Author's Notes: This was written on a lark, inspired (obviously) by the episode of the same name. Most of this was written in one go. If you think all sex and lovemaking involves soft light and rose petals, you would be best finding another story, probably one involving nothing more hardcore than fingers. This is a down and dirty sex story that happens to end with a bit of happiness. If you continue after reading this, I reserve the right to track you down and whap you if you flame me for any of the warned activities.
Spoilers: Minor, for "Slaves of Las Vegas" and for any hope of innocence you had hoped to retain.
Pairing: Catherine/Sara, first time
Rating: NC-17 for BDSM themes and hardcore lesbianism
Warnings: Bondage, gratuitous nudity, light sadomasochism, relationship between two women, Domination/submission, sex between strangers (Or so they think), rampant matchmaking, a strap-on, dead cow skin and tour guides named Clive.

Slaves of Las Vegas
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou
"I believe I shall be able to find someone to fit your needs." Lady Heather smiled inscrutably at the nervous figure who sat across from her. "Do you have a preference for gender?"
Sara Sidel blinked. She had come to Lady Heather for a simple reason. She wanted to know more about her own desires and herself in general. She had heard of Lady Heather from Catherine one day as they had shared lunch. Intrigued, Sara had looked through the notes Catherine and Grissom had taken, jotting down the address of Lady Heather's Dominion. A few weeks after the close of the case, Sara felt enough time had passed to allow her to safely visit Lady Heather.
She had approached the house, apprehension filling her stomach more with each sure footed step she took towards her future. She had been shown to Lady Heather quickly enough, after having waited just long enough to cause her apprehensions to start to take over.
Lady Heather and Sara had made brief small talk, including Sara's line of work, before Lady Heather had ascertained the true reason for Sara's visit. Lady Heather had not seemed surprised; she had actually appeared more self satisfied than anything else.
Sara had given much thought to this...scene, as it was called. She had fantasized for many nights about who she wanted. She had hoped not to have to say this out loud...not quite yet, anyway.
"Umm...probably...female." A blush stained her cheeks as she voiced her deepest desire. "I mean...I guess." Her face was enflamed as she looked at her feet.
Lady Heather smiled. So she wasn't out yet. At least, she wasn't comfortable with it quite yet. Interesting...
"And did you wish for any particular...look?" Lady Heather had a feeling she knew exactly what kind of "look" the woman before her wanted, remembering a co-worker of Sara's.
Sara's cheeks, which had started to cool, enflamed once more.
"Well, I have always had a thing for blondes..."
Lady Heather raised an eyebrow. This just got better and better.
"I have the perfect person in mind for you." She retrieved a card from her desk and quickly wrote a short message on the back. She handed it to Sara. "Return at that time. Your Top will be waiting."
Sara thanked her profusely before escaping. Lady Heather waited until she had left before allowing her lips to curl into a self satisfied smile. The week before, another CSI had approached her about finding a sub in order to explore dominance. Lady Heather had agreed to take them under her wing. It was to be a truly special scene, as Lady Heather had agreed to personally help the fledgling dominant.
She flipped through her Rolodex, quickly finding the number for which she searched. Dialing it into the phone, she watched Sara's car pull away as it rang.
"Catherine...Yes, it's Heather. I have found that sub you were looking for...Your scene will be Thursday afternoon." Lady Heather smiled, amused. "Yes, you'll be done in time for work, barring any unforeseen developments. Until Thursday."
Lady Heather replaced the phone and smiled. Matchmaking always pleased her.
Catherine Willows turned off her car, her eyes riveted on Lady Heather's Dominion. It was just before 2 pm on Thursday. She glanced at her briefcase sitting next to her, seeing the drawing Lindsey had left for her that morning before going to school. She had arranged for Lindsey to spend this long weekend with a friend of hers. Lindsey had been begging Catherine for the opportunity to spend the weekend with her friend Justine, whose father owned a ranch nearby. Lindsey seemed to be fascinated by cowboys right now. Next month, it'd probably be race car drivers. It had been a godsend for Catherine. This would give her the opportunity to deal with whatever fallout occured as a result of this scene.
