Title:Cookies Before Bedtime
Author:Lex "Spork" Tenou
Warning/Disclaimers:This is sick, perverted, and wrong. If you don't realize you're about to read a story with explicit lesbian sex, you're an idiot and should jump off the nearest building and land head-first.
"Haruka, you come back here right this second, or you're not getting any *cookies* this evening. And I don't mean chocolate chip!"
"Cookies" Saun (http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=78515)

Haruka smiled to herself as the rich flavor of her girlfriend burst across her tongue. She raised herself up onto her elbows slightly to watch what Michiru was doing.

At the head of the bed, Michiru's tongue was busy laving Setsuna's clit. Haruka grinned widely as Setsuna gasped when Michiru struck a particularly sensitive area just to the left of her hooded clitoral shaft.

Haruka idly ran her finger around the entrance of Michiru's pussy, spreading the wetness she found. Setsuna's head fell back, a long low groan emanating from within her as Michiru hummed with pleasure into her clit.

Haruka raised her finger to her mouth, licking it clean. Her eyes gleefully took in the scene before her. Michiru was beginning to arch her hips upward in demand for the return of Haruka's finger. Haruka ignored it, choosing instead to straddle her lover's stomach, grinding her wetness into Michiru's firm muscles.

Setsuna's hands tightened on the headboard as Michiru let loose with a moan before returning to her licking. If Michiru kept doing that, it was going to drive Setsuna mad.

Large, lightly callused hands slid around Setsuna's back and cupped her breasts. Setsuna felt warm breasts press against her back and gritted her teeth. This was going to make her come, very soon.

Haruka leaned her head and pressed a kiss to Setsuna's neck. The slight breeze on her lips told her that Setsuna had reached the sweaty stage of her night. She could feel the muscles clench in Michiru's stomach below her.

Haruka's hands gently caressed Setsuna's breasts for a moment before her thumb flicked over the nipple. Setsuna gasped and hunched her hips into Michiru's face.

Haruka smiled. She shifted forward, leaving a wet trail on Michiru's firm stomach as she settled in behind Setsuna. The new position allowed Michiru slightly greater freedom with her arms. She reached up, her hands grasping Haruka's tight ass.

Haruka closed her eyes and smiled as she captured Setsuna's nipples between her fingers, pinching lightly. Setsuna cried out wordlessly. Encouraged, Haruka began rolling Setsuna's nipples between her callused fingers, her breasts remaining pressed against Setsuna's back.

Below them, Michiru's hands grasped at Haruka's muscled back as her tongue continued lashing at Setsuna's clit. She could feel Setsuna getting closer. Setsuna's breathing hitched as the sensations cascaded over her consciousness, driving out any other thought but the continuation of pleasure.

Setsuna's knuckles were nearly white where they gripped the headboard. Just another moment and...

Setsuna's eyes shot wide, staring sightlessly as her body was wracked with orgasm, her weight supported by the limber blonde behind her. She rode out the sensations, her mind exploding in a paroxysm of pleasure as Michiru's relentless tongue continued.

Setsuna gasped heavily as Michiru's vicious lashing gentled into a soothing lave of her entire pussy. Setsuna's clasp on the headboard loosened and she collapsed fully into Haruka's embrace.

Haruka pulled Setsuna gently, lifting her from Michiru and laying her onto her back. Haruka pressed a kiss to Setsuna's cheek and turned her attention back to Michiru.

Michiru raked her hungry gaze up and down her tall lover, noting the obvious arousal that darkened her eyes.

Meeting Haruka's eyes, Michiru smiled and nodded.

"Very nice."

Haruka grinned and ran her hand up Michiru's thigh, stopping just before their apex.

"I need you."

Michiru smiled again, excitement sparking in her stomach.

"What do you need?"

Haruka bit her lower lip and leaned forward, her eyes lowering.

"I need you inside me..."

Haruka reached for the large aqua penis her lover sported. Her hand wrapped warmly around the shaft as her mouth lowered and took Michiru's penis into it's wet warmth.

Michiru stroked her hand through Haruka's short hair, smiling as her lover needlessly aroused them both even further. Haruka opened her eyes as she took all of Michiru's dick into her mouth, her expression a study in lecherous rapture.

Michiru thrust herself into Haruka's mouth, watching the aqua penis disappear into Haruka's mouth. She felt the raw ache within herself and tapped Haruka's shoulder.

