A Long Day at the Keyboard

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

I leaned back in my seat and cracked my neck and back. Goddess....6 straight hours and I was no closer to figuring out what was wrong with this stupid computer. Damn Windows interfacing...

Sighing, took the keyboard back into my lap and began typing again. I focused on the screen, the world around me phasing out slowly. That was why I didn't hear the soft footsteps coming up behind me.

At first, I didn't register the touch on my shoulders, the gentle kneading of my tired and sore shoulders. My fingers kept tapping away on the keys at a lightning fast speed, cranking out code and more code. Finally, something in my brain clicked and kicked me hard. ::Hey stupid! YOU'RE BEING TOUCHED! WAKE UP!::

I leaned back in my chair, taking my hands off the keyboard, closing my aching eyes. The hands kept working on my shoulders firmly but gently, kneading out all my tension.

"Ohhhh......Robbie...I can't get any work done when you do that...." The hands stopped. I felt hot breath near my ear. A soft whisper filled my head, speaking words that made my heart skip a beat.

"I know...that's the point."

Groaning, I gave into her. I can never deny her, especially not when she rubs my shoulders when I'm at the computer. My Robbie knows just how to drive me absolutely mad with lust and she uses her knowledge unmercifully.

"Come on, Casey..." She pulled me up from the chair I had been sitting in for far too long. I pressed up against her, my focus easliy having slid from frustrating code to pleasuring my Robbie the instant I had realized I was being touched by her.

I leaned down into her and kissed her, gently. Our lips pressed together almost chastely. My hands caressed her back and pulled her into me. I broke the soft kiss and smiled down into her eyes.

"I love you, Robbie."

She smiled back up at me, her eyes shining and happy.

"I love you too, Casey."

I leaned down and quicky swept her up off her feet and into my arms. She giggled girlishly at my romantic gesture. I grinned rakishly at her and carried her to our bedroom.

I laid her gently on the bed and kissed her again, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She purred low in her throat and slid her hand behind my head, anchoring our mouths together.

My hand moved of it's own volition over her stomach and up to her breasts. I held her breast in my hand for a moment, cupping it, before massaging it gently. She moaned into my mouth and clutched the short hair at the back of my head.

We separated momentarily as I pulled her shirt over her head. She lay back down on the bed as I threw her shirt to one side, to be forgotten until tomorrow.

"Goddess, Robbie...You are the most beautiful woman in the world..." I breathed out, professing my humble worship of her exquisite body.

Before she could reply, I leaned over and tore her bra off, the material ripping in my hands. Robbie giggled as I blushed.

"That makes it four bras you have to buy me now..." To stop her from remembering how many pairs of panties I need to buy her, I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking it and running my tongue over the tip.

Her hands held my head securely to her breast. My hands quickly got rid of her skirt and panties, the panties she had been wearing added to the list of destroyed ones.

My fingers dipped into her wetness. I shuddered as her dripping heat met my inquisitive touch. Knowing I made her feel that way nearly made me orgasm right there.

I pushed two fingers into her, slowly. She moaned again and raked her nails on the back of my neck. "CASEY!" She yelled as I began to pump my fingers in and out of her. I kissed and sucked a path down until I could take her beautiful clit into my mouth and suck it. I ran my tongue over it, licking it up and down as she began to thrash on the bed.

My fingers still plunged into her repeatedly as I teased her clit.

With a final yell to the skies and a strong hand pushing my head in deeper, Robbie came with a sweet flood of fluid reaching my tongue and fingers.

I licked her clean, soothing her with my tongue.

"Ooohhhh....Caseeeey..." I shuddered and closed my eyes to control the sudden upsurge of passion I felt. I love to hear my Robbie say my name just after I make her come.

I pulled myself up and to her side, laying with my arm over her waist, on my side. I watched her face, as she relaxed and calmed from the orgasm I had given her. Her face was a perfect study of beauty. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open to allow her to pant, her cheeks flushed...she had the look of a woman well satisfied.

When she had calmed down enough to think again, she turned her head and looked me in the eye.

"Now, my dear Casey, it's MY TURN." Robbie growled the last part at me, much like I tend to do to her. She flipped me onto my back and proceeded to turn me into a quivering mass of pure id, all focused on her.

We made love all night and into the next day. I returned to my computer finally, and saw the piece of the puzzle I had been missing. Within two hours of leaving Robbie on the bed alseep, I was back in there, ready to celebrate my completion of the code.

That was the most memorable time that Robbie has interrupted my work.

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