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Unexpected Homecoming
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Michiru gazed over the calm ocean. It had been so long since had been with Haruka... She didn't know if she could take this forced separation any longer. Was it truly necessary for hym to go to Italy to race?

Michiru turned away from the window and cast her gaze over the pristine living room. Pristine only because Haruka wasn't here to throw hys boxers everywhere... Michiru sighed. There was still another two days before Haruka was due to return.

A jangling of keys and a door slam startled Michiru out of her thoughts. Who was that? Setsuna wasn't supposed to be home until the end of the week, and Hotaru was sleeping over with her best friend...that meant it had to be-

"Dammit! Does she always have to move the furniture?" Haruka's low voice sounded through the apartment, arrowing straight for Michiru's heart.

"HARUKA!!!" Michiru ran through the house and leaped at Haruka, forcing hym to drop hys bags and catch her. He was nearly suffocated as Michiru wrapped her arms around hys neck.

"Breathe...air....ack!" Haruka managed to cough out as Michiru loosened her hold somewhat then let Haruka go. Haruka looked down at hys lover and winced. He knew that look...he was in trouble.

"Umm...what did I do this time?"

"You didn't tell me you were coming home early!"Michiru leaned back and glared at Haruka.

Haruka cowered.

"Umm...I love you?"

Michiru glared at her lover, so cute when he's cowering... She tried to stay angry but couldn't pull it off. She melted and flung herself back into Haruka's arms, smiling widely.

"I missed you!"

Haruka smiled and hugged Michiru tightly.

"I missed you too, my siren."

They pulled back from their embrace and smiled into each other's eyes. Haruka's gaze dropped to Michiru's smiling mouth. All he had been able to think of since he left was coming back to be able to kiss those sweet lips again...

Haruka didn't even realize he had moved until he felt Michiru's lips against hys own. Their sweetness was better in reality than in the memories that had kept hym working and racing faster and faster so he could return to hys Michiru.

Michiru's mouth opened beneath hys own on a soft moan. Their tongues met and caressed each other wildly. Haruka's hands slid down to Michiru's hips, flexing for a moment before yanking her dress up and pressing hys hips into her burning pussy.

"Oooohhh.......you're packing......mmmm......" Michiru moaned as Haruka began to rolls hys hips against her.

"You forget, baby, I know you." Haruka leaned down and captured Michiru's lips again, hys hands already tearing at her panties. Her hands tangled in hys hair and scraped across the back of hys neck. Haruka grunted and slid two fingers into Michiru.

"Damn, baby...been thinking about me?" Haruka grinned to hymself as he tugged at hys belt and unfastened hys pants, letting them drop to the floor as Michiru moaned. He slid hys fingers out of her and pulled hys cock free.

Haruka pulled Michiru's legs up and held her up over hys cock.

"Put it in."

Michiru obeyed, grasping hys cock and lining it up with her pussy, feeling it slide in as Haruka let Michiru slide down. They groaned as Michiru was filled with Haruka's cock.

Haruka held Michiru up by her buttocks and slid hys cock in and out of her, causing her to moan into hys ear. Haruka gritted hys teeth and concentrated on driving hys cock into her.

Michiru's moans rose in a sweet symphony in hys ears, causing hys own passions to rise as he slammed hys cock into her and caused the base to grind against hys own clit. They heaved against each other, pulsing with an energy born of their love and need for each other.

Haruka's hips pistoned into Michiru, driving her further and further into the realm of pleasure until she finally burst and showered Haruka's cock with a flood of her come. Haruka shuddered in the circle of Michiru's arms, a small orgasm rippling across hys nerves as Michiru came in hys arms, on hys cock.

"Oh, gods...I missed you." Michiru pulled Haruka's head down and kissed hym passionately. "Can we move to the bed now?"

Haruka grinned and, keeping Michiru impaled on hys cock, carried her to their bed, where he was treated to a proper homecoming.

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