Erm...The Pool Story

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Haruka's eyes were hidden by the dark sunglasses she wore. Her hair was windblown and touseled. In Michiru's opinion, the handsome racer was never more attractive.

So attractive in fact that it took Michiru a few moments to realize that the vision of human perfection before was speaking to her.

"-swimming pool?"

"Excuse me?"

A wry grin crossed Haruka's features. Her eyes were inscrutable behind those dark lenses, and Michiru cursed those lenses for not allowing her to see the depths of Haruka's eyes.

"I said, would you care to use the swimming pool?"

Haruka was rewarded handsomely when Michiru flashed her thousand watt smile directly at Haruka. Haruka's heart skipped a beat. She was thankful she still wore the dark sunglasses. What would Michiru think if she could see the blazing desire that must surely be in Haruka's eyes?

If only these two knew, eh? Ah, but that's where we come in. We can see this delicious byplay and subsequently can fwap them over the head with a mackerel if need be. All mackerel can be found in the lobby. Please be sure to pick up a pair of rubber gloves.

Haruka watched from behind her glasses as Michiru walked away. The look in her hidden eyes was reminiscent of the wolves as Hollywood and Vine. One could expect a howl any moment.

Michiru walked over to the small bath house and changed into the spare suit she kept here at Haruka's apartment. It puzzled her occasionally, as it does us, why they maintained separate residences. It would be much more efficient and not to mention a whole lot more fun, for them and us alike, if they just lived together. Maybe she should talk to Haruka about it. She stripped and put on the one piece suit, adjusting the hem. She smiled wryly to herself. It was time for a new bathing suit. Haruka would hate it.

Michiru walked out of the bath house. Haruka was laying back on the small diving board, as was her wont. She had removed her sunglasses and jacket, and lay in the pants and shirt of the school uniform of Mugen Gakuen.

"Ara, Haruka, why do you not swim?"

Haruka sat up and looked over at Michiru. Her heart leaped to her throat, much as ours did the first time we saw them in their bathing suits, and she nearly fell off the diving board, reminiscent of the way we felt in our seats upon first seeing them reclining poolside.

"Good god, Michiru, can that suit be any smaller? Aren't there any other suits in there?"

Michiru glanced down at herself and flipped her hair over her shoulder carelessly, in a move designed to drive otaku wild with anime induced lust.

"I could have just as easily come out here nude." With that heart-stopping, heart-attack inducing statement, Michiru gracefully backflipped into the pool from a reverse pike. She broke through the water with barely a splash.

Michiru stayed underwater for a moment, allowing Haruka time enough to recover from the coronary she had just experienced at the thought of seeing Michiru nude. She lay back down on the diving board before Michiru resurfaced.

Michiru's head broke the water just in front of the diving board. An idea born of this author's lack of any sleep whatsoever in the last 2 days flitted through her head. A smile graced her features as she drew her arm back and liberally splashed Haruka, making her wetter than she had been.

Haruka sat up, spluttering and coughing. Her white shirt was doused with pool water, rendering it see through where it touched her skin. Since she had sat up, the shirt stuck to her in many many places. All those delightful lucious curves that otaku dream of in their lonely beds were exposed to Michiru's hungry gaze.

It was a good thing that Michiru was experienced at hiding her emotions and at splashing people. If she wasn't, Haruka would have seen the incredibly lustful gaze Michiru had shot her way before dunking herself in the pool. If Haruka had looked at Michiru before she had regained her composure, she would most likely have not noticed Michiru's hungry like the wolf look, being a bit too busy shaking water off like a puppy and shooting Michiru murderous glances. Now, if that made any sense at all...

Haruka shook her head from side to side rapidly, shooting droplets of water all over the place. She was thankful she had such a short haircut, it allowed for quick drying times when she was wet. Not the lemon kind of wet, but the kind of wet that actually involves WATER.

Michiru had calmed down enough from her initial shock and EXTREME pleasure at seeing Haruka in such a compromising position. She was now grinning at Haruka mischieviously, having picked up that talent from her partner.

Haruka glared at Michiru, which caused a rush of heat to flood Michiru.

"You are so dead," was all Haruka said. She began to strip off her soaked shirt and pants. She soon stood on the side of the pool clad only in her boxers and bra. Michiru was treading water in the middle of the pool, smirking at Haruka's presumption. After all, Michiru WAS a WATER senshi and Haruka WASN'T.

Haruka climbed back up on the diving board and glared manfully at Michiru. Without warning, Haruka leaped off the diving board, flying through the air to land next to Michiru in a perfectly executed cannonball.

Now it was Michiru's turn to splutter and shake the water out of her eyes. Haruka surfaced a few feet away, hooting with laughter. Yes, hooting.

