Bad Boy

Authors: Lex 'Spork' Tenou and Blaze Foon Tenou

Foon's Disclaimer: I do NOT own Sailor Moon...though I WISH I did...I DON'T

Spork's Disclaimer: Contains female/female sex. Lots of it. Turn away if you don't like it. ^^v

Spork says: This is dedicated to the ubersexy and kawaii-ly cool Jeni ^^;; She beta read this. Thank you Foony for letting me revise this.

This contains a butch who wears a strap on. ^^

Rating: NC-17/H


Michiru and her friends Akari and Matoki sat in a row of three in a classroom in Mugen Gakuen. Michiru wasn't the most popular girl in school, which amazed most because she was definitely the most beautiful girl in school. Her quiet and demure demeanor tended to throw people off. Matoki, Michiru's friend of too many years to bother to count, leaned over and threw a note onto her desk before the sensei could look up from his book to notice her delinquency.

The note read:

"I heard there was going 2 b this REALLY hot guy coming to our school! Everyone has heard of him, his name is Tenoh Haruka. They say that he got kicked out of 7 public schools for fighting and bringing weapons to school. How the hell does someone like THAT get into Mugen? He must be smart! Or rich! Oh and I bet he's soooooooo handsome, and I bet he's great in bed! *giggle* Anywho, Michiru, Hiroshi is giving u looks again, Y don't u just go out with him once and then dump him? -_-;;; maybe it would get him off our backs about wanting to go out with u. O.O...gotta go...Sensei's giving me death stares again...Luv U! ===Matoki"

Michiru couldn't help but smile at the note. She wasn't interested in guys. She wondered how Matoki and Akari would react if she replied to one of their rambles on hot guys with, "Yeah, have you taken a look at Kojima-san? She's hot!" Just then she heard the low rumble of a powerful engine outside. She inwardly sighed, "They're doing construction again...wait...that's a motorcycle!"

As they recognized the sound, many of the students in the classroom ran towards the window. Michiru thought it might be a good idea to look at the commotion.

There was only one person it could be. Tall, blonde and with piercing eyes, the Michiru could see that he was different from any other boy she knew. She could see he was dressed in black jeans, black steel-toed boots, a black t-shirt underneath a black leather vest, and no helmet. The blonde was sporting a rebellious look as he parked his Harley in one of the school parking lots.

"Class, back to your seats." The teacher said with a sour look upon his face.

Everyone took their seats and Michiru soon found another note on her desk.

"OHMYGAWD! MICHIRU! DID YOU SEE HIM!! OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD HE IS A DREEEEEEEAM...What kind of girl do you think he goes for? A bad girl? A good girl? I hope he'll like me! OH GOD MICHIRU!!! I think I'm in looove...*drools* did you see his eyes? I'm gonna go daydream about him now! LATER! - LUV! KARI!!"

Michiru didn't know what to think of it, she had no idea what her friend was thinking. Bad girl? One thing is for sure...she did see the blond's eyes. Having looked into his beautiful eyes, she knew he wasn't what he appeared.

'Michiru! What are you thinking!? You don't even like males! But this one...there is something suspicious about him...

The door to the class room opened and in swaggered a dream of a bad boy. Everything was quiet. All you could hear was the thump of the blonde's boots against the cold tiles.

"I don't accept late passes on your first day, Tenoh Haruka-san... take your seat."

The teacher had to look up to see the tall blonde. His glare and height intimidated the teacher.

The girls stared with hearts in their eyes as the blonde walked down a row of seats. Most of the males looked at him with a guarded jealousy.

He sat behind Michiru. 'Oh My...he is sitting behind me.' Michiru stopped and mentally scolded herself. 'Oh my god...I sound like Akari and Matoki.'

Matoki and Akari both tossed notes onto Michiru's desk. They both said: 'You lucky bitch'. Michiru's strong perverse streak refused to not let her reply. She took out a piece of paper and wrote a quick note.

