It's Just One Hand
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Rating: R

Spoilers: None.

Pairing: Haruka/Michiru

Disclaimer: Tenou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru do not belong to me. Takeuchi Naoko owns them, as do quite a few large companies with menacing lawyers. This story is for shits and giggles. No profit is being made. All characters will be put back where I found them when I'm done.


Tenou Haruka paused in lifting the heavy box. When she had thought she heard that sentence emerge from Michiru's mouth, the large box of decorations had nearly slipped from her grasp and fallen upon her head.

With a final shove, the box was tucked back into it's home for eleven months of the year. Rubbing her sweaty hands on her pants, Haruka turned to face her roommate of the last year and a half.

"You want to what?"

Kaiou Michiru watched Haruka steadily. Her expression remained calm and composed, exposing none of her emotions.

"I want to play poker."

Haruka's brow furrowed as she thought furiously of a reason to not play.

"Poker? You have nothing to bet that I'd be interested in." Haruka hoped her offhand refusal would allay Michiru's insistence.

Michiru laughed delicately and leaned in, placing one hand on Haruka's shoulder. Haruka could feel her heartbeat pick up at the contact.

"I know...which is why I want to play strip poker."

Haruka stilled. If she moved, she'd shatter the illusion.

Michiru frowned slightly, concern lighting her eyes as she saw that Haruka was not moving.

"Are you all right, Haruka?"

Haruka jerked backwards, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She cleared her throat and turned to put away the stepladder. "Strip poker, eh?" Haruka grunted slightly as she pushed the stepladder into its accustomed place. She looked over at Michiru, her dark green eyes holding a guarded curiosity. If Michiru was playing with her, Haruka didn't want to seem too eager. Better to let Michiru think she was indulging her... "When'd you want to play?"

If she had less control over herself, Michiru would have leapt for joy. If she had been less of a lady, she would have leapt into Haruka's arms.

As it was, Michiru merely smiled, a mysterious light glinting in the depths of her eyes that scared Haruka for some reason she dare not examine. Haruka swallowed nervously, suddenly not entirely sure this was a good idea.

"We don't have anything to do tonight, do we?" At the shake of Haruka's head, Michiru smiled wider. "Good. Let's play now."

Michiru turned, and was about to make her way towards the kitchen when she was stopped by Haruka's hand on her arm. Turning, she was arrested by Haruka's smoldering gaze.

"We should make sure the playing field is level, shouldn't we? Make sure you have on exactly five articles of clothing."

Color rose in Michiru's cheeks as she nodded.

"Meet me in my room. I have a deck of cards." Almost as an after thought, Haruka added, "My window has curtains. No one will be able to peek in and see you naked on my bed." Haruka grinned disarmingly down at Michiru.

Michiru managed to choke out a reply before dashing into her room, leaving Haruka standing in the hallway with a mysterious smile dancing around her lips.


Haruka paced in her bedroom, carrying on a spirited mental conversation with herself.

I can't believe I agreed to this. Am I insane? Is she? Doesn't she know that I have to fight the urge to touch every inch of her body with my lips every time she smiles at me? Can't she tell that the only reason I haven't kissed her senseless is because I'm so in love with her I can't see straight?

Heh...see straight. Funny, coming from you, oh mighty cherry picker.

Shut up. I do NOT need to hear myself making cracks right now.

Not getting any?

Shut. Up. I am NOT telling you again. I am NOT thinking about sex!

The fact that you're about to play strip poker with the woman you're head over heels in love with means nothing. Nothing at all.

Of course not.

Just checking.

Haruka glared at herself in the mirror, firmly suppressing all thoughts of sex and of her and Michiru naked.

The gentle knock at the door interrupted her miserably failing attempt.

Haruka made it to the door in two steps, having nearly leapt across the room. She tore open the door to show Michiru in what she had been wearing before. The loose dark blue skirt billowed slightly around her thighs. The brief white shirt that barely covered Michiru's stomach was covered by a light jacket that tied in front. The bright red of the jacket contrasted wonderfully with the lightness of Michiru's skin, setting of a fire in the pit of Haruka's stomach.

Haruka held up the deck of cards. 52 slivers of paper that could very well spell her destruction at the hands of sexual frustration.

"You ready to put up or shut up?"

