"the fragile" is a story about Haruka and Michiru. I don't quite know when I set it to take place. Sometime before SuperS. Probably sometime during S. So what if the CD only came out recently, I'm allowed to take such artistic license.

Haruka and Michiru are a lesbian couple. If this scares you, makes you want to cream your pants, or whatever, I don't really care. BUT, since, they are a lesbian couple and as such the MPAA would never rate anything with lesbians or gays less than PG, this is rated PG-13 cuz it's only a text file. If it WAS a movie it'd probably be rated R for nudity and "Adult Situations" whatever THAT really means. And one instance of mild cursing. *squints* I think. I don't remember.

Haruka and Michiru belong to other people. Not me. I make no money off of this. I did it all for the nookie...no, actually, I did it for shits and giggles.

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the fragile

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Kaiou Michiru was estatic. She had just bought the new two CD release from Nine Inch Nails. She hadn't heard "The Fragile" yet; she was saving it for home when she could truly enjoy it.

She finally reached home and dropped her bags in the living room on her way to the stereo. Her usual neatness was put aside in her enthusiasm to hear this new acquisition. She took out the CD and tore off the cellophane, dropping it to the floor. She would pick up her mess later...

It shocked a lot of people when they found out the young violinist's taste in music was wide and varied. Her CD collection had large numbers of classical selections (of course), jazz, industrial, gothic, rock, pop, and probably most shocking of all, techno. Michiru positively adored techno's pulsing beats.

However, at this moment, Michiru's thoughts were on Trent and his musical stylings.

She placed the CD marked "left" in the stereo and put it on "We're in This Together Now" one of her favorite songs.

As Trent Reznor screamed out his angst, Michiru lay back on the couch and closed her eyes. She would clean up her mess in a moment...for now, she relaxed.

Michiru lay there, her mind blank. The music began to wind it's way into her mind, filling it with the images and splashes of color that her brain interpreted the music as. In the midst of this mental interpretation, her mind flashed an image of the one she wanted before her eyes.


The name was a bare whisper, unknowingly uttered into the stillness of the darkening apartment. Michiru's mind flashed mental pictures of the tall blonde in front of her eyes, somehow matching the music...

Haruka was...perfect. Her face, her body, her personality... Haruka was a shining light in the dark ugliness of the world.

The CD switched to the next song.

"She shines...in a world full of ugliness...she matters...when everything is meaningless..." As those words pounded into her mind, Michiru mentally saw Haruka, reaching out a hand and mouthing the unacknowledged words held deep within Michiru's heart...I love you??!!

Michiru's eyes snapped open as she bolted upright. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She hadn't heard that, she wasn't crazy, she wasn't in love with Haruka, she couldn't be, not with her friend, no...

She scrambled to the cd case and with suddenly fumbling fingers extracted the lyric booklet. She quickly flipped through the pages until...

"Damn..." The curse was spoken softly, an anticlimax to the realization that had just torn through her.

Love. That's what she had been feeling develop. Love for the tall, blonde, dashing racer who she lived with. Her partner.

She sat there, the cd playing on, unheeded. Her mind whirled as she tried to make sense of her emotions in a world that had just been turned on it's head.

Love. If it wasn't so scary, she would laugh at har own blindness to the obvious.

The cd stopped as unheeded as before, having reached the end.

A whisper broke the stillness.

"Why didn't I see?"

She sat in front of the stereo in the still apartment.

"How could I have been so..." Her voice trailed off into the silence.

She sat there staring into space. Finally she spoke again, her eyes filled with a newfound wonder and joy.

"I love her..." She stood and walked blindly to the balcony. She loved her... She opened the door in a haze. As she walked to the railing, the wind came and caressed her cheek and tangled itself in her hair. Just like Haruka would...

Her eyes drifted closed as she felt the touch of Haruka's element.

"Haruka...Haruka..." Her voice tapered off to a bare whisper. "...I love you..."

She gazed out over the ocean, her mind retracing the path it had taken repeatedly since she had heard that song.

It had started when she was talking to an old friend of hers. She was complaining about how Haruka would do this and Haruka would do that and Haruka this and Haruka that...

Her friend had said, "Damn, Michiru-san! You are twitterpated!"

Michiru had just stared blankly at her.

"You know? In love?"

It had taken Michiru a moment to respond. A moment that spoke volumes.

"No I'm not!"

Her friend had just sat there nodding.