Taking a deep breath, Catherine centered herself before opening her door. Grabbing Lindsay's picture, she slipped it inside her briefcase before sliding it under the front seat and leaving the car.
As she locked the door, she noticed a familiar car in the distance. She couldn't place it, so she shrugged it off and strode Lady Heather's Dominion.
As she dissapeared inside, Sara pulled into the parking lot. Parking quickly, she leaped from her car, terrified that she was going to be late. Traffic had been much worse than she had expected.
She quickly made her way into the large house. Greeted immediately by one of Lady Heather's devoted subs, she was led into a small room and calmly told to strip in preparation for Lady Heather.
The sub stood at the doorway, back to Sara, as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. If anyone walked by, they would see her in her jeans and bra, struggling with her recalcitrant t-shirt.
As it finally pulled loose, Sara glanced out the door and thought she recognized the flash of blonde that walked by. Sara blinked, hard. It couldn't have been Catherine, she wasn't into this. It had to have been someone else.
"Excuse me...who was that who just walked by?" Sara's nervousness showed in her quivering voice. It was scary enough knowing she was going to be entering uncharted territory, but to have Catherine be anywhere near would be too much for her to bear.
The sub did not turn around.
"That was a new domme Lady Heather is training today."
"Do you know her name?"
Sara removed the rest of her clothes quickly, anxious to begin her scene. She hoped it wouldn't be more than she could handle.
When she was nude, she cleared her throat nervously, unsure what to say. Hello, I'm naked now?
"Are you finished?"
"Yes." Sara refused to show the depths of her nervousness.
The sub pulled out a strip of black cloth and turned to her. A hand was extended to her, offering the cloth.
"If you would, it was made clear that you are to wear this."
Sara took the simple blindfold and tied it tightly around her head, securing it so it wouldn't restrict her breathing or hearing. She wanted to be able to enjoy as much of this as she could. A breeze swept across her bare skin as she finished tying the blindfold. She shivered once, unable to supress the reaction. Her nipples rose and hardened in the cool air.
A hand took hers before she lowered it.
"If you'll come with me..." Sara allowed herself to be led down the hallway. She had no idea what part of the house they went to, only that they remained in the house. They entered a room, filled with plush carpeting. Sara breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't going to be made to bleed at least. Not unless Lady Heather wanted to replace this carpet. But what if her Top wanted to see her bleed onto carpeting? Sara felt a chill race up her spine at that thought.
Sara was led to what she judged to be the middle of the room. Her arms were pulled above her and fastened into soft cuffs. They felt wool- lined. Very classy. Sara tested her bonds slightly when the hands were pulled away. The soft clanking of a chain above told her that her bonds were attached to something over her head. Her arms were streched slightly, not uncomfortably. Sara felt she could easily remain in this position for a half hour or more with little to no ill effects other than a slight coldness and minimally reduced feeling in her hands.
"Your Top will be arriving soon. Please remain here."
Sara laughed shortly at the sub's humor.
Soft footsteps receded in the distance. When the sub left the room, Sara could no longer hear what was happening.
She resigned herself to waiting however long her Top wanted her to wait. Her hands were beginning to get that detached feeling. Sara tested the cuffs again, harder this time. She found that her bonds were truly well attached. She felt gratitude wash over her at the thought that her Top had taken the time to make sure they had a good room.
Sara allowed her mind to wander. What would her Top be like? Would she be played with or punished? Or both? Would her Top be sadistic or loving? Or a delicious mix of both, making her want to scream out her love for her Top?
Would she ache to be taken and held? Would she be touched?
Would her Top ever show up?
Sara struggled against her bonds again, hoping to make some noise to encourage someone to stick their head in, to ask after her, in order to reaffirm her connection with another human.
A throaty chuckle filled the air at Sara's struggles. Sara froze immediately. Was this her Top? Or just someone passing by?
"You know, that position really pushes out the breasts nicely." The clinical observation caused a blush to flood Sara's cheeks.
