This story is about a cheerleader, excuse me, a POM and her butch.

A butch is a masculine woman, most often one who is exclusively interested in women. There are a lot of butches who are masculine in dress, action and speech. Mitch is one of them.

Inspired by a high school crush.

A Cheerleader, Excuse Me, a Pom, and Her Butch

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Mitch watched as Sarah ran through her routine once more. The tendons and muscles bunched and spread under the form fitting bodysuit in a rhythmic cadence that caused the blood to drum in Mitch's ears. She knew that Sarah had no idea of the delicious torture she caused each time she bent over and showed her ass in just that way...or how the way she would tilt her head to one side would cause Mitch's heart to leap and jump in her chest.

Sarah didn't know.

So Sarah asked Mitch to watch her run through her routines, to tell her when she messed up, if she looked alright.

She didn't know that Mitch lay awake each night, dreaming of holding her after having made love to her. She didn't know that Mitch was insanely jealous of all the guys who could ogle her openly, could ask her out, could do everything Mitch wanted to do.

She didn't know, Mitch brooded to herself.

"Mi-itch! You're not paying attention!" SMACK! Sarah connected a solid right hook directly onto Mitch's left arm, effectively knocking Mitch out of her reverie.

Mitch rubbed her arm and immediately had a contrite pout.

"I'm sorry, Sarah, I didn't mean to-" Mitch forgot what she was saying when she looked up into Sarah's eyes and saw the blood glint. Mitch knew she was in major trouble. "Ummm....please don't hurt me?"

Sarah glared down at Mitch on the couch, her hands on her cocked hips and a charmingly cute angrily determined expression on her features.

"I have a tryout for the varsity squad NEXT FRICKIN' WEEK!" Sarah yelled. "Do you think you can keep your mind off of whoever you're crushing on for TWO DAMN MINUTES and watch my routine!" Sarah had herself worked up into a fine lather. By the end of her short tirade, she was waving her hands around and leaning into Mitch's face. Her emotions were so volatile, all she needed was a slight push and everything would erupt like she so desperately needed them to.

Mitch grabbed Sarah, and dragged her into her lap, hugging her tightly so she could break down and cry.

Sarah clutched at Mitch's neck, the tears flowing freely as soon as Mitch held her in her strong embrace.

"I am so stressed...I want to make the squad so badly, Mitch...I don't know if I'm good enough..."

Mitch held her and ran her hand over her hair.

"'s ok....I know you're the best damn cheerleader I've ever seen, even if by some miracle you don't make the squad."

Sarah smiled into Mitch's collar and smacked her arm lightly.


Mitch smiled into Sarah's hair.

"Yeah, pom."

They sat there on the couch, Sarah nestled on Mitch's lap. Sarah and Mitch each relished the calm security they found in each other's arms, not daring to tell each other, or even themselves how much it truly meant to them.

After her initial bout of crying, Sarah rested her head on Mitch's shoulder and played with her shirt collar and the first button on her shirt. Her other arm rested behind Mitch's neck, propping it up. Her right hand curled into the curve of Mitch's neck, allowing Sarah to play with Mitch's ear as well.

Having Sarah play with her as she was, Mitch felt decidedly aroused and no little amount of discomfort. Sarah was a good friend, Mitch did not want her to think that she was anything like the men she knew. Mitch was better than that, she could control herself. At least that's what she kept repeating in his brain so that her hand wouldn't travel the few inches up Sarah's leg...into the skirt...into places Mitch should really NOT be thinking of.

Mitch cleared her throat uncomfortably.

"Umm...Sarah? Are you okay now?" Sarah snuggled up closer to Mitch's neck. Mitch swallowed and tried not to shake too much.

"Yes, thank you, sweetie. I feel a lot better now."

Mitch took a deep fortifying breath and pushed Sarah firmly away so she could look into her eyes and regain some measure of control when she saw the lack of desire in them. Unfortunately, Mitch saw exactly what she was hoping not to see...Sarah relaxed, comfortable, and looking at her with those beautiful trusting blue eyes. Mitch's jaw clenched and she tried to not lose what little control she retained.

"Why don't you show me the routine again?" Mitch's voice was deeper than usual, husky. It sent shivers down Sarah's spine and caused an immediate reaction down below.

Sarah quickly jumped off Mitch's lap before she could feel the excitement that was building in Sarah.

"Right! Let me put the cd back on the right track."

