Title: Comfort

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Kim/Shego

Description: Taking comfort in her touch.

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Author's Note: I wanted to.


It throbs in my hand, hot and silently begging. I can't believe I am about to do this.

Looking up into apprehensive eyes, I lean forward and flick my tongue over the tip. Above me, Shego groans, her hands twitching. Does she want to bury her hands in my hair, forcing me to take all of her into me at once?

As I lean forward to engulf the head of her trembling hardness into my mouth, I am struck by the surreality of the situation.

I'd never thought I'd be about to lose my virginity to a woman, much less to Shego. If it wasn't for her, would everything have turned out for the worse?

I look up from under my eyelashes to see her watching me avidly.

It doesn't matter. It turned out like this, with me here, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm glad she's here, with me, and I get to be the first to have her.

"D-don't stop."

The bare plea in her voice makes me close my eyes against the sudden desire to cry. She rests securely in my mouth, stretched widely around her. She shifts on her feet, awkwardly wishing for more. I can see the tension lining her frame and I pull back until my lips release her. I am all over her in the next breath, dropping wet kisses and gentle licks to her hardness. I reach up and hold her steady with one hand, the heat of her almost burning my fingers.

I need her so badly it scares me. After everything we'd been through, it shouldn't have. People have done this over less.

Well, people maybe, but not me. As I shift to take her in my mouth again, I can feel my readiness. I bite my lip and stifle the groan.

Before I can think about it, I drop a kiss on the head and extend my tongue to lick a delicate circle. She moans deeply and jerks backwards.

"Please!" She drops to her knees before me, her hands gripping my naked shoulders. "I need you." Desperation intensifies her voice and I nod mutely. I need her too, I am not about to lie to myself or her.

Awkwardly, hesistantly, she reaches a hand down my body, her fingers rendering my heated skin hypersensitive. I won't be able to take much teasing.

I guess almost getting killed really does trigger the procreative response.

I gasp, falling back on my elbows as her finger slips in where only I have touched before. She traces a delicate path over the tiny bundle of nerves that begs for her touch and I groan deeply, spreading myself for her touch.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to...oh, God."

She grins down at me, her touch light and teasing as it slips over me. "Going to what?"

I arch my hips into her touch, ignoring her verbal tease. "Oh, God, please..." I reach up, latching onto her head and pulling her down for a heated kiss. I can't get enough of her lips. I groan against her when she pulls her finger away.

She shifts between my thighs, her hips brushing against the sensitized skin. I shiver, anticipation dancing along my nerves, heightening the nervous sensation that fills me.

She pulls away from our kiss, watching me with gentle, nervous eyes. "Ready?"

I bite my lip and wrap my arms around her neck as I nod. I feel her nudge against me and close my eyes as a shudder of arousal shoots through me. Sweet mother of God, I need her.

Achingly slowly, she slides into me, stretching me slowly and allowing me to adjust to the delicious sensation of my lover buried within me. I shudder as she keeps pushing into me. Dear God, she is so deep...

I moan, pulling her down for another kiss. I plunder her mouth with a hunger I hadn't realized I was capable of. She trembles above me, her breasts brushing against mine.

I break from our kiss and bury my face where neck meets shoulder, biting my lip to prevent myself from crying out. The connection I feel to her now goes deeper than what we'd shared before. Its as though our souls are touching, melding, binding us together as she slides into where none has gone before. I am desperate for her, wanting more and yet not wanting this to end.

After a sweet eternity, she is pressed fully into me, her hips flush against my own. I arch into her, my body unable to remain still. I need her.

My eyes roll into my head as she pulls from me, as slowly as she'd pushed in. She's scraping against me, tight and pulsing around her, and I bite my lip, hard. It's going to be bruised tomorrow, with as much as I'm abusing it.

A gentle touch on my cheek pulls my gaze to her. She's hovering over me, a nervous smile on her well kissed mouth. I wrap my legs around her and pull her back into me. Surprised by the sudden movement, she falls onto me, moaning low into my ear. I shiver and squeeze, making her moan again, a whimper edging into her voice. The power I have over her...

Her hips adjust between my thighs and the bolt of sensation has me grasping at her shoulders.

Shit, the power she has over me.

Slowly, gently, she moves within me. I'm holding onto her, hands, skin, touching everywhere I can. I need to feel more of her, I want to know what every bit of her feels like.

She's driving me crazy with varied pacing, not letting me get into a rhythm. I'm wild underneath her, grabbing, caressing, pulling, biting. She's awakened a beast within me and it needs her to be appeased. She's there with me, hands, mouth, sensation driving me out of my mind. I'm pulling her into me, she's holding me against her, we can't hold off for long.

She makes me into an animal and I love it.

She makes me feel loved. Wanted.

I kiss her with desperation, need pooling between us, hot and wet. Each thrust she makes into me is enough to make me groan against her. I'm almost there. I think I say something like that. I can't tell, I'm too wrapped up in the sweat slicked taste of her skin.

She holds me as I can't hold back any more and give in to her, my body trembling in her embrace. Sweet mother of God, this is good enough to make me forget who I am. She's drawing it out, my pleasure, pulling it from the depths of my soul and marking me as hers.

Dimly, I recognize the shudder above me and I hold onto her with my last bit of strength, letting her pleasure spend in me, on me, I don't care so long as its her.

As she held me, I hold her, comforting, loving, and I can't halp but feel absolute contentment in the world.

Spent, she collapses on me. Sweat cools on our skin, it's slick stickiness holding us together.

My fingers trace absent designs on her back. Her head is buried in my hair, and I feel the first shudder of her tears. I close my eyes, the events leading to this washing over me in a sudden surge of memory.

Clinging to each other, we cry, cleansing ourselves of the acrid bitterness that still hovers over us. Comfort will be in short supply for a long time, but together, we can take what little solace our bodies provide, until we are whole again. Then...then I can tell her I love her.

Content with that, I snuggle against her and go to sleep.