Absolute Destiny: Television
by Haruka Spork Tenou

"Zettai unmei Mokushiroku!"

"Yare, yare, does the TV have to be QUITE so loud?"

"Xerox;not just a copier."

"Why, Haruka, you don't mean to tell me you don't like me flipping channels?"

"Vaginal dryness is a problem all women must face occassionally."

"Usually I would say to just leave it here, but...CHANGE IT, CHANGE IT!!!"

Trying to keep the remote out of her lover's reach, Michiru pulled out her trump card: tickling.

"S-stop! Require...air!" Quivering with laughter, Haruka begged for Michiru to cease. "Please, Michiru!"

"Oh, so the big bad flirt wants mercy? Never!" Michiru launched into a fit of giggles asshe watched her lover's socked feet scamper away.

"Love, your backside is adorable, but do I really need to know that Scooby Doo's tongue is where mine should be?"

"Kuso!" Jerking around and plopping on her behind, Haruka covered up the large cartoon dog that decorated her boxers. "I really don't need to be hearing that."

"Haruka, have I mentioned how adorable you are when you blush?"

Gratified, if embarrassed, by the compliment, Haruka managed to stammer a reply.

"Fine, then, make fun of me."

Ever one to capitalize on a "Haruka pout", Michiru climbed into her lover's lap and kissed her soundly.

"Demo," Haruka tried to say. Cut off by Michiru's mouth, Haruka happily submitted to her lover's attentions.

"Break free of the homosexual curse," the TV announced proudly.

"A-ano ne..." they stammered in unison, staring at the TV.

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