a while back. Words listed must be used in the story.
  1. Launch pad
  2. hug
  3. reboot
  4. eccentric
  5. hard-headed
  6. legend
  7. Full moon
  8. Discovery Channel
  9. astrophysics
  10. president
  11. defibrillator
  12. "try the paddles."
  13. nevermore
  14. wild horses
  15. "Pull my turtle."
  16. "triple grande latte, light caramel syrup, no foam, 150 degrees."

Okinasai (Wake Up!)
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou
"The web invaded Mainframe, sprite and virus battled side by side, attempting to reclaim the city from the rift which opened wide..."
Catherine stared at the television. Oddly shaped computer animated characters were dancing around on some sort of stage. The song they were belting out bore a resemblance to that one "Pirates of Penzance" song;she could never remember the title.
"Linds? What are you watching?"
Lindsey didn't look up.
"Hi, Mom. It's Reboot, on Cartoon Network." The strange little creatures continued their dance. "It's really cool...they're singing about the whole third season!"
Catherine stared at her daughter, who hummed along to the song.
"Sara's in the kitchen, by the way."
Catherine jumped, her heart immediately thumping a staccato rhythm. She leaned down and gave Lindsey a quick hug. With a ruffle of her daughter's hair, Catherine turned and prepared to face the music.
She turned the corner into the kitchen and was brought up short. Sara sat at the table, her head bent as she intently read a large book. Catherine drank in the sight, her mind tripping along as her eyes followed her libido's directions.
::Stop staring at her! Just because you two went at it like rabid weasels on the Discovery Channel means nothing! You were both drunk as all hell and nevermind that her hair shimmers under the sunlight. She's out of your league! She's not even family, you hard-headed fuck! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!::
Catherine disregarded her brain's shouting. Gazing dreamily at Sara was so much more enjoyable.
The light did indeed shimmer across the surface of Sara's hair, drawing Catherine's eye to a slender finger that slid through the dark locks. Smooth pale skin lay unmarred, stretching from Sara's firm jawline down to the upper swell of her breasts, hidden by the shadows of her large scoop neck shirt. Sara's brow furrowed as she continued to read, her concentration fully on the page before her.
A slow smile spread across Sara's features as Catherine watched. Sara's head flew up suddenly as she burst into laughter. Sara turned slightly, noticing Catherine. The laughter died a quick death.
A stilted silence filled the room as the women stared at each other, each wondering if the other would speak first.
Sara finally worked up her courage.
Catherine cleared her throat, taking the opportunity to avert her gaze. It landed on the book, now clutched in Sara's hands.
"Hi...what are you reading?"
Sara glanced at the book, needing to look at anything else but the woman who held her heart.
"It's, uh, called 'Madam President'. Takes place in 2020." Sara didn't dare say anything else about the book, knowing that anything else would have to include something about the president's girlfriend.
The silence fell again. Sara squirmed slightly in her seat as an unbidden memory heated her blood.
They slammed against the wall, their hands tearing away clothes. Their lips crushed together as cloth ripped under the intense assault. There was no time for false platitudes, no patience for all those unnecessary words.
Catherine pulled back far enough to look at Sara's now exposed torso. Her shirt hung limply from her shoulder, having surrendered to Catherine's assault. Sara hungrily stared at Catherine's exposed cleavage, running her hand over the smooth skin of Catherine's stomach.
The full moon hung heavy in the air outside, casting soft blue glow over their bodies. Catherine surged forward, the raw desire in Sara's open stare undoing any last shred of self control she might have thought she had. Lifting Sara's thighs, Catherine dropped them both onto the bed that waited to serve as their launch pad for wanton, uninhibited sex.
A shiver ran up Sara's spine as the memory of Catherine's burning gaze caused a slight leak. The way Catherine had made her soar through the heavens that night made Sara consider taking up astrophysics in order to return the favor.
Sara snuck a look over at Catherine. She stood staring past Sara, looking for all the world as though she wished she were someplace else. Sara cleared her throat.
"I need coffee. You wanna go out and get get some?"
Catherine started like an untamed filly.
"Um...sure. I think Lindsey would enjoy it, let me get her." Catherine fled the room almost at a run.
Sara looked down at the book in her hand, wishing that she could have a long, slow courtship like Dev and Lauren were enjoying.
"Now what are you watching?"
"Try the paddles." Lindsey was riveted by the image of the tall black man with the eccentric gold marking on his forehead who appeared about to use the defibrillator on himself.
"It's Stargate SG-1, Mom! Don't you watch TV anymore?"
Catherine watched as the people on the screen scrambled around, trying to battle someone they couldn't see. Shaking her head, she tapped Lindsey on the head.