Michiru laughed and swept into the room. Haruka shut the door behind her, seeking to make their time together just a little more private. She turned to find Michiru sitting on her bed, leaning back. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed as she leaned on her arms.

Haruka tried to speak. No words would emerge from her suddenly extremely hungry mouth. That expanse of smooth skin on Michiru's neck was just clamoring for kisses.

Shaking her head free of the images that had just materialized, Haruka stepped forward, clearing her throat.

"You realize, you're going to lose."

Michiru raised her head, looking up at Haruka, her expression shuttered. Deep blue eyes watched Haruka steadily as a sly smile grew on Michiru's features.

"Oh I am, am I? You won't even get down to your boxers?"

Haruka laughed.

"Not a chance, sweetheart. I'm too good at this game." Haruka hoped to whatever gods were listening that she would remember if a full house beat a straight.

"We'll see about that, smug one. Deal the cards."

Haruka raised an eyebrow.

"I take it you want to play on the bed, then?"

Michiru merely smiled demurely. Haruka flushed as she realized what she had said.

"That did NOT come out right."

Michiru laughed and moved, adjusting herself so that her back was to the headboard.

"Come on and join me, Haruka, there's plenty of play."

Was that just me or is she flirting again? She has really got to stop that, it's gonna drive me crazy.

Like it hasn't already?

Haruka didn't dare examine it any further. She sat on the bed, shuffling the cards expertly before dealing out five to each of them.

"Stud?" Michiru looked at Haruka expectantly.

Haruka stared at Michiru, carefully keeping her expression blank.


Oh my god, did she just call me stud?

"Are we playing stud or did you want to take the coward's way and have wild cards?"

Haruka looked down at the cards in her hand, disappointment filling her. Michiru discarded two cards and held out her hand expectantly. A gentle clearing of her throat spurred Haruka into action and word.

"We can play stud," she replied as she handed Michiru her cards. Haruka discarded and drew again. Michiru was smiling slightly as she watched Haruka.

"In that case, I call, stud."

Haruka looked up sharply.

She did call me stud! Well, that time at least.

"Uhh...Two of a kind. Ladies."

Michiru smiled. Haruka didn't like the look of that smile. It was entirely far too calculating and knowing.

Michiru laid out her cards. Haruka watched with dismay as three twos were placed before her. With a groan, Haruka stood and quickly unbuttoned her outer dress shirt. She caught a glimpse of Michiru's rapt expression as she pulled the starched white shirt from her lean body, leaving her torso lovingly encased in her tight white undershirt.

"Your deal, Michiru."

Haruka flopped back onto the bed, pouting slightly. She did not want to lose this game. It might very well be the only time she saw Michiru anywhere near naked.

Five cards were quickly dealt and perused. After they each discarded, Haruka stared at her hand.

Gods, please, oh please let her not have anything better...

"Call." Haruka hoped her voice didn't sound as rough as it felt.

Michiru laid her cards before her, eyes watching Haruka raptly.

"Two pair. Nice." Haruka looked up, meeting Michiru's gaze with a smug smirk. "Not good enough, though." Haruka laid out her cards, displaying three eights and two Jacks. "Full house, baby! Take it off."

Haruka kept her smirk plastered on her face as Michiru stood and untied the loose jacket that tied over her breasts. She swallowed with difficulty as Michiru sat down again. Haruka could see the outline of Michiru's bra underneath the shirt.

Looking down at the cards, Haruka was quickly realizing that this was probably not such a good idea.

Clearing her throat, she quickly shuffled and dealt. The next hand saw Michiru removing her shirt, leaving her in her skirt and lacy bra. Haruka stared, her attention rapt on the lacy design that encased Michiru's breasts.

Michiru was hard pressed to not laugh as she saw the blank stare being directed at her breasts. She leaned forward slightly, increasing Haruka's view of her cleavage.

"It's your call, Haruka."

Haruka stared blankly, trying to kick her mind back into her head and out of her pants. What had they been doing?

Haruka ducked her head and cleared her throat nervously.

"Umm...right." Haruka gathered the cards and shuffled once again. They sat in a tacit silence, the slide of card against card the only sound. Michiru watched as Haruka's nimble fingers danced around the cards, manipulating the paper rectangles in ways that made her wish she was a playing card.

The next hand saw Michiru discarding stupidly. She really should have kept that queen. Then she would have beaten Haruka's pair of sevens.

