Haruka's Theory

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Haruka reclined against the back of the couch. Her fingers traced a lazy pattern on Michiru's thigh.

"Do you really think it's possible, love? Could they really be...just like us?" Michiru's voice held an hopeful note that Haruka was only too glad to notice.

"I think so, hon. They certainly show all the signs of it." Haruka ran her hands up Michiru's thighs, her thumbs brushing along the insides.

"And what signs are those?"

Michiru leaned forward into Haruka. Haruka watched through slitted eyes as her lover's dress gaped forward. Michiru's arms slid around Haruka's head. If she raised her head, her face would be firmly planted in her lover's cleavage. Haruka smiled as she enjoyed the view her lover offered.

"Mmmm...what was that?"

Michiru smiled smugly, knowing exactly what Haruka was thinking of. She ran her fingers through her lover's short locks and repeated her question.

"What signs of lesbianism do Rei, Usagi, Minako, Makoto and Ami show?" Michiru shifted her weight on Haruka's strong thighs, making her unbound breasts sway in front of her now grinning lover's face.

"Delightful...of all of them, Makoto and Usagi are the only ones who have had a boyfriend...and Usagi only has him because she believes they are destined." Haruka was rewarded with another shifting of position and more swaying. Grinning, she continued. "Ami is a picture perfect model for an introverted lipstick lesbian. Makoto just has "dyke on a bike" written all over her, despite the whole perfect cook and wife thing. Or maybe because of. Minako brings new meaning to the term "the lady doth protest too much." Michiru chuckled, allowing Haruka a rather delicious peek at a nipple. Her mouth watered as she thought about wrapping her lips around it. "Rei and Usagi...if I ever see another "tongue war" I'm going to push their heads together and REALLY let their tongues battle it out."

Michiru pulled back, cutting of Haruka's view down her dress. Haruka frowned as her "treat" was taken away. The frown was quickly replaced with another grin as she saw why her lover had pulled back.

Michiru leaned back, away from Haruka, and began to undo the fastenings on her dress. Slowly, deliberately, her fingers loosened the buttons. Finally the dress was peeled away from the creamy expanse of skin it had hugged only a moment before. Haruka's gaze hungrily took in the pert breasts before her.

"I think you've convinced me. Now what does my little detective want for payment?" Michiru ran her hands up from her waist, where the dress was bunched, to her breasts, pausing to give them a squeeze. Haruka watched, her gaze intensifying as she followed the path of Michiru's hands with her eyes. Her hands tightened on Michiru's thighs as she watched her beautiful lover caress her own breasts.

Her breath flew out of her lungs.

"Gods, Michiru...you are the most exquisite creature in the universe."

Michiru smiled and cupped Haruka's face.

"What I am, is yours, my love." She leaned down and gave her racer a deep kiss. Haruka moaned into her mouth. Her hands slid up Michiru's thighs, glided over her waist and stomach, coming to rest on her breasts.

Now it was Michiru's turn to moan as Haruka squeezed gently. Her hands were strong and sure; their gentle touch on Michiru's breasts caused the violinist to shudder with pleasure in her lover's arms.

Michiru broke the kiss and threw her head back, relishing the sensations of Haruka's hands on her sensitive flesh. Haruka's eyes were hooded, fixated on her hands working over her lover's breasts. She leaned forward and nipped at Haruka's earlobe with her teeth, tugging it slightly and elitciting a moan.

"You are magnificent, and I want to see you naked." Michiru whispered into Haruka's ear. She recieved a grunt in reply.

Michiru chuckled. "I love how you're so eloquent." She leaned back once more and began to unbutton Haruka's shirt. Michiru tugged the shirt up, out of her lover's pants, and finished unbuttoning it. She held her breath as she spread the shirt open and beheld Haruka's breasts before her, for once unfettered in any way. She ran her fingers over them lightly. Haruka responded by shuddering and squeezing Michiru's breasts slightly.

"You are beautiful, my love." Haruka looked up at Michiru, her eyes heavy and dark with a raging desire that was barely held in check. Michiru's breath caught in her throat as she saw the look in her lover's eyes.

"No more than you, my siren." Haruka's voice was deep with desire and emotion. She pulled Michiru to her as she leaned forward for a kiss.

Michiru gave herself completely to Haruka. Their desire raged out of control, fed by the growing sensation of skin on skin.

Michiru's hands tore at Haruka's belt and pants. Haruka's strong hands made short work of the dress Michiru had been wearing, throwing it to one side, a tattered peice of cloth no longer able to be worn. Michiru pushed and pulled her lover until she lay on her back on the couch. Together, without breaking their kiss, they divested Haruka of her pants, shoving them down to the end of the couch with their feet. Their hands now roamed over naked skin freely as they began to grind into each other.

They finally broke thier kiss to moan into each other's mouth as their mounds made contact. They ground into each other, seeking release. Their legs were scissored together as they began to climb the mount.

They strained together until they reached the pinnacle of desire, crying out as they came together one last time and found thier own piece of heaven.

Thier breathing calmed and slowed. Michiru rested on Haruka's chest, her head pillowed on Haruka's shoulder. She smiled as she listened to her lover's steady heartbeat.

"Remind me to come up with more theories, if I'm going to be rewarded like this each time." Michiru laughed softly into Haruka's shoulder and adjusted her arms, wrapping them around her lover. Haruka reached up and pulled the blanket on the back of the couch over them before wrapping her own arms around Michiru.

They fell asleep there, on the couch, wrapped in each others arms.

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