"Indeed. I she blushing for you or for me?" At the sound of the other voice, Sara's heart fluttered. Two people? Were they both Tops? Were they here for her? Or were they here to just tease her?
The first voice spoke again.
"I'd say it's more for you. After all, you're who she's here for."
Sara could hear the smile in the respondent purr.
They seemed to circle her, as their voices began to come to her from all points around her.
"Nice ass." That was the first voice.
"Definitely. I wonder if she looks as good in her clothes as she does out of them?" The second voice, this one belonging to her Top, she hoped. It seemed to caress her as it flowed over her.
Sara was too taken up in anticipation to try to determine if one of them was male. So long as her Top was female, she didn't care.
Sara gasped as a single finger reached out and flicked her already hardened left nipple.
"Mmmm....responsive. I like that." Second voice. A hand wrapped around the hair at the back of her head and pulled her head until she could feel the other person's breath on her face. "Hello, my delicious little sub. You'll be mine for today. If you perform nicely, I'll consider having you again. If not, you'll never see me again. Do you understand?"
Sara gasped as her hair was pulled when she didn't immediately respond.
"Y-yes! I understand!"
Sara jumped as a firm slap was administered to her bare breast.
"You will address me as 'ma'am' or you *will* learn pain. Am I clear?" The steel lining the words guaranteed Sara's cooperation.
"Yes, Ma'am!" Sara could practically see the smile in front of her.
"Good girl." A pause. Sara was sure she was raking her body with a lascivious look. "What's your safeword?"
"Delores." Her hair was released and Ma'am stepped back.
"She listens well." Sara felt a bit of pride as she heard Ma'am praise her.
"True...I wasn't sure if she would, or if she'd need a firmer hand." A pause. Sara could feel their eyes raking over her exposed body. "You'll find the implements you requested over on the table."
"Mmmm....nice choice."
"I thought you might enjoy it."
Sara abruptly stopped wondering what Ma'am and the other person were talking about when she felt the soft brush against her shoulder. It was too slight to be a finger. might be a feather or a bit of fur. Sara arched towards it, trying to feel more of the slight sensation.
It was abruptly pulled away.
"Wait for it." The stern command froze Sara. She didn't want to dissapoint Ma'am. "Mmmm...."
The softness began again, on her shoulder. It trailed down, over her back. Designs were traced over her skin. Sara could feel herself shiver as it touched previously unknown sensitive places.
"Do you like this?"
"Y-yes, Ma'am. It feels good." A soft chuckle sounded from beside her. The softness trailed down her leg as hot breath caressed her ear.
"Good." The single word, purred into her ear caused her stomach to clench. A bit of unexpected lubrication seeped from her.
The softness trailed over her thigh, towards her crotch. It flicked lightly over her neatly trimmed mound before caressing her stomach. It was a good thing that she wasn't ticklish there, Sara mused. She had already come close to laughing out loud when the softness had flicked her inner thigh.
Ma'am continued to trail the softness over her torso, rubbing it lightly on her nipples. A soft, cruel laugh filled the air as Sara arched her back into the softness.
A light slap quickly reminded Sara that she was *not* in charge.
"Didn't I tell you to wait for it?"
Sara bit her lip.
"Yes, Ma'am." Her reply was meek and small. Had she dissapointed her Ma'am? She hoped not....
"You dissapoint me." Sara's heart clenched. No! Ma'am undid the cuffs, bringing Sara's arms down. Ma'am rubbed her arms lightly, encouraging circulation. Sara began to fall in love with her caring ma'am. "You will make it up to me, won't you?"
"Yes, Ma'am. I'll do whatever you want, Ma'am." Sara surprised herself with how much she meant those words. If Ma'am had told her to accept a tattoo, forever proclaiming her to be Ma'am's, she would have, without a second's hesistation.
