I wrote this one sexually frustrated night awhile ago. Safe, Sane and Consensual! Bondage, anal, butch cock(strap on dildo), domination/submission, lil bit of sado-masochism. Little insight as to the workings of a Master's mind as s/he takes the slave. After all, it's all in the mindfuck.

By Lex 'Spork' Tenou

I pulled her head back, yanking on her hair roughly. The smooth, marred column of her throat lay exposed to me, her mouth forced open by the position I was forcing her into.

I growled at her.

"You're mine." My eyes blazed down at her as she struggled briefly under me. My ties were strong. She had no choice.

"Say it."

Her mouth worked for a moment and she swallowed. A broken whisper escaped her lips.

"I'm yours."

I sneered down at her, at her pain. At her submission. At everything she stood for.

I yanked on her hair, showing her I controlled her. I am her Master.

"Tell me you love me."

She gasped and arched up against me, aching to feel my lips crushing against hers. I teased her as I had been for so long...as she was teasing me. I pressed into her slightly with my cock, reminding her of it's presence. I tugged on her hair again, making her gasp.

My fingers slid out of her hair, over her cheek, touching over the marks I had put on her jaw, finally wrapping around the marred smoothness of her neck.

I would tolerate no disobedience, however small.

My hand tightened around her throat as I snarled down at her, pressing against her, making her feel my power.

"Tell me you love me." Each word was drawn out in a low, meaningful snarl that made her shiver.

"I love you, Master."

I sneered down at her, laughing, pleased. My pleasure disgusted me. I needed to make her hate me. To look at me with anything but the love that was constantly in her eyes. I pulled my cock away from her cunt and moved it down to her ass. I pushed it past the tight ring of her ass.

I groaned into her throat as the tightness of her ass drew me in and seduced me. I slid into her hip-deep.

I fucked her long and hard, my hard dicking wringing cries from her throat. Cries of mingled agony and ecstasy, her body and mind forcing her to feel both, her pleasure enhanced by the pain.

I reached my hand down between us after I came. I played with her pussy, rolling my fingers in the wetness. I slid my fingers up and down her slit, loving the feel of her lubrication on my fingers. I moved my fingers up to her clit and played with it as my cock fucked her ass steadily.

She moaned, her arms straining against the bindings. I pinched her clit, wanting her to either come or be brought down from her euphoric come induced high.

She stiffened and screamed as I pushed my cock into her again, my fingers clamped down on her clit, letting loose a little before pinching down harder and making her come so hard she passed out.

I smiled and withdrew my cock. I wiped it off, then added some more lubricant. I knelt between her thighs again and speared her pussy, long cocking her.

I knew she was awake again when she started moaning. It started off slowly, low, almost inaudible. Then she began to grow in volume as she realized my cock was buried in her and pistoning in and out with an almost frenzied speed. I was pushing myself to the limits. My cock rammed into her pussy repeatedly and I was in a near frenzy from wanting to come. I lay full length on her and ground against her. My head was buried in her shoulder.

She turned her head and nuzzled me, kissing my cheek softly.

I threw my head back and came, roaring to the ceiling. I locked my elbows and for a blessed eternity, I was lost. When I returned to earth, I had collapsed and lay on her. My cock still lay buried in her.

Tiredly, I reached up and cut the bindings loose, glancing up to make sure I wouldn't inadvertently cut her. I dropped my head back down into her shoulder, panting heavily. Her arms came around me...nestled me....healed me. That is why I must love her. Because she cannot hate me, no matter what dark secrets I have buried, no matter what I do when I am her Master.

She loves me unconditionally.

And I love her.


Requests for dominance, advice, protests and all other forms of address are to be directed into this convenient little box.

Mitch smiled, leaned hys head back against the back of the couch and let out a shuddering sigh. Sarah would be recovering soon, and he needed to be ready. After all, Sarah would be wanting to make love to hym in a minute.


Ok, so it seems kinda quick and not well supported, but what do you expect, it's a PWP based off a long time fantasy, not something in the running for the Pulitzer Prize! You know where to send mail.

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