How Hentai are you REALLY? This is a test of your...ecchiness.

What were YOU thinking?
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

"How hard should you push it in, will it break?"

Haruka grunted and tried to push in farther.

"Is that good enough, or would you like it in a bit deeper?" she asked as she pushed. Michiru cried out. "Sorry, did I hurt you? I'm so thick at times that I don't know my own strength."

Michiru shook her head no.

"It's fine. Keep going." Haruka started up again and looked at her lover.

"You like that? I thought you'd like the big one." Michiru gasped in pleasure. Haruka grinned at her. "Like I said before, I'll get you any you want as long as it only costs me two dollars an hour."

Michiru made a noise in her throat and shot a bemused glace at Haruka.

"You know this won't even cost us two dollars a day."

Haruka grinned.

"Yeah, but I do so love to bug you." Haruka pushed once more and finally got in with a triumphant cry. Michiru cried out as well, in surprise.

"YES!" They panted for a while, their faces aglow with triumph.

"I think it looks great there, don't you?" Michiru commented to her lover.

"Yeah...more so now that I know how much use Hotaru can get out of this." Haruka grinned down at Michiru, who laughed.

"She certainly will."

Haruka extended a hand to Michiru and they walked back into their house.

"Do you think we should tell Setsuna we bought a diving board?"

~End Reel

How did you do? *cue the evil Sporky laughter here*

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