'He is quite handsome isn't he?'

As she tossed the paper to her friend, it hit the side of her desk and fell at the side of Tenoh Haruka's desk. Michiru paled and her heart stopped for a moment when Haruka picked up the note, opened it and read it. Michiru didn't have the guts to look back. All she could hear was Matoki and Akari giggling.


After school Michiru, Matoki and Akari walked through the gates of the school to the curb to wait for the bus.

"Oh my God Michiru! You should have seen him looking at you." Akari giggled.

"I know! You should have looked back at him, he was giving you this" Matoki's words word cut off as they heard the low rumble of a motorcycle, coming closer. It was him. He stopped right in front of them, one foot down on the ground. He stood with the handlebars in his grasp.

All three girls stared at him in silence. He didn't say a word. He turned his head to Michiru and motioned for her to get on the back of the bike.

Michiru looked at Akari and Matoki who were still in their trance like state then climbed on to the back of the mysterious blonde's bike.

Michiru put her hands around Haruka's waist. She felt a little uncomfortable as the bike made its way down the road. What had possessed her to get on the bike?

They had gone off city roads, to an area surrounded by water and mountains. The aqua haired girl wasn't very familiar with the area, but soon the bike came to a stop. Michiru was too worried about what would happen next to care about where they were. Apprehension filled her stomach with knots. Haruka got off the bike to turn in his seat and look directly into Michiru's eyes, which stared right back into his.

Haruka leaned in close, closer...until their lips met softly. They parted a bit until Haruka's lips came down hard onto Michiru's.

Michiru backed away first. They didn't have any words, they didn't even know each other.

"Aren't you going to tell me your name?" Haruka smirked, his eyes questioning.

"Oh, so you do have a voice," she teased. "I am Kaioh Michiru. Thank you for the ride Haruka-san." Michiru smiled, a slight blush covering her cheeks.

"You can drop the honorific. Call me Haruka." The blonde kissed Michiru again, gently.

"I don't know you well enough, be kissing you like this."

"You already know everyting there is to know about me..."

"And whats that? Your name? I believe there's more to you then that." Michiru laughed and Haruka kissed her again.

The blonde chucked. "True. There is more to me."

"I want to know..." Michiru murmured, leaned in towards Haruka.

"You want to know...?"

"Yes..." She whispered, a scant breath from Haruka's lips. Haruka looked at her long and hard, seeking her sincerity.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes..." Michiru repeated in a more wanting tone.

Haruka kissed her hard, holding the kiss, letting their tongues meet and dance. The blonde pulled his shirt from his pants and took Michiru's hands...bringing them underneath his shirt, to his chest...and the bandage that encircled it.

Michiru's eyes went wide... "You're hurt?" Haruka shook his head no. "Female?"

Haruka nodded. "Disappointed?" she asked.

"What? No...not at all." Michiru laid her head on Haruka's shoulder. "In fact, you're in luck. I don't happen to have any interest in males."

Haruka looked slightly confused.

"But you thought I was..."

"I didn't think you were a girl." Michiru interrupted.

"I'm not a girl...I'm a butch." The blonde explained. Michiru smiled and nodded.

"There's still more to you, though...I know it."

"I don't think your father would be too happy about loaning us an empty house for the night." Haruka noted wryly.

Michiru smiled as the words were softly whispered into her ear. She lifted her lips to Haruka's once again. When they parted, she spoke.

"I live alone..." Michiru winked.

They kissed once more, before Haruka righted herself and they sped off towards Michiru's home.

When they reached the small one bedroom, Haruka kicked the door shut behind her and grabbed Michiru's wrist. With sharp tug, Michiru was pulled Haruka's embrace.

Haruka's lips pressed firmly down onto Michiru's. Michiru pressed her hand against the bulge in Haruka's pants. Haruka moaned into Michiru's mouth.