Standing, Michiru turned to the side and began to unfasten her skirt. her fingers slid over the material delicately, Haruka tried to keep her eyes averted, but found her hungry gaze returning to the spot where Michiru's fingers danced over her smooth skin.

All too soon for Haruka's growing temperature, Michiru's skirt lay draped over her desk chair. Swallowing with difficulty, Haruka returned her attention to the cards, gathering them up quickly. One more hand and she'd see Michiru's bare...


Haruka blinked and stared at the mess of cards in her hands. Nothing.


Michiru smiled broadly and laid her cards down.

"Show me some skin, hot stuff...pair of twos."

Haruka groaned and stood, muttering about the unfairness of having to strip. Michiru watched carefully as Haruka's fingers unfastened her belt and made quick work of her fly. None too soon for Michiru's tastes, a pair of flaming boxers was exposed. Long, firm thighs stretched from the where the flames ended, drawing Michiru's eyes over the lightly tanned skin.

Still muttering about unfair practices, Haruka returned to her spot on the bed, shuffling the cards. Michiru stared openly as she noticed that she was able to just barely peek in the leg of the boxers.

I wonder if she would let me lick it...


Michiru woke from her haze, staring at the hand before her. She nearly laughed as she saw the array of cards before her.


"I doubt that more with each passing day. Pair, nines."

Haruka stood, sighing heavily as she grasped the neck of her shirt and pulled it up over the back of her head. Michiru was granted a view of Haruka's tight abdominals flexing as she pulled the recalcitrant cotton from her head and arms.

"Blasted shirt." Haruka flung it across the room carelessly.

"You keep throwing thing around like that and you'll never find them when you need them."

"Like you're one to talk, with your clothes all over my room. I'm surprised there's not an article of clothing hanging from my ceiling fan."

"I am not messy!"

"You are too!"

Michiru swung a pillow at Haruka, the cards forgotten as she firmly beaned her tormentor over the head. Haruka fell on the floor onto her back, her mind whirling.

"Remind me never to get you angry, Michiru."

Michiru laughed lightly and tossed the pillow on Haruka's stomach.

"Come on, we've got a few hands yet left within us."

Haruka grunted and rose from the floor, scratching the back of her head. Raising her arms, Haruka stretched her slightly stiff back, affording Michiru a tantalizing view of the corded muscles that made up Haruka's body.

Oh, my...

Michiru ducked her head quickly before she could be caught staring.

"Your deal."

Michiru shuffled and dealt, quickly realizing that she had nothing. Discarding with hope, she drew three new cards only to be disappointed. Not even a face card high.

Her nervousness at stripping further must have been obvious. There was no other explanation for why Haruka leaned over and touched her exposed knee gently.

"We don't have to keep stripping. We can play for something else if you want."

Michiru shot a quick smile to Haruka.

"I think that might be a good idea." Her earlier bravado seemed to have fled her as though she was cursed.

"How about favors?"

"Favors? Hmmm..." Michiru eyed Haruka openly, evaluating the open suggestion of her statement. "Sounds good to me. Think you can stand living up to what I'm going to ask of you, loser?"

"Oh yeah? You sound pretty confident, there."

Michiru smiled.


Haruka shrugged and laid her hand down. Jack high. Damn.

"You win."

The words were soft and shot through Haruka like a brisk winter wind.

"What do you want from me?"

Haruka paused, her heart beating loudly in her ears. Her mouth opened and closed a few times before she managed to speak.

Everything. I want everything you could possibly give me, and more.

" about a dance?"

Michiru smiled.

"Think you can control yourself?" Michiru wished she could draw those words back in her mouth. She didn't need to play with fire right now, Haruka was hot enough without any added fuel.

Haruka smirked confidently.

"I'm more concerned about you controlling yourself. You know you can't resist me."

Michiru would have laughed if it wasn't so true.

Instead, she stood and turned to Haruka's CD collection.

"What shall we dance to?"

Haruka stepped just behind Michiru. They could feel the heat of each other's bodies bleeding into the air, seeping into their bones and filling the void they carried.

Reaching around the shorter woman, Haruka pulled a CD from it's place amidst the others. She held it up for inspection.

"Hmmm...nice choice. She has a nice voice."

Haruka laughed.

