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This fic was written at the request of Ruka and the all mighty powerful Princess Michi. It is rated a strong Hentai with a firm Lemon background. This fic may cause you to...*ahem* enjoy yourself. It has been called "hot" and "good" and I have been called "cute" and "hentai". ^^ ahh I love being me.

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Just in case you couldn't tell, this is another PWP (Plot? What Plot?) for the H&M fans...yes, I give out fanservice all the time, what made you ask?

One last note...I wrote this while talking to many people on my messengers and while falling asleep. ^^ LONG LIVE THE HENTAI!

Ice Cream
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

"Haruka! Haruka! Where are you!" Michiru walked down the hall, a bowl of chocolate ice cream in her hand, a spoon in the other. She ladled another spoonful into her mouth as she peeked into Hotaru's lampfilled room.

"Michi-oof!" Haruka came barreling out of one of the spare rooms and smacked directly into Michiru. Michiru watched in horror as her bowl tipped and spilled all over Haruka's bare chest and stomach.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! COLD COLD COLD COLD!!!!!" Haruka jumped around the hall, her hands flailing wildly as she freaked out. "Coldcoldcoldcoldcoldcold!!!"

"Oh Haruka! you made me spill my ice cream! and that was the last of it, too!" Michiru's eye developed an evil little glint as she grabbed Haruka's hand and led her to the bedroom, grabbing some spare towels on her way.

"M-Michiru? What are you thinking?"

Michiru turned to Haruka and smiled sweetly.

"I was just thinking that I want the rest of my ice cream."

Haruka looked down at her now sticky chest and stomach and looked back up at Michiru, understanding dawning. A slow grin spread across her handsome features as she allowed herself to be led into the bedroom.

Michiru laid the towels out across the bed and manuevered Haruka across them. She removed her dress and laid it out carefully. She slowly rolled her pantyhose down her legs and removed her silken panties. Haruka watched her with ravenous eyes, propping herself up on her elbows. A small droplet of melting ice cream slid down her breast toward the towel. "Ah-ah! You won't get away from me, my tasty little treat!" Haruka leaned back and moaned, her hand rising up and grasping Michiru's bared breast.

Michiru's hand snaked out and grabbed Haruka's hand and pinned it to the bed as her tongue finished it's slow path up to her lover's chocolate covered nipple.

Michiru flicked her tongue over Haruka's hardened nipple and lifted her head to look at Haruka's face.

"Gods, Haruka, you are so beautiful." Haruka blushed as Michiru took her nipple into her mouth and sucked it gently, drawing the essence of chocolate from her skin. Haruka barely noticed as Michiru raised her hands over her head, so intent was she on the sensations centering around her nipple.

Haruka quickly returned to lucidity as she felt hard, cold, metal tighten around her wrists. Her eyes opened and she craned her neck to see her wrists firmly encased in shining silver handcuffs. Haruka looked at Michiru, questioning, desire blazing in her eyes.

"I can't very well enjoy my treat if I have your hands in my way." Michiru smiled as she spoke coyly. Haruka tried to swallow with a suddenly dry throat.

"Umm...Michiru...MichiRU!" As Haruka was speaking, Michiru had returned her mouth to her nipple and bit down on it gently. Her finger traced a little path across Haruka's firm, chocolate covered stomach.

"Baby, do you know how amazing you are?"

Haruka was trying very hard not to buck up against Michiru's hand. Her wrists were straining at the handcuffs already. Michiru grinned and raised her finger to her lips, sucking off the chocolate and licking her finger clean. She grinned as she watched Haruka squirm under her ministrations.

Michiru crawled up Haruka's body and lowered her head to speak into her lover's ear.

"I think..." Michiru tweaked a nipple, "That it's time for my treat."

Michiru leaned down, smiling as she heard Haruka's moan, and began to run her tongue all over Haruka's firmly toned body.

Her tongue scooped up the small puddles of chocolate that gathered in various places on her lover's body. Michiru suckled Haruka's nipples and then pulled them between her fingers, licking around her fingers and all over Haruka's pert breasts.

Michiru kneaded Haruka's breasts in her hands, watching her lover's face closely as she did so. Haruka's eyes were closed tightly, moans escaping her lips with each new movement of Michiru's hands. Haruka's tongue darted out to lick her lips and Michiru was filled with a sudden urge to taste her lover's mouth once more.

Michiru held herself up over Haruka's ice cream covered body and looked down at her lover. When Haruka's eyes opened, Michiru drew in a sharp breath as she saw the raging passion in her lover's eyes. Michiru felt herself drawn in until her lips met Haruka's in a blazing kiss. Haruka's tongue sucked the chocolate from Michiru's mouth, savoring the sweet dessert mixed with Michiru's essence.

Michiru pulled away and slid her mouth over Haruka's neck, licking up the chocolate splashes that had reached there. She licked over Haruka's shoulders and down her collarbone, laving her breasts again on her way down to her hard stomach. Michiru ran her tongue in the firm grooves of muscle in Haruka's stomach, the chocolate secondary to the pleasure she garnered from the feel of her partner's firm muscles beneath her tongue.

Haruka began to pant as Michiru slid down her body. She felt Michiru loosening her belt and unfastening her pants, then pulling them and her boxers down, leaving Haruka in nothing but a few drops of chocolate ice cream which Michiru quickly lapped up.

Michiru slid her hand up Haruka's thigh from her knee, slowly. Her fingers brushed across Haruka's burning center, teasing slightly. Haruka moaned deeply and arched her back off the bed, seeking Michiru's fingers. Michiru grazed her fingertips across Haruka's bare skin for a moment before finally touching her where her body ached to be caressed.

"Please..." Haruka sobbed out as her body took control of her, begging for release.

Michiru's fingers danced across Haruka's tender and engorged flesh, bringing her to a crashing climax that caused her to arch so far off the bed that her wrists strained the handcuffs, digging into the tender flesh of her wrists. The top of her head and her heels were the only things touching the bed.

When Haruka finally calmed from the mind crashing orgasm, she found that Michiru had uncuffed her and lay with her head on Haruka's stomach.

Michiru was humming as her head lay on Haruka's stomach. It took Haruka amoment to recognize the song. When she did she smiled to herself and started singing softly, her fingers running through Michiru's hair.

"Your love is better than ice cream, better than anything else that I've found..."


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