"Come on, sprout, we're going for coffee. If you're good, I'll get you a hot chocolate."
Lindsey perked.
"Sara's coming? Cool!"
Lindesy dashed into her room, emerging a scant moment later with her favorite sweatshirt being pulled over her head. Catherine could not believe Eddie had actually thought that would be a good present.
A very overwieght, very sloppy cartoon frog slouched on a lilypad. He was holding a turtle at his crotch and smiling innocently at the world. Large letters spelled out "Pull my turtle."
"I swear, kiddo, your taste in clothes is as weird as your mom's."
Catherine didn't dare look, knowing Sara would be leaning against the wall behind her. A soft hand tentatively touched her shoulder. Catherine relaxed slightly. Maybe there was a way to salvage this...
On the way to the bookstore, Sara stared out the window. Lindsey sat in back, at her own insistence. Her teacher had warned them all about needing to sit in the back seat until the seat belt fit right. There had been a demonstration and everything.
Catherine fiddled with the radio momentarily, setting it on scan.
"Stop it if you hear something you like." Sara glanced at Catherine's strong profile. ::I know exactly what I want to hear, I heard it when we were fucking.:: Sara shook off the thought, not needing to have those kinds of problems right now
"-warm smell of colitas rising up through the-"
"-what it's like to crossover and go live! It's already started to be broadca-"
"-hardly know you...just let me touch you for-"
"-something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming, con-"
"-should the teacher stand so near my love-"
They sat, silent, allowing the radio to continue it's journey.
"-between the developed and developing world. Should-"
"-wild horses keep draggin' me away-"
Sara grimaced. There was nothing good coming through the speakers. She perked as she heard a familiar piano. She quickly stabbed the scan button. Catherine glanced at her.
"Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars...let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..."
Sara relaxed into the seat as the smooth sound of the classic crooner slid over her.
They pulled up to the bookstore quickly. Sara had just begun to get into the song. She had thought she detected a smile playing around Catherine's lips as she had begun to sing.
Sara climbed out and looked at Catherine over the roof of the car. Her eyes bored into Catherine as she allowed her desire for Catherine's love to surface. Raw need poured from her eyes for a scant moment before she shuttered her expression and helped Lindsey out of the car.
"Hey, Lindsey, wanna take a look at Captain Underpants? Which one are you up to, anyway?" Sara wanted to make sure Lindsey wouldn't feel shunned by the adults when they began talking.
Lindsey grinned widely.
"Mom knows!" Lindsey looked up at her mother, smiling innocently.
"You little...I ought to tickle you for that." Catherine looked over at Sara briefly before mumbling something unintelligible.
"I didn't quite catch that." Sara tried valiantly to supress a smirk as she held the door for Catherine and Lindsey. Catherine cleared her throat delicately.
"Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants." Catherine glared at Sara, who had immediately burst into laughter.
"Professor Poopypants?"
"Yeah, yeah. Hey, kiddo, you want a hot chocolate, right?" Lindsey nodded. "Okay, go ahead and get the Professor and come right back here, got it?" Lindsey nodded and took off.
Catherine shook her head.
"I can't believe someone actually published that book."
"Hey, kids love it. Expecially cause they hear their parents say 'poopypants'."
Catherine glared at Sara.
"You try saying 'Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space' with a straight face!"
Sara bit the inside of her cheek, hard. She took a deep breath and gestured to the cafe. Catherine hadn't taken more than a few steps before she heard the low voice behind her.
"Cafeteria ladies, eh? Who knew those ladles were so multitasking?"
Catherine stopped dead in her tracks, her jaw scraping the floor. Sara nearly crashed into her before stepping to the side.
"Ladles?" Catherine blinked at Sara. A wicked thought crossed her mind and she was forced to stifle a wicked grin. "I never knew you were so kinky, Sara."
Catherine continued her path towards her coffee, leaving Sara dumbfounded behind her.
Just before she got to the counter, a bustling woman with too many bags stepped in front of her and called loudly to the young man behind the counter.
"I NEED A TRIPLE GRANDE LATTE, LIGHT CARAMEL SYRUP, NO FOAM, 150 DEGREES!" Catherine winced. If the woman had been any louder, her eardrum would have ruptured. Catherine watched the put upon young man with sympathy as he poured the shots.
It wasn't until Catherine stepped up to order herself that she realized that the young man wasn't really a man. The haircut and low voice had fooled her, as had the mannerisms. Shaking her head at herself, Catherine ordered.
"I just need two grande lattes, one with hazelnut, and a small hot chocolate with whipped cream." The youngster behind the counter grinned at Catherine as Sara stepped close behind her.