Ma'am led Sara forward. After a few steps, Sara was stopped. Ma'am pushed on her back, gently. Sara leaned forward and her hips met with a smooth leather surface. Ma'am continued pushing on her back, until Sara lay prone on some sort of modified sawhorse;she couldn't tell for sure. She suspected it to be a sawhorse as it was long and narrow. She could feel two legs of the contraption she was laying on on either side of her feet. She suspected that her feet would be tied to those legs shortly.
She remained quiet, only whimpering slightly as Ma'am fastened cuffs around her ankles. These were soft as well, lined with the same material as the cuffs on her wrists. She suspected these ones also allowed her to be bound with a minimum of difficulty on the part of Ma'am. She heard buckles being snapped and felt her feet being positioned and fastened tightly to the legs that she had felt before.
Ma'am paused in her work for a moment, to run her hands over Sara's well maintained rear end. Sara whimpered softly, pushing back into Ma'am's hand, wishing for more contact. She craved Ma'am's touch.
Ma'am's hand continued to caress Sara's posterior, running over the trim thighs and the small of her back as well. Ma'am finally ran her hands up over Sara's shoulders. Tangling her hands in Sara's hair, Ma'am growled into her ear.
"You will begin your punishment simply, disobedient one. I will start with a simple spanking. You will then be gifted with a taste of my flogger before you feel my paddle. You'll take them all, and you will thank me after every one you count, won't you?" Ma'am's question was deceptively soft. Sara knew in her gut if she gave any answer other than "Yes, Ma'am, thank you Ma'am" she would be introduced to true pain in ways she couldn't fathom.
Not wishing to learn exactly how much it hurt to be caned, Sara replied "Yes, Ma'am, thank you, Ma'am." She could feel the pleasure radiating from Ma'am.
"Good girl." Ma'am's purr filled Sara with pride and pleasure. Sara felt Ma'am lock her wrists together beneath her before pulling away with one last caress of her still smooth skin. "I believe ten of each will be enough for you. I don't want to bruise this pretty skin on your first day, now do I?" Ma'am chuckled to herself.
Sara tried hard to remember what she had read. To try and stay relaxed, she knew, would help her immensely. She was broken out of her internal recollection by a sharp smack to her ass. Sara's head snapped up in reaction. She bit back a cry of pained surprise.
"One! Thank you, Ma'am." Sara was thankful she had remembered to say what Ma'am had asked of her.
Another struck her exposed ass. Sara counted and thanked Ma'am after each one. A growing fire spread across her asscheeks with every blow Ma'am landed. The tempo and intensity of each blow varied, keeping Sara guessing. After the seventh, Sara squirmed against her bonds. It was feeling entirely far too good.
"Nine! Thank you, Ma'am!" SMACK! "Ten! Thank you, Ma'am!" Sara breathed a soft sigh of thanks for the brief respite offered by Ma'am's need to get the flogger.
Sara tensed as she felt the cool leather of the flogger's many lashes slide over her ass within seconds of the last spank. That was not long enough! She needed more time to recover, she needed-
"Are you ready for this?" Ma'am laughed above her. "Not that it matters. You misbehaved. You need to make it up to me, don't you?"
Sara squirmed against her bonds, the pain of the spanking forgotten under the imminent promise of the flogger.
"Yes, Ma'am, please Ma'am, let me make it up to you, Ma'am." Her pleading seemed to please Ma'am, as she ran a caressing hand over Sara's back.
"You will."
With that sofly menacing promise, Ma'am began her flogging. The lashes softly bit into Sara's skin, raising her arousal even further. Sara strained against her bonds, trying to pull up or down, anywhere, somewhere to relieve the ache of desire deep within her.
Ma'am stopped.
"You're not counting." The anger in her voice chilled Sara's blood.
"I'm sorry, Ma'am! I'll count now, Ma'am!"
Ma'am laughed coldly.
"That's not good enough. You dissapoint me." Ma'am leaned in closer and her voice lowered, causing a delicious thrill of fear to course through Sara. "I'll just have to count for you...since you seem to be a good for nothing slut."
Sara tried to free herself in a futile effort, seeking to bow down to Ma'am, to kiss her feet, to do anything to make Ma'am proud of her and happy with her again.
