Author's Note: Dashed off in a quick moment of inspiration after going to Pride in San Francisco.

Lovin' embraces ahead. If you are not ---> This tall, you cannot ride. No cheating or cutting in line! In other words, sex between two women, and if it is illegal to read this where you are, move. Then return.

I don't own Haruka and Michiru. Large companies with mucho dinero do. I make no profit off of this.

The Orpheum
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

The low rumble of distant thunder danced along Michiru's nerves. A smile was brought to her face as the first of the riders roared past the Orpheum Theater. The blaring of horns and joyous shouts assaulted her ears.

She leaned back and rested her head on her lover's shoulder.

"What do you think, baby?"

Haruka's low tone coupled with the thundering motorcycles in front of them caused Michiru to shudder. A smile crossed Haruka's face.

"Don't tell me..." Haruka slid her arms around Michiru. The crowd pressed in on them from all sides. All eyes were fixated on the throngs of motorcycles passing in front of them.

Haruka's hand slid under the light material of Michiru's sarong. She pressed her fingers into Michiru's wetness, a smug grin on her features.

"Mmm....what do we have here," Haruka murmured into her love's ear. Her fingers danced over the slick wetness that spread from Michiru.

Michiru tried not to betray the wealth of emotion and feeling that Haruka was arousing within her. Her eyes were slitted, blankly staring at the passing motorcycles and their leather clad riders.

Haruka leaned her head down and softly licked Michiru's neck. She licked up from the tender white flesh of her shoulder to just under her ear. A flash of strong white teeth and Michiru's earlobe was firmly held by Haruka's mouth.

Haruka's index finger snaked its way under the silken material of Michiru's panties. Michiru tried to stifle her groan as Haruka's fingers bumped against her clit as another motorcycle rumbled past.

Haruka's finger began a steady circling of Michiru's clit, timing her movements deliberately to cause the greatest pleasure in the shortest time for her aqua haired lover.

Michiru's gave up and closed her eyes, allowing Haruka to support her. Her body was beginning to spasm as yet another motorcycle roared past, gunning it's engine just as Haruka's ministrations caused Michiru to peak and shudder with her orgasm.

Haruka smiled into Michiru's aqua tresses, feeling the post coital smugness and invincibility that always came when she made her beautiful lover come. She leaned in and murmured into Michiru's ear.

"What did you think of the Dykes on Bikes, honey?"


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