"Except for the head trip of Emeraude-hime, yeah. I still get wierded out thinking about that voice coming from that woman."

Michiru laughed and moved away, her body temperature approaching critical from the proximity of the temptation that was Haruka.

"So, which song?"

"You'll see."

Haruka slipped the CD into the player and advanced it. Soft music filled the room as Haruka turned and extended a hand to Michiru.

"May I have this dance, my lady?"

Simple and romantic words filled the air as "Shiokaze ni Nosete" continued playing. Michiru placed her hand in Haruka's and allowed herself to be drawn into the embrace that she dreamt of every night.

The soft press of skin against skin nearly caused Haruka to leap. This was positively sinful. Gathering Michiru fully into her embrace, Haruka began to lead them around the room. The subtle shifting of their bodies began to affect their respective libidos from the first touch.

Michiru allowed herself to inhale the subtle scent of Haruka's cologne. Underlying the light and fresh fragrance was the heady musk that Haruka herself produced. Michiru closed her eyes as she allowed herself to sink into the scent that teased her nose.

A gentle vibration under her hand brought a smile to Michiru's face. Haruka was humming along to the song. How adorable!

The final chords faded into the night. Crooning men segued into the next song.

"Ah!" Haruka leapt for the CD player. "Sorry."

Haruka could feel the heat radiating from her face.

"Umm. It's your turn."

Michiru blinked for a moment. Her turn? Oh! The cards!

She gathered the cards and shuffled as she sat once again on the bed. She watched Haruka from under her lashes, hiding her looks with downward gaze.

"Interesting choice of song." Haruka stared at her roommate, trying to find any hint of mockery. Michiru stared back, a slight smile curving her lips. Haruka raised an eyebrow.

"It was either that or Sangatsu no Ame, and I like Shiokaze ni Nosete better."

Michiru's smile widened as the cards began to be dealt.

"I agree." As she studied her cards, Michiru's smile remained. "I have to start deciding what favor I shall ask."

Haruka discarded one card and raised an eyebrow.

"What makes you so sure that you'll win?"

"What makes you so sure I won't?"

Haruka allowed a fleeting smile before returning her concentration to her cards. Three Jacks. Excellent.

"Why don't we raise the bet, then?"

Michiru laughed.

"You enjoy baiting bears, don't you?"

Haruka smirked.


Michiru lowered her head in assent.

"By all means."

Haruka grinned.

"Anything either of us wants, gets, no questions asked, and no repercussions."

Michiru stared at Haruka steadily for a moment. No repercussions?

"And no discussion."

Haruka nodded once.


Michiru smiled.


Haruka laid her cards down. Michiru's smile remained, causing Haruka's heart to pound in her chest.


Haruka stared at the cards displayed on the bed. A full hand of hearts.

Haruka was suddenly pressed backward as the hands she had dreamed of for so many nights pressed her back onto the bed. Her shocked gaze seached Michiru's face for any hint of Michiru's intent.

That intent became clear as a tropical sea when Michiru's soft lips pressed against Haruka's. Barely daring to believe that her dreams were becoming reality, Haruka froze. The softness didn't pull away. In fact, Michiru appeared to be kissing her quite thoroughly.

Deciding she could think about this later, Haruka began to respond to Michiru's skillful ministrations.

Raising her hands to Michiru's waist, Haruka's lips pressed upwards, into Michiru's. Heated skin met Haruka's fingers. Groaning slightly, Haruka slid her arms around Michiru's trim waist, pulling woman of her dreams as close as she could.

Then the lips were gone. Haruka found herself drawing in deep breaths as she opened her eyes to stare up at Michiru.

Michiru stared down at Haruka, her look clouded and inscrutable. Haruka absently noted that she could feel her heartbeat in her groin as her eyes were drawn to Michiru's lips. They had felt so perfect. She had to feel them again.

Haruka slid her hands up Michiru's back and over her shoulders until Haruka's large callused hand was buried in Michiru's free flowing tresses. Her other hand remained pressed flat against Michiru's back, holding the slim woman. She pulled Michiru's head closer, seeking those perfect lips once again.

"More..." The word escaped from Haruka just before their lips met for the second time.

Haruka's could feel the thrum of energy along the length of her body as Michiru shifted above her. Michiru's callused fingertips gently traced over Haruka's sides. Haruka inhaled sharply and then broke away, laughing.