"I'm afraid so, Michiru-san. I just hope your Haruka-kun can handle it." Her friend had nodded sagely.

After that, Michiru had abruptly changed the subject and it wasn't brought up again.

No...it had started before that. Back when...she had first noticed how Haruka looked in that grey suit...

No...she couldn't love Haruka, she had told herself over and over again. I can't love her. She's my partner, I can't fall in love with her, it won't work, she doesn't love me.

It had been no use.

Michiru couldn't keep her thoughts off of the car racer. She was...indescribable. Beautiful. Handsome. She was...Haruka.

Michiru had slowly fallen deeper and deeper in love with the tall blonde. She denied it though. Had to. Too much going on, too much to do, too many...

But those were all excuses. She could love Haruka, and did.

Hearing those words...those few words...and seeing them...made her realize.

She loved Tenou Haruka with a ferocity that scared her.

She was broken out of her cycle of thoughts by the distant jangle of keys. She's home... Michiru went to the door to greet Haruka as she always did. She had to keep doing as she had always done, she had to continue on the path she had chosen...

"Hello, Michiru-san!" Haruka strode through the door, her bag slung over her shoulder. So beautiful...

Michiru tried to smile, blushing profusely.

"Welcome home, Haruka-san." Her voice was soft and wavered slightly. Her face was so hot she thought she was going to burst into flame.

Haruka frowned slightly and walked to Michiru.

"Are you ok, sweet?" Haruka's face was worried as she cupped Michiru's chin in one hand.

Michiru tried hard not to swoon.

"Y-yes, Haruka-san. I'm fine."

"You sure?"


Haruka still had that worried look that caused Michiru's stomach to flutter wildly.

"Ok, Michiru-san, if you say so. I worry about you."

Michiru was taken aback by that statement.


Haruka nodded, casting her eyes down and away.

"Yes, of course...you're my friend."

An uncomfortable silence descended on them. Neither could look at the other.

Casting her eyes wildly about seeking any out from this silence, Haruka spotted the bags that still lay on the floor in the living room.

"You went shopping." Not an accusation, merely a statement of fact.

"Yes...do you want to see what I bought?"

Still unable to look at Michiru, Haruka nodded. "Yes."

Michiru showed everything she had bought, which really wasn't all that much, some incense, a few books, a new dress and...

She came across the bag from the chain Goth store. She smiled, remembering what she had bought. What she had planned before her revelation.


Haruka looked up from the book she had been examining.

"I got you something..." Haruka's eyes lit up.

"What is it?" Her voice was eager, like a small child on Christmas morning.

"Close your eyes."

Before tonight, before she realized she loved this woman with all her heart and soul, Michiru had already known she wanted Haruka. Badly. She had decided that tonight would be the night they wouldn't need to use both of the double beds in their shared bedroom.

Michiru knew Haruka would enjoy this. They had discussed their sexuality one day awhile ago. Michiru knew Haruka found her attractive, because Haruka had told her so on many occasions, telling her she was "distractingly attractive".

So it was with little trepidation that Michiru had embarked on this plan. If not her heart...at least Michiru could possess Haruka's body.

"Keep your eyes CLOSED, Haruka-san!" Michiru chided. "Don't make me have to blindfold you!"

Michiru wasn't sure but she could have sworn she heard Haruka murmur "Kinky."

She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and put on the one from the bag, shedding her skirt and underwear in a trice.

Breathlessly, she spoke.

"Alright Haruka-san...you can look."

Haruka opened her eyes...and they immediately bugged out as her jaw dropped.

Michiru stood in front of her, wearing an oversized T-shirt that said, "You've been a bad girl...GO TO MY ROOM!"

Haruka's eyes slid down Michiru's svelte figure absently noting the pile of clothes at her feet before sliding back up.

Wait a minute... Haruka swung her gaze back down and took a closer look at the clothes on the floor. On top of the pile was Michiru's matching bra and panties. That meant...

Haruka's mouth suddenly went dry.

"Mich-Michiru-san?" Her voice cracked on Michiru's name.

Michiru knew she was blushing even more than she had before. She didn't care. She could see the fire in Haruka's eyes.

"You can drop the -san...if you want."

Haruka could barely believe it. Was Michiru saying what Haruka thought she was?


"I want you Haruka-san. I've wanted you since I first saw you."

Haruka's eyes widened in disbelief. She had thought there was no way her controlled roommate would ever find her attractive enough to want.