"Please Ma'am, I'm sorry, Ma'am, I can do better, please!" Sara was practically in tears at the thought of Ma'am leaving her. "Please Ma'am, let me make it up to you, I'll be a good girl, please, Ma'am!"
Ma'am seemed to stand and watch Sara for a moment. She seemed to be satisfied with Sara's pleas.
"Very well, my delightful little slut. You will make it up to me. But first..."
Sara felt her ass blaze anew as Ma'am began flogging her in earnest. Sobbing her thanks, Sara gave herself up to the feeling. She could feel her pussy twinge with each bite of the flogger's individual lashes into her skin.
After an indeterminate amount of blows, Ma'am stopped. Sara's ass now blazed like the fire that razed Chicago. Her sobbing filled the room, underscored by Ma'am's heavy breathing. She felt Ma'am brush her hair back from her face and caress her cheek lovingly. Sara pushed her cheek into Ma'am's hand, seeking more contact.
"Are you ready for the rest of your punishment?" The tender caring in Ma'am's voice was almost too much for Sara. She was already halfway in love with Ma'am. If she kept being so damn nice, Sara was going to give every last bit of herself to someone whose face she had never seen, much less what their name was!
Taking a deep breath to control her sobs, Sara pushed her face further into Ma'am's palm. Kissing Ma'am's fingers as much as she could, Sara replied.
"Whatever you see fit to give me, Ma'am, I can take." Sara felt Ma'am's hand caress her cheek once more before pulling away.
"Very well. Do not count these. You will not be able to."
Sara had no time to brace herself, for as soon as Ma'am had finished speaking, her ass lit once more as blow after blow rained upon her tender flesh.
The room was filled with the resounding smack of leather on skin. Sara was sure that by now her ass was as red as a stop light. The sting of one blow didn't have a chance to recede before the next impacted her ass, layering the pain in a quilt of agony stitched into her skin.
Cries, moans and curses flew from Sara's mouth under the vicious assault. Her back arched, trying to pull herself away from the relentless torture her ass was being subjected to.
She could feel her pussy opening further, lubricating more with each smack. She knew she needed this as much as she needed her next breath, even though it shamed her to say it or think it. Her cries of protest seemed to fall on deaf ears, reverberating loudly in the room.
All too soon, her punishment was over. Gentle hands caressed her much abused ass, smoothing a cooling cream over her enflamed cheeks.
"'s ok. I've got you." Ma'am continued to gently spread the cream. Sara could feel her eyes admiring her handiwork. "Nice..." Ma'am finished spreading the cream and Sara nearly cried when she felt Ma'am pull her hands away.
Sara didn't get a chance, however, as it appeared that Ma'am had only pulled her hands away in order to wipe her hands. Fingers soon returned to her skin. This time, however, they slipped into the hot little cavern made by her engorged pussy.
" seems that you really do want to make me happy." Sara could hear the smile in Ma'am's voice as she moaned and pushed back onto her hand. "Good."
Ma'am pulled her hand away again. Sara cried out in protest and was rewarded with a firm smack to her outer thigh.
"Quiet. I'm not done with you yet."
There was rustling behind her. Sara tried to identify what she could from the unfamiliar sounds. A bit of rubber pulling on rubber? That was definitely the unzipping of something. The rustle of clothing...
Sara jumped when Ma'am laid a hand on her back.
"You've been a very good girl tonight."
"Thank you, Ma'am." Sara flushed with pleasure. Those words had grown to mean so much to her in the short time she had spent with Ma'am.
"I do believe you have earned this..." WIth those words, Sara felt something pushing into her wet pussy. She couldn't identify it at first, not until it was pushed deeper into her and she felt Ma'am's other hand on her hip.
Ma'am had decided that she had been enough of a good girl to deserve her dick. Sara moaned as she pushed back against Ma'am's dick.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh...thank you, Ma'am!" Sara tried to push back farther but found that her bonds would not allow her any farther onto Ma'am's dick. She resorted to verbal pleas. "Please, Ma'am...let me have your dick....pleeeaase!" Sara wailed, pushing back as far as she could. She needed more.
