Autobiography of a Mosquito

Inspired by: too many H&M fics and the Autobiography of a Flea, by Anonymous, classic erotica.

Rated: H/NC-17

Description: Established relationship, oral, voyeur, yuri or F/F

Disclaimers: Haruka and Michiru are owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, Pioneer, and other large companies. "Autobiography of a Flea" is owned by the original author "Anonymous" who is responsible for so many groin-grabbingly good ecchi fics.

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Autobiography of a Mosquito
By Lex 'Spork' Tenou

I was born in a squalid hovel of a minuscule pond. I spent much of the first part of my life in and around said pond, not yet having wings with which to leave.

When I emerged as an adult and discovered, to my joy, that I was able to fly, I immediately fled that miserable hole.

I flew for a long time that day, into the night. I finally found an open window to buzz through.

What I saw within the room beyond the window would have shocked me had I human sensibilities. As it was, I was merely intrigued and elected to stay perched upon the windowsill to watch.

Inside the room, two human females lay entwined on a bed. Their hands ran over soft curves and hardened muscle in a blind mapping of each other's bodies.

One of them appeared taller than the other, and had delightful blond hair. The other had hair reminiscent of a clear pond by the light of a midday sun.

The blond pulled her head back and smiled at her companion on the bed. She raised a hand and ran it through the luxurious aqua locks of her bedmate. Then she spoke, in a voice which can only be described as a smoke and whiskey bedroom voice.

"Michiru..." The aqua haired one opened her eyes. "I love you." The aqua haired one, obviously Michiru, smiled up at the blond one. Michiru ran a hand through the blond's hair while speaking.

"I love you too, Haruka."

The blond, Haruka, smiled and delicately began unbuttoning Michiru's blouse. She leaned her head down and pressed gentle kisses to Michiru's freshly exposed flesh.

After a moment of languid eternity, Haruka pulled the blouse from Michiru and tossed it aside. Her attention was now for the well formed breasts that lay exposed before her.

Haruka raised her hands slowly, her expression one of abject prayer and thankfulness. Her hands made contact with the perfect female flesh before her and her expression went from worship to lust.

Haruka pressed fervent kisses to Michiru's exposed bosom. Her hands squeezed Michiru's perfect breasts, which remained encased within her bra.

Michiru smiled indulgently, a soft flicker of desire firing in her eyes. She ran her fingers through Haruka's hair once more.

"Haruka..." Michiru murmured. Haruka raised her head from Michiru's cleavage. "It would be better if you took off my bra, love."

Haruka blushed, blood rushing to her cheeks. She rolled on her back and pulled Michiru on top of her, then reached around her lover's body. Haruka pressed a kiss to Michiru's mouth as she unfastened the bra and pulled it off.

The smooth expanse of Michiru's back was presented to me, a veritable feast lurking just underneath her skin. I resisted the urge to fly over and drink, intent on seeing the end of this encounter.

The bra had been discarded and Michiru was moaning as Haruka's kisses covered the formerly hidden flesh of Michiru's breasts. Muffled sounds of licking and sucking were almost overcome by Michiru's moans.

Haruka quickly divested Michiru of her skirt and panties, leaving the trim aqua haired beauty nude while Haruka herself remained fully clothed.

Michiru noticed this, however, and ordered Haruka up so she could be stripped.

Michiru unbuttoned Haruka's shirt and pushed it off of Haruka's broad shoulders to drop to the floor. She then pulled Haruka's undershirt, then bra from the tall lanky blond. Michiru then unbuckled Haruka's pants.

Haruka smiled down at Michiru as her pants were removed. She threaded her fingers through Michiru's hair. As Michiru stood after having stripped Haruka, the erotic friction of their exposed skin caused them to groan.

Then Haruka pressed Michiru back onto the bed and leaned over her. She pressed a gentle kiss to Michiru's lips. Haruka slid her hands up over Michiru's sides and over Michiru's breasts.

Michiru let out another soft groan as Haruka squeezed her breasts. She arched up against Haruka and spread her legs. Haruka slid her thigh between Michiru's knees and then allowed her hand to make the delicious journey down over pink skin to Michiru's throbbing and open pussy.

Haruka cupped Michiru's pussy with her hand and squeezed. Michiru made a choked gasping cry that brought a smile to Haruka's face.

Haruka slipped a finger into Michiru. She arched up against Haruka and cried out.

From my position on the windowsill, I could see that Michiru's wetness was creating a wet spot beneath her. Haruka had no problem slipping into Michiru's pussy.

Haruka pushed another finger into Michiru, then another. She slowly began to work them in and out of Michiru's dripping pussy.

Michiru thrust her hips upwards, impaling herself on Haruka's fingers.

Haruka watched Michiru's reactions closely. She wiggled her fingers deep inside Michiru and smiled as Michiru groaned and pushed harder against her hand.

Haruka continued to press her fingers deeply inside her lover. Finally, Michiru dug her nails into Haruka's back, clamped her thighs around Haruka's and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Haruka looked into Michiru's face, rapt with the vision of Michiru's orgasm.

Michiru let loose with a loud scream and Haruka closed her eyes. Michiru spasmed beneath her, lost in the throes of a mind numbing orgasm. Haruka closed her eyes and shuddered, a wave of release from the charged sexual tension overcoming her.

Haruka collapsed halfway on Michiru.

Her back presented such a delectable view that I had to fly down and drink. I landed on her, sunk my proboscis into her flesh and began to drink. Haruka jumped and slapped a hand down on my head. I distantly heard a muffled, "Something just bit my ass!" before my limbs contracted and I died.

I don't mind. I got to drink that aqua vitae that is the blood of a senshi.


Author's Notes:

Thank you to Krista for buying me a book of erotica with an excerpt of "An Autobiography of a Flea." It's very worn out now. ^^
Thank you to the myriad H&M authors who contributed to my love for Haruka and Michiru.
Thank you to Jeni for being a brat.
Thank you Saun for the Pocky ^^
Thank you Cherie for being so damnably cute.
Thank you three cheese canneloni for never returning my calls. --;; Damn ungrateful...I took you out to dinner, the LEAST you could do was give me a morning after call!

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