by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Rating: NC-17/H

Disclaimer: All sex contained within is between consenting adults. If you do not know what "squicked" means, or the hanky code, you probably shouldn't read this.


I can't stand the wait any longer, Daddy. You said you'd be here at seven, but I don't know what time it is, I don't know how long you've been gone. If I have to wait any longer I think I'll die. I know you just left but it's too hard.

He whimpered as he pulled against the ropes that held him firmly to the bed. At least Daddy had left him laying down. Last time, Daddy had left him hanging from the ceiling. Granted, then Daddy had come back and thoroughly fucked him senseless, but still...

"Stop your whining, boy."

He froze as the sharp crack of his Daddy's voice whipped across his senses. He fervently wished Daddy hadn't blindfolded him this time. He really wished he could see his Daddy's long, hard cock, ready to take him farther than he ever went with anyone else.

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

Daddy grunted. He could hear the soft slap of Daddy's hand sliding over his hard cock, preparing it to enter his boy.

A low moan emerged from his lips as the thought of his Daddy's cock opening him, forcing him to take all of his Daddy's cock.

"You want it, boy?"

"Yes, sir..." he panted, remaining still. He knew if he moved, he wouldn't get Daddy's cock. He'd get Daddy's belt.

"Tell me, boy!" Daddy's growl lit a fire in his crotch. He needed his Daddy's cock.

"I want it, Daddy," he whispered. "Please put your cock in your boy."

He could hear the smile in his Daddy's voice.

He felt his legs being untied. He kept them spread, ready for his Daddy. He could feel how ready he was, aching for his Daddy's cock. A whimper nearly escaped his lips as the rough texture of his Daddy's fingers traced over his inner thigh.

"Have you earned it?"

He nearly sobbed. He knew he needed it as surely as he needed his next breath, but had he earned it?

"No, Daddy." The anguish in his voice was heartfelt, the truth torn from his throat.

"Mmmmm..." Daddy was running his large callused hands over his hips. He could feel the warm poke of his Daddy's cock against his thigh. his breath caught. What was his Daddy doing?

"You're honest, boy. I suppose that deserves some sort of reward."

With that, his Daddy nudged his cock against his pussy, ready to take his boy to heights unknown.

"Thank you, Daddy, oh please, Daddy, thank you Daddy!" The words came in a rushed breath as he was opened and his Daddy's cock slid home. A long ragged grown emerged from his lips as he felt his Daddy's cock buried deep inside him once more.

"You're going to take it and you're going to come for me, aren't you, boy?" Daddy's growl was low in and in his ear. The menace was clear. He shivered and nodded, his hips grinding against his Daddy.

"Yes, Daddy."

His muscles quivered as his Daddy began pounding mercilessly into him, opening him wide for his Daddy's intrusion. With each deep stroke, he stepped closer and closer, whimpering with each withdrawal.

Words spilled from his mouth without heed, pleas begging his Daddy to let him come.

His head was jerked back suddenly, his Daddy's warm hand on his forehead.

"Come for me. Now."

His body shivered at the mere sound of his Daddy's order, allowing the boy to come as his Daddy kept thrusting into him. It was his Daddy, and he loved him.

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