"Stop! Stop!" Haruka flipped Michiru, pinning the smaller woman to the bed. Grinning down at her friend, Haruka tilted her head to the side. Michiru could see the questions forming behind those expressive green eyes and raised a finger to Haruka's lips. Absently she noted that the cards pressed in cold rectangles against her back and legs.

"No questions."

Haruka nodded.

"Just one. Is your favor over?"

Taking a bracing breath, Michiru fortified her heart for the repercussions of her actions.


A slow grin took over Haruka's face.


Before Michiru could form a question, her mouth was reclaimed by Haruka's insistent lips. She moaned slightly as she felt the slick heat of Haruka's tongue flicker against her lower lip.

Her mouth parted slightly and Haruka pressed her tongue forward. They both pressed fully against each other at their mutual first taste.

Haruka's callused palms glided over Michiru's sides, eliciting a small giggle. An evil grin formed as Haruka began to dig her fingers into Michiru's sides, tickling mercilessly.

"Stop! Stop!" Michiru laughed helplessly as Haruka tortured her nerves.

With an affectionate smile, Haruka stopped. Her eyes dark, she gazed down at Michiru.

Michiru inhaled deeply and released a shuddering sigh. The look in Haruka's eyes was causing her a few...problems.

Before Michiru could inquire after the meaning of Haruka's intense gaze, her lips were throughly reclaimed.

Moaning softly, Michiru lost herself in the gentle pressures of Haruka's lips. Her hands wandered without a thought from her, as she was far too wrapped up in the long forbidden tastes and sensations that filled her mouth.

Haruka pulled back slightly, a soft groan escaping from her lips as she felt Michiru's fingers dip slightly under the line of her boxers.

"Too many clothes." Haruka muttered against Michiru's mouth. The clasp of Michiru's bra quickly succumbed to Haruka's questing fingers. The soft cotton was discarded with as much care as the rest of their clothing.

Lips acquainted themselves with each other as hands tugged at clothing, and quiet moans escaped from occupied lips.

Haruka's eyes opened for a moment as she tossed Michiru's panties aside. Her impassioned gaze immediately fell upon the pert and perfect breasts that filled her line of vision.. Dazed and determined, Haruka placed her hands delicately on Michiru's waist. Her palms slid upward slowly, the soft scrape of her touch taxing Michiru's self control.

Just as Michiru felt she must surely explode if Haruka didn't touch her, Haruka's long fingers curled around Michiru's breasts. A long, low sigh slipped unheeded through Michiru's lips as Haruka bit her lip and began the ministrations for which she had long yearned.

"Haruka!" The soft cry was elicited from Michiru as Haruka flicked her thumbs across the stiffness of Michiru's nipples. Craning her neck downwards and pulling Michiru's breasts upwards, Haruka managed to fill her mouth with the only sustenance it craved...the soft, yielding flesh of the woman she loved.

Sucking Michiru's nipple into her mouth, Haruka's hands migrated southward until her hands met with the soft swells at Michiru's lower back. Dropping her hands lower, Haruka filled her hands with the ass that had been haunting her dreams.

"Oh gods...yes!" Michiru's eyes closed as her fingers buried in Haruka's unruly locks. The gentle suction and laving of the tongue that Haruka was employing was going to make her head explode.

Haruka, through the benefit of her long fingers, had accidentally discovered the extent of Michiru's arousal. Breaking her contact with Michiru's nipple, Haruka raised her gaze to the woman who held her heart. Her breath caught as she saw the raw desire in her lover's eyes.

Haruka's finger dipped slightly and forced a shuddered sigh from Michiru as she felt her fingers slip into the wet heat.

"Gods..." Haruka's husky burr nearly sent Michiru's senses over the edge, as did the intense look in her lover's eyes.

"Haruka..." Michiru cupped Haruka's face and smiled gently, her passion transforming her face from smiles to a mask of pleasure in a moment. "Oh gods...Haruka..." Michiru's intense stare captured Haruka wholly as the next words nearly stopped her heart.

"Make me yours." Michiru's back arched and her eyes closed once more as Haruka's fingers discovered a new way of touching.

Reluctantly, Haruka pulled her hand away. Michiru's whimper spoke plainly on her view.