Michiru was more nervous than she had ever been before. Swallowing, she made herself concentrate on the growing fire in Haruka's eyes.

Michiru walked the few steps to Haruka. They were so close their breasts were nearly touching.

Michiru could see Haruka was fighting an inner battle for her control. And her eyes...her eyes were blazing with a barely controlled lust.

Michiru reached up and ran her hand through Haruka's hair, playing with the short strands at the back of her head.

Haruka shuddered, her eyes half-closed.


Michiru's heart soared as she heard that. Her hand tightened on the back of Haruka's neck Michiru began to draw her closer for their first kiss...

And Haruka's inner dam against her emotions and actions burst. Her strong arms wrapped tightly around Michiru's slim body as her mouth descended on her soon-to-be-lover's.

Their lips met and the storm that had been building in them since they met was torn loose. Hands flew over hair, skin, clothes...touching...tongues clashed and slid over each other...

Michiru's head swam in the sensation she received from their kiss. She wanted more...

Michiru placed her hands on Haruka's chest and pushed her back slightly, holding onto Haruka's shirt as she broke the kiss.

With a feral growl, Michiru tore Haruka's shirt open, causing the buttons to fly all over the room.

Haruka grinned, breathing hard as she watched Michiru's face.

Michiru ran her fingertips lightly over the binding on Haruka's chest. She gazed at Haruka in wonder.

"Why didn't you tell me you bind yourself?"

Haruka shrugged, still grinning.

"You never asked."

Michiru narrowed her eyes at Haruka and sidled closer, having stepped back when she tore the shirt. She slid her hands into the front pockets of Haruka's pants.

Michiru's fingers teased and enticed, so close and yet so far away...Haruka stifled a groan.

Michiru extracted her hand and smiled triumphantly, holding up Haruka's knife. Haruka looked from the knife to Michiru's face. She sighed and grinned.

"I trust you."

Michiru nodded gravely and slowly worked the tip of the knife under the binding. She didn't want to hurt her Haruka...

Haruka stood still as Michiru slowly cut the binding away. I must really love her, Haruka thought. I never let anyone do this. I never even let anyone hold my knife.

Michiru finished a few minutes later and set the knife on the table. She began to unwrap Haruka, gently. Slowly Haruka's breasts came into view.

Without glancing up at her face, Michiru threw the binding aside and began to massage Haruka's unbound breasts gently.

Haruka moaned.

"Gods, Michiru....don't stop!" Haruka's hands came up to grip Michiru's waist firmly. Her hands flexed as Michiru's gentle hands worked magic on Haruka's freed breasts.

Michiru watched Haruka's face closely. The look of rapture on the beautiful woman's face was prize enough for Michiru. She was so beautiful... Michiru tore her gaze from Haruka's face and looked at the flesh in her hands. Her mouth went dry.

They were sheer perfection. The nipples were hard and demanding that Michiru take them into her mouth. As soon as the thought went through her mind, her head was already descending to Haruka's breasts.

Gently, Michiru held up Haruka's breasts and kissed each nipple. She took the left nipple between her lips as she kissed it. Haruka groaned again, her hands flexing into Michiru's waist.

Michiru took the begging nipple into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

"Ooohhhhh, Michiru!" Haruka was fast descending into a state of incoherence. She was reduced to only being able to say her soon to be lovers name.

A last coherent thought went across Haruka's mind and she raised her trembling hands to Michiru's shoulders. Gently, she pulled Michiru away from her breasts. Haruka saw a disappointment in Michiru's eyes that she echoed.

Haruka was caught by Michiru's eyes. She nearly forgot why she had stopped her siren's ministrations when she gazed deeply into those blue-green orbs.

"Bed." She managed to croak out. Michiru smiled and leaned up against Haruka to kiss her. Haruka leaned her head down at the urging of Michiru's hand on the back of her neck, not that she needed much urging. They kissed deeply, their tongues entwining in an age old mating dance.

They finally broke apart, breathing hard and flushed.

This time, Michiru spoke, her voice considerably huskier than normal.

"Bed." They walked hand in hand to the shared bedroom of their one bedroom apartment.

Haruka slowly awoke. Her head was groggy and she was warmer than usual. She tried to roll over and found she couldn't move her right side. She opened her eye and saw the sea of aquamarine hair on her pillow.

After the initial moment of panic, the memory of the previous night came flooding back. Haruka smiled and slid her arm around her lover's naked waist.