"You want more of me, girl?" Ma'am pushed her dick just a little bit deeper into Sara. At Sara's moan, Ma'am pulled out until only the head of her dick laid inside Sara.
"I asked you a question." Sara cried out at the removal, nearly crying in her need.
"Please Ma'am! Let me have your dick! I need you, Ma'am!"
Sara was too busy trying to impale herself on Ma'am's dick to hear the praise that rained down on her.
"So beautiful...yes, girl, you can have my dick now. Such a good girl..."
Sara only registered that Ma'am was fucking her, hard and fast before she threw her head back and let out a single scream as she orgasmed. Ma'am continued to fuck her mercilessly, driving her dick in and out in a frenzied rythym, seeking her own pleasure, heedless of Sara's own. Sara's pussy continued to be reamed by Ma'am's dick as Ma'am grunted animalistically behind her. Sara pulled against her bonds, seeking to feel more of her than her dick.
Sara's movements altered the angle of Ma'am's intense fucking, hitting that golden spot deep within Sara's freshly twitching pussy. Sara had never felt her body respond this quickly before. Ma'am was going to make her explode with pleasure!
"Girl, you're gonna make me come." The gruff statement from just behind her ear made Sara arch back, into Ma'am. Sara hadn't noticed when Ma'am had bent forward over her.
"Please come, Ma'am..."
"Do you deserve it?"
Sara nearly cried. Did she deserve it? Ma'am had done so much for her and Sara had done nothing.
"No, Ma'am, I don't deserve it."
Sara felt the smile against her ear.
"Smart're right, you don't deserve it. Because you know that, you're getting it." Ma'am leaned back, setting herself in order to fuck Sara across the room.
"Please Ma'am..." Sara whimpered.
"Make me come, girl."
Ma'am's dick pistoned in and out of Sara's pussy. Sara pleaded, begged, promised. So intent was she on making Ma'am come, that her orgasm came as a complete surprise.
"Oh god! Ma'am, I'm coming! Please Ma'am!"
"Come for me...."
Sara cried out in ecstasy as her body spasmed once more, freed by Ma'am's permission. Ma'am groaned long and loud behind her, pushing deep and grinding into her ass. Sara barely registered the reassuring feeling of Ma'am's body collapsing on hers after she came.
After a moment, Ma'am rose from her. Before either of them could say anything a slow clap sounded from behind them.
"Relax, girl." Ma'am pulled out of Sara to turn to the clapper. "Thank you, Heather." Sara began to return to herself, listening intently to Ma'am and the other person, whom she now knew to be Lady Heather.
"I wish I could say the pleasure was all mine, but I'm sure we are all aware that would be an outrageous lie." A smile crossed Sara's face in conjunction with yet another blush. She couldn't remember having been embarrassed so many times in one day before.
"I'm sure my girl there would agree. Wouldn't you, girl?" Ma'am's voice was raised slightly, to ensure that Sara heard her.
"Yes, Ma'am."
"She's wonderful." Lady Heather paused, most likely studying either Ma'am or Sara herself. "I'm sure you're interested as to whom it is behind that blindfold. As much as I'm sure your girl there is interested in who you are."
"I'm sure." Ma'am's voice held amusement.
"Why don't you free her and then we'll see about removing the blindfold."
"Capital idea!" Sara could hear the amusement and satisfaction laced in Ma'am's tone. She was sure that if Ma'am had been wearing shoes, she would have clicked the heels together as she saluted Lady Heather.
Ma'am quickly released Sara from the contraption she had been laying on. Rubbing her arms, Sara could sense that Ma'am was looking at her as she encouraged the circulation in Sara's arms. She could feel the heat of Ma'am's breath on her cheek.
"Thank you, Ma'am."
"Remove the blindfold, girl." Sara hesistated for a moment, as it had been Lady Heather giving the order and not Ma'am.