Mitch grinned wryly.

"Uhh, Sarah?" She held up the remote for her to see. "I've got it." Sarah blushed prettily and looked away. Mitch, grinning, pressed play.

"Step inside girl, walk this way, you and me babe, hey hey!" Guitar riffs and pounding drums filled the air as Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" blasted out of the speakers.

Mitch's hot gaze didn't leave Sarah's figure as she bent over and kicked high, did the splits, Mitch's burning eyes saw it all. She didn't look at anything else in the room. She couldn't.

Sarah bent over and grabbed her knees, bouncing a bit to the music. She stood and walked forward, almost to Mitch, crossing one foot over the other. Just as she was about to reach Mitch, she turned away placing one hand on her hip. Over her shoulder, she gave an exaggerated wink to Mitch that sent her heart on a thunderous staccato beat.

Mitch's heart beat in time with the drums as the sexily seductive routine drew to a close and she finished with a flourish, her hand on her hip and her knee cocked out.

Mitch let out a slow breath, trying not to sound like she had just recieved another one-two punch to her midsection.

"That-" Mitch was forced to clear her throat. Once again, she was excessively grateful that she didn't have a dick to cause her embarrassment at moments like this. "That was better than the first time. You just keep getting better and better, babe."

Sarah squealed, which caused Mitch to flinch, and launched herself into her lap, pressing kisses all over her face.

"Whoa!" Mitch had obviously said the right thing.

Sarah had noticed how Mitch was looking at her. Those eyes of her couldn't hide anything. Sarah had known for a long time that Mitch wasn't quite straight. Hell, since that one night stand that had confirmed it, Sarah knew she wasn't exactly the straightest of people either. She had always known that she was in love with Mitch. The only reason she had HAD the one nighter in the first place was that the chick had looked exceedingly like Mitch to her alcohol soaked brain.

This knowledge was the only thing that didn't cause her to freak out when her lips accidentally made contact with Mitch's. That, and the fact that she was sick and tired of denying that she wanted Mitch.

They both froze. Sarah's arms were wrapped tightly around Mitch's neck, and Mitch's arms had circled themselves around Sarah's waist. Mitch didn't dare move a muscle. Her goddess was on her lap, kissing her. It was a dream that she wanted to have continue for as long as possible.

Sarah's brain ceased all function in the instant her lips touched Mitch's. They were so soft and so firm...Sarah wanted more. In that instant, she made the decision to have Mitch. She began to actually kiss Mitch in earnest. Her lips pressed against her, caressing her in a soft dancing rhythm. Mitch pressed back against Sarah for a bare second before pulling back abruptly.

"What-" Mitch had to clear her throat again. "What are you doing?" Her question was whisper soft and so husky it was a mere rumble.

"I would have thought that was obvious." Sarah leaned in to kiss Mitch again, but Mitch avoided her questing lips.

"Why?" Mitch just wouldn't give up with those questions. Sarah sighed mentally and prepared her words carefully.

"I love you."

"I love you too, but that still doesn't explain why you kissed me."

Neither had moved an inch to change their positions.

"Doesn't it?" Sarah looked steadily at Mitch. She could see Mitch swallow convulsively.

"You mean..." Sarah nodded.

"Just like you are." Mitch flinched but didn't deny it.

"Are you sure?" Mitch knew exactly what Sarah wanted, but did NOT want to take advantage of her, didn't even want a sniff of suspicion that she was taking advantage of her. "I mean, REALLY sure?"

"Mitch...Look at me." Mitch looked up into Sarah's eyes. She saw in the depths her desire and her love. She wanted to believe... "I love you. I want you. I want to be with you. Does that sound like someone who doesn't know what they want?"

Hope beat strongly in her chest as a smile quirked one side of her mouth.

"No you sound like you pretty much have it figured out."

"Good." Sarah's eyes positively blazed down at her. "Kiss me."

"You're sure?" Now Mitch was being difficult and they both knew it.

Sarah let out an exasperated sound and grabbed Mitch by the ears, forcing her head into position to plant a huge kiss on her. Sarah pulled back almost as soon as she had started the kiss.

"Kiss me."

Mitch, subdued by her own libido, complied. She leaned forward, pressing on her back slightly, to bring thier heads together. Their lips met once more, this time for real. Her lips caressed Sarah's for a moment before she slid her tongue out and delicately licked her lower lip. Sarah shuddered in her lap, her tongue following Mitch's tounge back into her mouth.