Michiru's eyes narrowed as she began to close in on Haruka. All too late, Haruka realized the precariousness of her position. She was in a pool with a water senshi. Not just any water senshi, but a rather upset and vengeful water senshi if appearances were what they...appeared. The effects of lack of sleep, ladies and gents and three headed goblins!

"Umm...Michiru? I let you use my pool, come on, you don't want to hurt me..." Haruka backed up until to her horror, she felt the coldness of the pool wall behind her.

Michiru continued to advance on Haruka, silently.

She stopped just in front of Haruka, treading water. Haruka stood on the floor of the pool. She looked at Michiru warily, her hands up in front of her in a peace gesture.

Michiru hovered in front of Haruka for an interminable moment before ducking under the water and pulling Haruka's boxers to her ankles.

Haruka stood there, completely totally and absolutely shocked and dumbfounded. As we internet otaku know well, she was O.O;;;; (and a few more ;;;;;;;;;; besides) So shocked was she that she stood there dumbly for nearly a full thirty seconds. A thirty seconds that otaku everywhere were excessively grateful for. When her brain began to function once more, her hands covered her "exposed parts" and a blush began to creep over her face and neck until it suffused her entire body. Yes, that's right; she was embarrased enough that her ENTIRE BODY blushed! Even the covered parts.

Michiru was holding onto the opposite side of the pool, laughing uproariously. She had gotten quite an eyeful when pulling Haruka's boxers down, let this author assure you! Seeing the normally unflappable racer blush so completely was priceless.

Haruka was STILL blushing, only now she was scowling. You know, that special Haruka scowl that makes us all go weak in the knees to see it... She was, well, stuck. She couldn't bring up her leg to pull up the boxers - that would expose her more completely. Now while otaku and Michiru might like it, Haruka wouldn't really feel all that comfortable about it. So, she reached one hand down while continuing to cover herself with the other. She managed to pull the boxers up without exposing herself anymore fully to anyone, to which we all, including Michiru, say DAMN-NIT! (and that is pronounced Dahmn-knit. Thank yew.)

"You realize of course, that this means war." Yes, the author has Haruka quoting Bugs Bunny. So what?

"Oh, yeah? Who's gonna fight with you? The Army of the Potomac?" The author realizes that the Army of the Potomac is an American army, specifically an army assembled during the Civil War, aka The War of Northern Agression, including The Brother's War, not to be forgotten, The Great Unpleasantness, et al. Yes, ladies and gents and tg people everywhere, the author used the phrase "et al." STOP THE PRESSES!!

Haruka's eyebrow twitched upward. Otaku everywhere died of the shock as their collective libido's shot into overdrive immediately. Michiru did too. Except her dying was a lot less permenant. She swooned.

For those of you who don't know, swooning happens alot. Especially when you are confronted with such a delectable butch gentleman as Haruka. C'mon there ain't a one of y'all what can dispute my facts. And dammit, she IS a butch! Don't ruin my fantasy!

Haruka, ever the butch gentleman, advanced slowly on Michiru.

"Do you have any last words, Kaiou-san?" Haruka's voice was sweet as she spoke the words, caressing the name. Michiru nearly swooned again.

"Yes, Tenou-san, I have some last words." Michiru swam to Haruka and splashed her in the face. "YOU'RE IT!"

Spluttering, Haruka took off after Michiru. She of course could not catch her, since Michiru was a WATER SENSHI AND IN HER ELEMENT.

Finally, Haruka gave up and climbed out of the pool. She walked to a chair on the side of the pool and sat down heavily, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting. Michiru saw the pout and nearly died. oh how kawaii and kakkoi her Haruka was... Shaking her head, Michiru climbed out of the pool and walked to Haruka.

"Haruka? What's wrong?"

"You're cheating!"

Michiru stared at Haruka for a moment before throwing her head back and laughing. Haruka glared at her for a minute before standing slowly.

Michiru never saw it coming, unlike us.

Haruks swept her up in her arms, pinning her against the broad chest she spent so much time fantasizing about. Haruka carried her to the edge of the pool and threw her in.

Haruka dusted off her hands and walked away. It was time for her to shower.


O.O OMG I cannot believe this tripe actually came from me.

As much as it pains me to admit it, Haruka, Michiru, and Haruka's pool do not belong to me. I want them though...does that count? *sigh* ok ok...they belong to Takeuchi-sama and the other people with money and lawyers. I do not claim to own these people..or rather figments of imagination *sniff sniff* I do not claim any profit from the unadulterated crap I spew out.

All I claim is this migraine that refuses to leave me alone.

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