"Anything else for ya?"
Catherine glanced at Sara, who shook her head no.
"No, that's it for today, thanks."
Their total was less than Catherine expected. As she reached for her money, she was surprised to see Sara's hand extending a twenty to the youngster.
Catherine looked up at Sara.
"You don't have to-"
"It's fine. You can pay me back...later." The last word was almost a purr, igniting the fire in Catherine's belly. Catherine blushed and went to claim a table for them.
The grin on the youngster's face was mirrored by Sara. Sara noted the small earring in the left ear.
"I don't often run into family." The youngster raised an eyebrow.
"Walking around with someone like her, I'm surprised you don't have a half dozen lesbians trailing after each of you." Their shots began to pour. "You two make a cute couple."
Sara flushed slightly.
"Not yet, anyway."
Another raised eyebrow.
"Wow...you two are mighty friendly for not being together. Has the opportunity not come up or are you too scared?" Heated milk cascaded smoothly into the waiting cups.
"The opportunity arose, alright...we just haven't talked about it now that it's the morning after."
Understanding lit the youngster's face.
"Ahh....one of those." A quick glance told the youngster that Catherine was sitting, staring at Sara's backside. A smirk was quickly smothered. "Good luck...I don't think you'll need it, but good luck."
Sara grinned.
"Thanks. How long've you been married?" The youngster glanced up at her before pouring the heated milk into the waiting chocolate.
"Two years." Soft affection colored the low voice. "Greatest day of my life, when I asked her to marry me. Maybe you'll find that, too." The three drinks were placed before Sara. "The hazelnut's marked on the side."
With a thankful grin and a refusal of a tray, Sara balanced the cups in her hands and made her way to Catherine.
They sat quietly, Lindsey sitting at a nearby table with the full Captain Underpants collection spread before her. She seemed to be fully captivated by the Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter (in Flip- O-Rama!).
Catherine stared at the warm latte in her hands. The softly bitter scent rose to her, soothing her jangled nerves. She and Sara had been avoiding the issue all day and it was starting to annoy her.
"Dammit, Sara, are we going to talk about this or not?"
Sara gazed at Catherine steadily.
"I guess we will." She took a small sip, more for something to steady her than any thirst. "I'd like to take you out to dinner sometime, since we've gotten the stuff that comes after it already."
Catherine stared at Sara, mutely.
"Is this the same woman whose lack of interpersonal skills are legend?" Catherine's voice rose slightly in her disbelief.
Sara's laughed self deprecatingly.
"Yeah...I guess you matter too much for me to pass this up." Sara stared out the window of the cafe, blind to her surroundings. "Or maybe I'm just too chickenshit to be alone anymore."
Catherine watched her, a slow warmth stealing through her. She reached out her hand and gently caressed the back of Sara's hand. Sara nearly jumped from her seat in shock, not expecting the intimate touch.
"Did I ever tell you..." Catherine spoke slowly, dreamily, "that I really like your hands?"
Sara flushed as Catherine smiled, a soft desire burning in her eyes.
"I guess that's a yes to dinner, then?"
Catherine smiled wider, pulling Sara's hand in order to entwine their fingers.
Sara raised her latte in a mock toast, mimicking their actions from the previous night.
"To new beginnings?"
Catherine raised her own latte, knocking their paper cups together gently.
"And new futures."
"Mom, what's this say?"
Catherine blinked, abruptly reminded that they were in public. Releasing Sara's hand, she took the book and looked at what her daughter was pointing at.
"Captain Underpants and the Pied Pooper of Piqua."
Sara nearly fell out of her chair laughing. Catherine tried to retain her composure, managing to hold her laughter in until Lindsey had gone back to her own table. The soft chuckles raised Sara's temperature drastically.
"Oh, and Mom?" Catherine looked over at her daughter. "I know you and Sara are, like, in love and stuff, but can you keep the mushy stuff out of it? I don't need to see that stuff!" Lindsey scrunched up her face, indicating exactly how icky she found it.
Sara shook her head, a grin lighting her features. She had worried a bit as to how Lindsey would react to the thought of her mother dating anyone, much less a woman. Leave it to Lindsey to completely throw her for a loop.
Returning her attention to Sara, Catherine was pleased to note that Sara appeared as shocked as she did.
Her eyes softened and a gentle smile spread across Sara's face as her gaze was captured by Catherine once more.
"You know, I remember when I first met you." Catherine squirmed slightly in her chair.
"Do we really have to discuss that?"
Sara grinned ferally, a mischevious grin lighting her features.
"All I could think of after meeting you was Shakespeare."