"Mmmm..." Michiru pressed back against the warm body that held her so deliciously, content to awaken slowly.

"Morning, love." The soft contralto voice in her ear tickled across her nerves, causing delectable shudders to run up her spine. Her eyes snapped open as she recognized the voice. Her body stiffened momentarily before she remembered the night before. She turned in her lover's embrace to face her.

"Morning, Haruka." Michiru spoke softly, keeping her eyes on Haruka's neck. Where she saw some dark bruises had been formed the night before. She blinked, trying to remember when those could have happened.

"Haruka, did you give me any hickeys last night?" Haruka laughed.

"Of course I did."

Michiru lightly slapped Haruka's shoulder.

"Haruka! I have an audition tomorrow! How am I supposed to explain those?"

"You could always say that your-" Haruka leaned in and kissed Michiru's neck, working her way up to the sensitive spot just behind Michiru's ear. "-dashingly handsome racer lover-" She kissed and sucked a bit at the sensitive spot. "-gave them to you."

Michiru closed her eyes and savored the sensations.

"And who is my dashingly handsome racer boyfriend, hmmm?" The lips on her neck disappeared. Michiru opened her eyes.

Haruka was propped up on her arms over Michiru, looking at her incredulously.

"Excuse me?" Her voice was laden with confusion. Michiru smiled.

"Well, as far as I can recall, I haven't been asked to be anyone's girlfriend recently."

Haruka smiled lopsidedly and laughed. She leaned down again to nuzzle Michiruís neck.

"Very well, then, my siren..." Haruka paused next to Michiru's ear. "Kaiou Michiru, will you be my girlfriend?"

Michiru paused before answering, waiting long enough for Haruka to begin to feel anxious.

"Only if you will be my girlfriend, too, Tenoh Haruka." The soft voice echoed in Haruka's mind.

She raised her head to look lovingly down at her beautiful lover. She had a lopsided grin that quickly grew into an ear to ear grin.

"I do believe that was you asking me to be your girlfriend."

Michiru looked content, running her hands idly up and over Haruka's shoulders.

"Mm-hmmm..." Michiru looked up into Haruka's eyes. "You wouldn't make a girl wait forever for an answer, now would you, Haruka?"

Haruka grinned down at Michiru, happier than she had been in a long time.

"Nothing would make me happier than to be with you, Michiru. Yes, I will be your girlfriend."

Michiru smiled happily at Haruka.

"And I will be yours."

Haruka leaned down and gave Michiru a quick kiss.

"Let's take a shower." Michiru wanted to lather up Haruka's strong and supple body with nothing but her soap slicked hands...



Haruka grinned ferally. "Mmmm...Kinky."

Michiru laughed.

After they had eaten and Michiru had picked up the mess she had left in the living room, she joined Haruka back in their bedroom. She was getting dressed into the grey suit Michiru loved.

Michiru knew her face was lustful, but she couldn't help it. Haruka spotted her in the mirror as she was knotting her tie. She chuckled.

"My, my, Michiru, you look like someone whom fathers should keep their daughters away from."

Michiru blushed prettily and shot a rejoinder to the tall blonde.

"Only if they're tall, blonde, handsome and look good in a firesuit." It was Haruka's turn to blush, and she did so, laughing. "Where are you off to?"



"We, Michiru... as in you and I. We are going to go and buy a bigger bed."

"We are?"

Haruka glanced at her as she finished combing her hair.

"Unless you plan on us using the floor from now on."

Michiru seemed to ponder this for a moment. "I don't know Haruka...the shower IS big enough for two, and that WAS fun in there this morning..."

Haruka blushed again. Michiru laughed.

Six hours later, the delivery men finally left.

Haruka flopped down on the couch.

"Remind me to take another anger management class."

Michiru sat down next to Haruka. Haruka pulled Michiru's legs over her lap.

"Now, Haruka, it wasn't THAT bad..."

Haruka shot Michiru a quelling look as she loosened her tie. Michiru scooted forward onto Haruka's lap and stopped her, taking over the task.

"Not that bad? They were only leering at you the entire time! I'm surprised they didn't smash into one of the walls!"

Michiru tossed the tie over the arm of the couch, shaking her head.

"With as many looks you shot them and all the growling, I'm surprised they didn't wet themselves! They were far too frightened of you, what with how you were fingering your knife the whole time!"

Haruka leaned her head back to let Michiru unbutton her shirt.

"It wasn't the WHOLE time..." Haruka grumbled.