Haruka pulled herself away from Michiru's penis, dropping one last kiss onto the head. She retained her hold on the shaft, her lower lip caught between her teeth again.

Michiru watched intently as Haruka lined herself up and sank down onto Michiru's aqua erection. Haruka groaned deeply as she was joined with her lover. She opened her eyes and grinned. Setsuna had awoken from her post coital stupor and had returned to Michiru's mouth, kissing her deeply. Michiru's hand was buried in Setsuna's hair. As Haruka watched the erotic display, she began to lift herself on Michiru's dick.

She ran her hands over her trim stomach before cupping her own breasts. Her dark gaze was on her two kissing lovers. She sank back down onto the thickness of her lover's dick, groaning. Her nipples were caught between her fingers and pinched sharply before being rolled roughly.

She raised and lowered herself again. Setsuna had slid her hand over Michiru's stomach to caress her breast, forcing the nipple erect.

Michiru broke the kiss, a low moan breaking free from her. She turned her head, capturing Haruka's intense stare. Haruka continued riding Michiru's dick as she played with her nipples, Setsuna had lowered her now freed mouth to Michiru's breasts and was sucking on one nipple while her hand continued playing with the other.

Haruka leaned back slightly, the change in angle forcing Michiru's dick to push against her in just the right way to make her shudder with pleasure.

A warm mouth surrounded her nipple and pinching fingers. Haruka pulled her hand away, pulling Setsuna's head against her breast. She was only able to successfully suck on Haruka's nipple for a short time before she was forced to call it quits. Smiling widely, Setsuna slid one hand down Haruka's torso, slipping towards Haruka's wet heat.

Haruka's hips gyrated on Michiru's dick as Setsuna's fingers tucked into her slick heat, finding the aching stiffness of Haruka's clit.

Haruka stiffened as Setsuna's fingers slid over her erect clit, She could feel it coming closer with each caress of Setsuna's fingers.

Setsuna watched Michiru as she slipped her fingers over Haruka's stiff clit. Michiru was thrusting slightly, the slight movement of her dick inside Haruka enough to add to the sexual haze that had taken over the blonde woman.

Setsuna felt the telltale quivering of the erection beneath her fingers. Another few caresses and she would...

Haruka's head snapped back as her orgasm obliterated her mind. Wave after wave of rapturous sensation ripped through her as her clenching muscles tightened around Michiru's thick shaft.

Michiru smiled and allowed herself to be swept into the wonder of Haruka's orgasm. As Haruka was beginning to calm, Michiru thrust into her again, forcing a strangled cry from the now exhausted blonde.

Haruka collapsed onto Michiru, her pussy still clenched tightly around Michiru's dick.

Setsuna eyed the entwined couple and smiled slowly, an evil idea planting itself in her head.

Reaching over to the side of the bed, she pulled out the small but powerful vibrator. Clicking it on, she reached between Michiru's thighs and pressed it next to her clit.

Michiru stiffened beneath Haruka, her breath coming heavier as she concentrated on moving as little as possible. The weight of Haruka resting on her was reassuring and arousing. A moan escaped her as she wrapped her arms around Haruka.

Haruka turned her head and nipped the side of Michiru's neck gently. Michiru spasmed slightly. Setsuna moved the vibrator over slightly, intensifying the vibration just over Michiru's clit.

Michiru's nails dug into Haruka's back as she pushed herself against the vibrator. The vibrations echoed throughout her body as she opened her mouth and let loose with a cry. Spasms wracked her body as she clasped Haruka to her convulsively.

Haruka smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to Michiru's cheek. Michiru grasped Haruka's head and forced their lips together in an impassioned kiss as the orgasm washed over her.


Mamoru sat up, a strangled shriek echoing in his bedroom. The damp sheets were tangled around his hips and legs and his hair was plastered to his forehead with his now cooling sweat.

He struggled with the covers and flung himself into the bathroom. Turning on his shower, he stepped into the shower, rinsing the dregs of the disturbing dream from his consciousness.

"Must cleanse...must cleanse..."

He grabbed the soap and washed himself. The steam rose from the shower, filling the small bathroom.

After he finished, he dried himself and returned to his bed. Stripping the sheets, he resolved to never again eat Usako's cookies just before bed.

Author's Notes:
Again, this is sick, perverted, and wrong. If I hadn't been challenged, I never would have written it.
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