The Shooting
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Note: Started at work, finished at 5 am, just a quick vignette about school shootings and loving in death. Characters inspired by Sam and Brooke from Popular. They're not them, but they're inspired by them. Kinda. Sorta. Well, also by Haruka and Michiru and my own experiences, so it fits best as an original.


You were so beautiful. The way your hair caught the always left me breathless.

The shy smile you'd flash my way fluttered my heart on more than one occassion.

There are no more smiles. Your hair, which I had imagined tracing silkily across my skin, is the only recognizable part of your head. It lies now on the cold concrete, swimming gently in the growing rivers of blood.

I hope your parents have your fingerprints on file. There's not enough of your beautiful face left to tell if you were wearing makeup.

I feel the searing pain tear into my side. Numbly, I look up into methodically diabolical eyes.

"Thank you," I whisper as I fall, feeling the life pour from where my stomach used to be. I'll be dead within five minutes, I know.

My head falls onto your stomach, echoing a fantasy I had long held dear to my heart. My limbs are now sprawled in an ungainly fashion, collapsed over your legs and underneath my torso.

It's so hard to lift my arm. Harder than that time I worked out for hours and couldn't move the next day. Harder than fighting the urge to tell you how I feel. How I've always felt.

My hand reaches for yours, so close...

Our fingers touch and I grasp your hand, sighing my last breath.

"Love you..."

And then conciousness flees and I slip quietly into Death's arms, waiting for my reunion with you.


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