"Oh hush, Haruka, it was too the whole time." Haruka sat under Michiru's ministrations, growling and grumbling under her breath, not really saying anything, just venting her jealousy. "And besides...it was cute."

Haruka was taken aback.

"Cute? What was cute?"

Michiru leaned forward and kissed along Haruka's exposed neck, punctuating her next sentence.

"How you got all jealous and held me...and how you would growl everytime someone would look at me...how protective you are...I think it's cute."

Haruka gasped as Michiru worked magic on her hyper-sensitive neck, reducing Haruka's mind to mush. Haruka's next words came out without conscious thought

"I have to protect you...you're beautiful...you're mine...I love you..."

Michiru stopped what she was doing and leaned back far enough so she could see Haruka's face.


Haruka's opened her eyes and looked up at Michiru. She swallowed as she realized what she has just said.

"I...I love you."

Haruka's heart pounded in her ears. She saw tears begin to well up in Michiru's eyes.

"You do?" Michiru's voice nearly cracked as tears began to fall down her face. Haruka looked worried as she nodded slowly.

Michiru threw her arms around Haruka's neck and cried into her shoulder.


"Shhh...it's ok Michiru...why are you crying?" Haruka cradled Michiru in her arms as she cried into Haruka's shoulder. As she began to rub her hands soothingly across Michiru's back, she began to feel fevered kisses being pressed into her shoulder...then her neck...then she felt hot breath against her ear.

"I...I..." Michiru swallowed and closed her eyes. "I'm crying...because I love you too."

Haruka's arms tightened around Michiru for a moment before relaxing to her waist. Michiru pulled back and wiped her eyes.

"I must look terrible now..."

"No! No...you look beautiful, love." Haruka's hand cupped Michiru's face. "Look at me." Michiru's eyes met Haruka's. They were gravely serious. "I love you Kaiou Michiru."

Michiru tearfully smiled.

"I love you, Tenou Haruka."

They hugged on the couch, murmuring sweet nothings for the rest of the evening.


Haruka stood in the doorway to their room, holding something in her hand. Michiru lay in bed, reading.

"Yes, Haruka?"

"I just found this...why did you buy it?" Haruka held up what was in her hand: A T-shirt with the words "You've been a bad girl...GO TO MY ROOM!" on the front.

Michiru blushed.

"Well, I just thought that...umm, that is...what I mean is..."

Haruka laughed She began unbuttoning her shirt as she waited for Michiru's answer.

"I bought it because it seems like it should be your slogan! There! Are you happy!" Michiru buried her face in the pillows.

"Well, before that might have been true...but now I only want one bad girl in my room." Michiru heard the rustle of clothing. "And that bad girl is giving me a very nice view of her-"

Michiru yelped and pulled her nightgown down, realizing that it had ridden up to her waist and that she had indeed been giving Haruka very nice view.

"Look at me Michiru."

Michiru peeked out at Haruka and then flung herself upright in the bed.

Haruka stood next to her side of the bed clad in the T-shirt. Clad ONLY in the T-shirt.

"I thought I would return the favor." Haruka grinned as she made that flippant remark.

Michiru's mouth went dry. Her book dropped to the floor, unheeded. Her hand reached out, as thought it had it's own will. It found it's way under the shirt and between Haruka's legs.

Haruka tried very hard not to fall as Michiru's fingers began to probe her.

"Come to me..." Michiru pulled Haruka down on the bed.

Much later, Haruka lay with her head resting on Michiru's breast and shoulder.

"I love you Michiru."

"I love you Haruka."

They fell asleep to the soft strains of "the fragile" the played on their stereo.

~~~~~~~~ That's All She Wrote.~~~~~~~~~~

*Looks up at the ecchi and twisted fic she write* My god....if I get ANY mail from this fic I'll be surprised! Quick background check....this fic was written on the spur of the moment after listening to "the fragile" and then sat festering on my hard drive for a while. the I sent off to see if anyone would archive it. Then I decided to archive it all on my own.

All people used are property of Takeuchi Naoko and Kodansha and all those other big companies who love me and won't sue me because at last count I had 60 cents in my checking account and my savings account was worse and besides I was only borrowing them for a sort time. I put them back right where I found them, I swear!

I only invented the situations. And the knife thing. And the shirt...no wait, the shirt was invented by someone else too, damn! Well, the only thing I invented about this fic was the situations, so *shrugs* whatever.

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