They moaned into each other's mouth as their tongues made first contact. Their mouths glued together as they slid together.

Mitch finally allowed her hand to do what it had wanted to do before and slid it slowly up the outside of Sarah's leg. It slid under her short skirt, and a scant moment later, met with the soft cotton of the panty like under garment the uniform came with. Mitch's finger slid under the edge, teasing Sarah's nerves and causing another moan.

Mitch moved her hand, sliding it over her butt and pulling her even closer, until her breasts were crushed against Mitch's chest and her butt and hip pressed squarely into Mitch's crotch. Sarah's hand moved downward until it rested atop Mitch's chest. She squeezed and caused a flexing of Mitch's hand on her butt and a deepening and intensifying of the kiss they shared.

Mitch's other hand slithered between them and embraced the weight of Sarah's right breast in it's palm.

Mitch couldn't take it any longer and her fingers slipped to the back of her uniform, sliding the zipper down with a loud rasping in the still room.

Outside, the sun was beginning to set, heralding the end of the day. This was less than heeded by the two on the couch in the living room.

Mitch finally broke the kiss to look upon the treasures her hands were revealing under the cheerleading uniform. Sarah's full, pert breasts came into view and Mitch's sharp intake of breath told her all she needed to know about what Mitch thought of her breasts.

Mitch looked up into Sarah's eyes, asking permission which was readily given. Mitch leaned down and took an already erect nipple into her mouth.

The soft taste of Sarah erupted on her tongue as she began to suck gently at her. Her hands tangled in Mitch's hair as she moaned to the evening air. Mitch bit gently as she slid the rest of the uniform down Sarah's hips. She lifted the other girl slightly and together they slipped the rest of the ensemble off, throwing it to the floor to be forgotten.

Mitch continued her ministration upon her breast as her hand slipped between Sarah's knees. She slid it slowly up her inner thigh, her legs spreading in anticipation. Her moans grew louder and she began to speak.

"Yes...please, Mitch..." Mitch, never one to dissapoint a lady, complied with Sarah's implied request and finally touched those swollen moist folds she had dreamed of for so long.

They both groaned into the growing darkness as Mitch's hand made contact with Sarah's wetness. She slid a finger inside her, achingly slowly.

"Yes...please, baby...yes...oooooohhhhhhhhh..."

Sarah was only able to pant out her words as Mitch began to thrust into her, timing it to coincide with her sucks on her breasts. Her fingers arched to caress her lover as she slid out of her wetness and then straightened and wiggled on her way back in.

Sarah arched her back, pulling at her hair, begging Mitch to make her come, please make her come, anything to let her come.

Mitch slipped more fingers into her, adding to the one already slipping into her, until fully half of her hand slid into her with each thrust.

She suckled hard at her breast, switching back and forth as she pushed her hand as far into her as she could, until her thumb prevented her from going any farther, and held her hand deep within her. She held still, the sucking at her breast the only movement she made until after a moment she stopped that as well. She kept the nipple in her mouth, having sucked it is as far as she could before stopping.

", please let me come...I want to so bad...please, baby..."

Mitch wiggled her fingers deep within Sarah. The blonde nearly cried as Mitch released her breast from her mouth and began to flick it and bite it. Her fingers wiggled deep with in her, and she began to thrust once more, this time in a hard and fast rhythm designed to make her lover come. Her thumb flicked over her clit with each thrust into her.

Sarah panted and thrust her hips onto her hand.

Mitch bit down once more as she rammed her hand as deeply into her as she could, wiggling her fingers, flicking over her clit in a fast rhythm.

Sarah tipped her head and stared unseeingly at the ceiling as her back arched and her body released, waves of pleasure washing over her as she screamed.

Mitch finally slowed after Sarah's scream, soothing her nipples with loving licks, working her hand out gently, finally caressing her clit tenderly.

Sarah had collapsed on her shoulder, momentarily exhausted. Her arms were wrapped loosely around Mitch's neck.

Mitch smiled, leaned her head back against the back of the couch and let out a shuddering sigh. Sarah would be recovering soon, and she needed to be ready. After all, Sarah would be wanting to make love to her in a minute.


Ok, so it seems kinda quick and not well supported, but what do you expect, it's a PWP based off a long time fantasy. You know where to send mail.

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