TG Haruka

This is a trilogy centering around Haruka. Duh.

I am not sure if Haruka is transgendered or not...I do know she's definitely butch, though.

Maybe I'm just using Haruka as a vehicle to figure myself out. Couldn't have picked a better one *wink*

These three pieces hold nothing more beyond my opinion. It is not canon, nor is it widely believed.

All characters and their likenesses and names belong to Takeuchi Naoko, and other large companies and entities with lots of money and big scary lawyers. I own none of them.

"TG" is slang for "transgendered".

All of these are rated a firm PG-13/R for adult content.
TG Haruka, part 1
TG Haruka, part 2
TG Haruka, part 3

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