Catherine couldn't help it. She looked at Sara as though she'd lost her mind.
Sara nodded and shifted her gaze to the window once more, continuing with an explanation.
"The best plays, the comedies, will usually have antagonistic lovers who have the most fire, the most passion." Sara's eyes returned to Catherine. Sara was pleased to see that Catherine had not stopped looking at her.
"Like Much Ado About Nothing, you mean?"
Sara grinned.
"Exactly." Sara glanced down at her hands, a quick mental image of the sight of Catherine's wetness coating her fingers flashing across her mind. Sara smiled to herself, relishing the memory briefly before returning to their discussion.
"Dead shepard, now I find thy saw of might; 'Who ever lov'd that lov'd not at first sight?' "
Catherine flushed hotly, embarrassment filling her as she recalled how brusquely and rudely she had treated Sara when they met. Granted, Holly had just died, but that was no reason for her to have acted so rudely.
"Ahh...you see...umm."
Sara laughed lightly and slid her hand into Catherine's squeezing reassuringly.
"Sweetheart, I've never liked pushovers. The moment I met you, I knew you were most assuredly not a pushover. I started falling in love with you then." A wry tone entered her voice. "Though I sure as hell couldn't tell."
Catherine smiled.
"Would you please...accept my apology? I really have no excuse for how I treated you."
Sara mulled it over, raking Catherine with a head to toe appraisal.
"Hmmm...I suppose we might be able to work out some sort of agreement."
Catherine flushed once more.
"Sara!" Catherine glanced over at Lindsey, grateful to see that she was still wrapped up in the many cottony and pre-shrunk adventures of Captain Underpants.
Sara clasped Catherine's hand, holding tightly. Nevermore would she wake up in the middle of the night, entirely far too overheated from a dream featuring the beauty sitting across from her. It now looked as though she would be entirely far too overheated for a while before she was allowed to sleep.
Sara wondered briefly if Catherine might be interested in trying out some of her fantasies. The one with the green Jello was certainly worth a shot.
Breaking free of her reverie, Sara shot a look at her watch.
"Hey, Catherine, how about I treat you and Lindsey to lunch and a movie?" Sara grinned at her new lover as she looked at her watch.
"Lunch and a movie? It's 10:30 am. Usually people are still eating breakfast at this hour." Catherine raised an eyebrow at Sara's odd request.
"True...which is why I think we should go back to your place and hang out until it's time for us to go have lunch and see a movie." Sara surveyed their surroundings. No one was close enough to hear what they were talking about. Sara lowered her voice anyway.
"Maybe we can discuss some of the...other issues we have."
Catherine mulled this over for a moment, her eyes riveted on her hands. She raised her gaze to look into Sara's honest eyes, darkened by tempered desire and a tinge of fear, and knew she would agree to whatever Sara wanted.
"Sure. Lindsey loves it when you're around, so you might want to play with her some before you even think about playing with me."
"Why, Miss Willows, I never knew you had such a dirty mind."
"Of course I do, Miss Sidel, look who we work with."
"True enough."
They returned to Catherine's home with only a minor dent in their collective pocketbooks as Lindsey had only wanted one book, miracle of miracles. Sara had spotted something she knew she had to get for herself.
Soft and plush, the classic Mouse from "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" was entirely far too adorable for Sara to pass up. He was purchased and immediately tucked into her purse in order for her to remember to remove it when she returned to her own apartment.
Funny...we've only been together since...about twenty minutes ago, but she already feels like home. The empty apartment that I live in doesn't feel anywhere near as good being with her does.
Sara smiled at her own observation. Home.
She could think of a million reasons for their relationship not to work, not the least of which was their less than conventional beginning. Even with all the obstacles she knew they could face, she knew she would always be home in Catherine's arms.
Author's final note:
Hotel California, The Eagles
To be Broadcast, The Butchies
Let Me Touch You for a While, Alison Krauss and Union Station
Crawling, Linkin Park
Teach me Tonight, Dinah Washington
Laughing as I Pray, K's Choice (the opening is speech)
Wild Horses, Garth Brooks
Fly Me To The Moon, nearly every single frickin' crooner there is, not to mention sundry anime voice actors and all sorts of Japanese pop artists. Did I mention that a lot of people sing this song? I like the Utada Hikaru version, she speaks very good English. Sounds nice and pop-like without sacrificing her artistic creativity.
Sara's quote is from As You Like It. It's spoken by a shepardess who falls in love at first sight. The man she falls in love with is really a woman, and many amusing and sly jokes are made.
Just a last note: I HATE those people who yell when they order! ^.^
Thank you and good night!

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