"Do as she says." The soft order quelled Sara's misgivings.
She reached up behind her head and unfastened the knot. She pulled the blindfold off, slowly, seeking to keep Ma'am's identity secret for as long as possible.
Catherine watched as her girl pulled off the blindfold that had hidden her identity. The small strip of black cloth lowered until Catherine could see those soft brown eyes she had dreamed about since that long ago first day.
Her throat seemed to close as her brain shut down.
"S-sara?" Catherine didn't dare look down and see Sara's deliciously nude body. Catherine saw a flush cover Sara's beautiful features. "Oh, god...Sara, I...Ok, this is awkward."
"You're telling me. You at least have some semblance of clothes." Sara's eyes widened as she slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, god, I'm sorry."
Catherine laughed and accepted the robe Lady Heather extended to her. She wrapped it snugly around Sara's shoulders, smiling shyly as she looked up, once again meeting those fathomless brown eyes.
"It's fine...Look, I think we need to talk."
"Since you just gave me the fucking of my life, I'd have to agree." Sara could not believe the smartass that she was being, much less that Catherine was putting up with it!
Catherine shot her a look that said "I can still whip you, you know." Sara settled, a smile playing at her lips. Catherine was still her Ma'am.
Lady Heather had shown them to another private room, this one with a bed. She had left them, promising a tray of snacks would be sent up shortly.
Sara sat on the bed, watching Catherine pace. Sara hadn't really noticed the clothes, or rather, lack of clothes, that Catherine wore. Tight leather pants lovingly encased her legs. The bulge at her crotch told Sara where that strap on had gone. A black bra encased her breasts. Sara's eyes were drawn magnetically to Catherine's cleavage.
Sara's admiration of the smooth white skin was interrupted by a subtle clearing of a throat. Sara raised her eyes to see that Catherine had noticed Sara's observation of her breasts. A twinkle in her eyes told her that Catherine's stern look was a ploy.
"What do you think you're doing, girl?" A delicious thrill ran over Sara at hearing Ma'am's tone from the woman she loved.
"Oh, nothing...just enjoying the fact that I have a view." Catherine laughed. Sara snuck a quick peek at her heaving chest before adopting an innocent look in time for Catherine to return her gaze to Sara's face.
"So I guess it's a moot point to ask if you're attracted to me."
Sara blushed. Catherine was beginning to really enjoy the image of Sara blushing.
"Yeah...and I guess the same can be said for you, huh?"
Catherine leered at Sara.
"Definitely." A lecherous grin spread across her face.
Sara ducked her head, peeking up at Catherine shyly.
"We do need to decide if we want to do this again...I guess."
Catherine looked at Sara, an inscrutable look on her features as her brain processed the suggestion. She knew she would love nothing more than to have Sara again and again...and for everyday until the end of time. Well, almost nothing more. She would love to have Sara forever and know that Sara loved her, that would be the greatest thing in the world for her.
A knock at the door interrupted Catherine before she could say anything.
"It's your snacks, Ma'am." With a sigh, Catherine opened the door. She took the covered tray from the scantily clad young girl and thanked her before closing the door and turning to Sara.
"Care for some food? I haven't eaten in so long I can't remember what food tastes like."
"Sure. Cop a squat and let's see what Lady Heather sent us." Catherine set herself and the tray down in the middle of the bed. Catherine pulled the lid off and sent a silent thanks to Heather. The platter before them was laden with light finger foods, perfect to demolish hunger, and absolutely wonderful to be fed with.
Catherine was sure that second benefit hadn't crossed Heather's devious little mind at all. She looked over at Sara.
Sara's eyes were riveted on the platter before them. Her eyes consumed all of it before fingers touched any of it. She extended her hand toward a canape and drew it back quickly. Catherine chuckled.
Sara looked up at her, eyes wide.
"It all looks so gooooood!" Catherine smiled tenderly at Sara, who ducked her head. Catherine picked up the canape Sara had started toward. She had no idea what it was, but it looked as though it should taste good. She noted that Sara's eyes were riveted on her as she raised it to Sara's mouth.