With a grunt, Haruka lifted Michiru into her arms and carried her to the bedroom. She set Michiru down next to the bed and ran her hands reverently over delicate curves. She caressed Michiru gently as she removed the dress from Michiru's svelte form. As she stood up, she pressed gentle kisses along Michiru's body, from her thighs to her stomach, to her breasts and finally upon her mouth.

Michiru reached down and tugged Haruka's belt loose and unfastened her pants. Michiru pushed Haruka's pants down and off as Haruka's tongue was playing with hers. Haruka's strong hands replaced Michiru's bra and caressed her smooth back. Michiru slid her hands up Haruka's firm stomach and lifted the t-shirt over Haruka's head, forcing them to break their kiss.

Haruka stilled Michiru's hand as she was moving to unfasten the bandage binding Haruka's chest flat. Michiru looked up into Haruka's eyes.

"I, well...I'd rather leave it on." Haruka said, haltingly. Michiru smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to Haruka's lips.

"However you want it, Haruka."

Haruka smiled and kissed Michiru deeply, pressing her back onto the bed. Haruka ran her hands down Michiru's hips, catching Michiru's delicate panties and drawing them down the length of Michiru's legs. Haruka ran kisses up the inside of Michiru's thighs, ending at the smooth skin of her pussy. She spread Michiru's outer lips with her thumbs, exposing her clit and inner lips to Haruka's hungry gaze. Haruka gazed at Michiru's exposed beauty for an eternal moment before extending her tongue and flicking it over Michiru's throbbing clit. Michiru gasped above Haruka, her hands grabbing for the sheets as she arched up towards Haruka.

Haruka, smiling to herself, sucked Michiru's essence into her mouth, relishing the taste of the aqua haired beauty.

After Michiru gasped out Haruka's name brokenly, sobbing her pleasure, Haruka raised her head from between Michiru's thighs. Her face glistening with Michiru's spend, Haruka crawled up the bed to hover over Michiru. She reached down to her boxers and pulled her cock free, lining it up with Michiru's open and throbbing pussy. With a steady, slow thrust, Haruka buried her cock in Michiru. Her eyes closed, Haruka pressed firmly into Michiru. Their hips met after an eternity of Michiru grabbing onto Haruka's back and butt, seeking to pull Haruka closer, deeper.

Haruka leaned down and kissed Michiru deeply as she began pulling out of Michiru's wet and willing body. She pushed herself back in, slowly. Michiru arched off of the bed, her nails dragging across Haruka's back.

They began to thrust together madly, pushing themselves farther, closer to falling together.

Haruka buried her face in Michiru's shoulder as she pistoned her hips into Michiru. Michiru was moaning loudly, her legs wrapped firmly around Haruka's waist. With a final thrust and a loud scream, Haruka and Michiru gave themselves over to the pleasure they created.

Haruka lay collapsed on Michiru, her heart beginning to slow it's hectic pace. She rolled off of Michiru and onto her side. She laid her arm across Michiru and gazed lazily at Michiru's flushed face. Michiru turned her head and looked into Haruka's lazy smile. Her breath caught as she was captured once more by the handsome bad boy.

"'re so attractive, Haruka..." Michiru breathed.

Haruka flushed slightly and pressed a kiss to Michiru's forehead.

"Thank you, love."

They lay there for long moments, content in the afterglow. Michiru was about to doze off when the silence was broken by a soft question.

"Michiru? Would you be my girl?" Michiru's eyes snapped open and she turned her head to Haruka, who was blushing furiously and looking outrageously cute.

Michiru threaded her fingers through Haruka's short hair. "Oh, Haruka..." She kissed Haruka's temple. "I'd love to be your girl," she replied softly.

The smile that broke out on Haruka's face looked fit to crack it. Haruka wrapped Michiru in a tight hug.

"You've made me so happy, Michiru..." Haruka leaned into Michiru and kissed her soundly, nearly making her forget her name.

Haruka pushed herself up over Michiru on her arms, her mouth devouring Michiru's in the all consuming passon that would burn brightly between them for many years to come.


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