"Shhh...I've got you." Haruka pulled Michiru into an embrace and allowed her hand to trace a path over Michiru's bare hip.

Haruka whispered softly into Michiru's hair.

"I won't let go, baby."

Michiru pressed an impassioned kiss against Haruka's neck. Haruka shuddered slightly and pulled her hand around and down, slipping over her lover's slick mound. Michiru's breath hitched as Haruka traced twin lines on either side of her engorged clitoris.

Intent on her destination, Haruka positioned her body between Michiru's thighs, careful not to directly stimulate Michiru's clitoris. Michiru's whimpers and moans spoke volumes on Haruka's success.

Haruka raised herself up one elbow, watching Michiru's face carefully as her hand was positioned. With a push, Haruka's fingers split Michiru wide, forcing Michiru's fingers to clutch at Haruka's shoulders.

"Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods!" Haruka waited for Michiru to get used to the feeling of being filled by her lover. Leaning down, Haruka pressed her lips to Michiru's feeling the fine tremble that shook her lover's limbs.

Taking a breath, Haruka withdrew carefully before returning to her lover's depths. Curving her fingers slightly, Haruka brushed against the sensitive spots inside Michiru as she angled her hips upward, joining Haruka's movements.

Michiru's breath came in short pants as she gave herself over the feelings Haruka extracted from her. A grunt from above her told her that Haruka was no less affected by this than she.

Raising the lids of her eyes with difficulty, Michiru locked her intense stare on Haruka's face. the rapture written on Haruka's face caused Michiru's heart to leap and another shudder to course through her body. As though she felt Michiru's gaze, Haruka opened her eyes and looked down on her lover.

" feel good."

Michiru smiled and quickly was distracted by the feeling of Haruka's long fingers curving inside her once more.

"Ah! I that, oh gods! Yes! I love you!" Michiru's hands clutched at Haruka's back as she intensified her thrusting.

"" Haruka closed her eyes as the beginning flush of orgasm began to creep over her senses.

"" Michiru gasped out between moans.

"Later." Haruka captured Michiru's mouth once more before she felt Michiru's nails dig into her back, coinciding with the near to crushing sensation around her fingers. One thrust more, then two, and Haruka's frame stiffened as she joined her lover in bliss.

Harsh gasps broke the stillness left behind after thier orgasmic cries.

Haruka's head rested on Michiru's shoulder, her weight distributed between her lover and the bed. Michiru ran her fingers through Haruka's hair slowly, at a pace that could have sent the tall blonde off to sleep.

That is, if Michiru hadn't shifted suddenly and reached under herself to pull out a long since forgotten Queen of Hearts. Seeing the card, Michiru laughed softly.

"What's so funny?" Haruka slurred into her breast.

"Nothing. Are you recovered enough to talk?"

Haruka hummed low in her throat and wiggled her fingers slightly.

"I don't know, are you?"

Michiru inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation. An immediate light smack fell on Haruka's bare shoulder. Haruka pulled her fingers free and laid them on Michiru's stomach.


Haruka raised her head and grinned lazily at the beauty in her bed.


Michiru shook her head and shot a stern look at Haruka.

"I meant behave WELL, you pain!"

Haruka chuckled.

"And here I thought I had."

"Oh you!"

Haruka laughed, the merriment dancing in the vibrant green of her eyes. As her laughter subsided, Michiru smiled hesitantly up at her.

"So..." Michiru took a breath. "What about what we said in the middle"

Haruka looked down into Michiru's worried eyes.

"I think this is the part where we swear it was all a mistake and we'll never talk about it ever again, much less do it?" Haruka raised an eyebrow, waiting for a response from the woman beneath her.


"I never liked doing what I was supposed to do. Why don't we say screw it to all that and just admit that we want each other and like each other?"


"No?" Haruka barely held back the immediate urge to run.

"I don't just like you. I meant what I said. I love you."

Haruka felt those words soothe her heart as a tender smile grew.

"I love you too." The soft whisper and the adoration in Haruka's eyes tweaked at Michiru's emotions, nearly bringing a tear to her cheek.

They met in a kiss imbued with thier love, and pressed against each other once more.

Much later, as Haruka slipped into sleep, her nose buried in the sweet smelling mass of Michiru's hair, she smiled, knowing that the dreams she would have that night would have nothing on her reality.


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