Sara opened her mouth, accepting the food. Catherine placed the delicate morsel on Sara's tongue. She pulled her fingers out slowly, wishing she could leave them in Sara's mouth. As she pulled them out, Sara grabbed her wrist, holding Catherine's hand still so she could kiss Catherine's fingers.
Catherine's breath caught in her throat. She raised her burning gaze from Sara's mouth to her deep eyes.
Catherine's breath caught in her throat. In Sara's eyes she saw love. Hope. Fear.
And her future.
Catherine leaned forward slowly and pressed her lips to Sara's gently, letting the soft press of her mouth tell Sara everything she had supressed for so long.
They broke apart a few minutes later, panting heavily, the food now laying beside the bed, forgotten.
Catherine swallowed the lump in her throat.
"I suppose now would be a good time to tell you how I feel, huh?"
Sara ducked her head, blushing. "Please...I've loved you for so long I don't think I can stand it any longer." Sara's head shot up, fear in her eyes as she realized what she had blurted out.
"'s ok." Catherine took a deep breath and laid her hand on Sara's cheek, smiling. "I love you. I almost blurted it out in the middle of our scene."
"You fell in love with me during our scene?" Incredulity raised the pitch of Sara's voice an octave.
Catherine shook her head.
"I fell in love with you from the first time I met you, it seems." Catherine blushed slightly. "I never knew if I should tell you or not."
Sara stared at her in shock. "That long? And you never told me??!"
Catherine grinned. "Guess I should've, huh?"
"Well, yeah! Or at least told me you liked girls, that woulda been enough!"
Catherine looked at Sara, shock lining her features.
"Sara, I used to work as an exotic dancer. You realize that a large percentage of sex workers are, at the very least, bi? The odds were greater that I was straight!"
Sara blushed. "I guess I hadn't thought of that."
Catherine shook her head, "Crazy girl..." She looked at Sara, her desire rising as she gazed on her beauty. "C'mere..." Catherine pulled Sara into her arms, throwing her off balance. Before Sara could regain her senses, Catherine leaned down and kissed her thoroughly. Her tongue traced Sara's lips, eliciting a moan.
"I love you, Sara." Catherine spoke against Sara's lips, brushing them with every word. Before Sara could respond, Catherine resumed her kissing, effectively sweeping away all thoughts from both their heads.
Catherine pressed her tongue into Sara's mouth, moving so she lay on top of her. Catherine didn't know why she felt so amorous towards her new lover other than the fact that she loved her and wanted very badly to make up for lost time.
Catherine pressed againt Sara, grinding her dick into Sara. Sara broke their kiss to moan.
Catherine smiled at the plea in Sara's voice.
"I know, Sara. I'll give you what you need."
"Oh, yes! Please, Catherine..."
Catherine pulled the robe apart. She gazed lovingly down on her lover's body. Sara's nipples quickly hardened in the relative chill of the air. Sara quickly turned coy as she saw the desire spark in Catherine's eyes.
"Like it, Catherine?"
Catherine raised her gaze to Sara's. Sara gasped. She had never seen such desire as she saw bared in Catherine's eyes.
"I love you, and you're incredibly hot." Catherine swept down and captured Sara's nipple in her mouth.
Sara entwined her fingers in Catherine's hair, allowing a deep groan to escape.
"Catherine...oh god...that feels so good...oh!" Catherine grinned ferally at Sara's response to her soft bite. Catherine held Sara's nipple between her teeth and slowly rolled her nipple between them. Sara opened her eyes, which she hadn't realized she had closed, and looked down at Catherine.
Catherine's burning gaze caused an immediate flood.
"Please, Catherine....I need you!"
Catherine released Sara's nipple and growled low in her throat.
"What do you need, Sara? Can you say it?"
Faced with the bare desire in Catherine's eyes, Sara found the courage to voice her desire.
"Please Catherine...please...I need your dick."
Catherine smiled and gave her lover exactly what she needed.
~ Finis ~

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