Title: Blind to the Subtext

Rating: G/PG ...unless you're not Ohgami, in which case it's PG-13.

Pairing: Pairings? Ohgami sees no pairings...

Description: Just a regular morning for Ohgami-san and the Hanagumi. There's nothing going on, no, not at all.

Warnings / Disclaimers:Sakura Taisen and all derivative characters are property of Sega. I make no profit from them. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

Authors Note: Ohgami-san is blind. *nods sagely*


Ohgami whistled as he rounded the corner to the kitchen area. It was definitely a good day. Behind the counter, Kanna looked like she was helping Sumire with her hand. Their heads were close together as Kanna looked intently at Sumire's hand, and Sumire looked at Kanna, her expression one of curious wonder.

"Kanna-san! Sumire-san! Are you hurt?" Ohgami's earnest question forced the women's heads to snap around to him, their expressions slightly guilty before they snatched their hands away from each other and stepped back.

"I was just-"

"Kanna was-"

They looked at each other then back at the puzzled Ohgami.

"We have to go and, ah...take care of Sumire's hand. See you later, Taicho! There's food, if you want it!"

With that, the two women practically ran out of the room. Ohgami shrugged and turned his gaze to the pots, missing the women's hands as they brushed, then clasped just before they turned the corner.

"Mmmm..." Ohgami took the large ladle and served himself from the large pot. The smell that reached up to him was delicious and enchanting.

Around the corner, he could hear two young voices drawing closer.

"Iris wants to play!"

"But Miss Iris, if we did that, then there wouldn't be any time for-" The military minded girl stopped her speech as she caught sight of Ohgami, who was now sitting at the table. He waved as he dug into his food.


"Onii-san!" Iris hugged her teddy bear to her chest, smiling brightly.

"Hello Iris-chan, Reni-san. You hungry? There's some food."

Reni glanced at Iris and shook her head.

"No, sir. We ate earlier." She reached over and took Iris' hand in her own. The smaller girl looked up at Reni, the bright smile she wore for Ohgami turning into something more reverent as she looked at the taller girl.

"Iris wants to play, Reni." The quiet seriousness of the young girl's tone seemed to be sending a message to Reni that Ohgami couldn't understand. He almost smiled as he realized it must be a secret, silent language they had developed between themselves.

Reni blinked slowly and then nodded. "Yes, Miss Iris. We'll play." Turning back to Ohgami, she bowed. "Excuse us, Ohgami-san."

Ohgami nodded, smiling at the two young girls. "Have fun!"

"Bye-bye, Onii-san!" Iris waved as she followed Reni, the two girls still holding hands.

Ohgami shook his head, smiling at the close friendship of the two young girls. It warmed his heart to see such innocent affection between them.

He finished with his food and washed his bowl. After drying it and putting it away, he decided he had better do a check on the theater. He hadn't been there yet today.

Whistling absently, he set off to the theater, his step light. He didn't pass anyone as he made his way, his arms swinging slightly at his sides. He slipped quietly into the theater, voices telling him that someone was practicing.

"Don't you realize by now that I love you?" Sakura reached out a hand to the rigid Maria, her face stained with tears.

"Don't." Maria's rough voice carried throughout the theater.

"Why not! You've been denying this, denying us for as long as I can remember! Why will you not let yourself feel the love I know is there?"

Maria lowered her head, looking at the floor. Ohgami felt his heart clench as he watched, Sakura's earnest entreaty tugging at his compassion.

"I cannot love. Not you, not anyone." Maria turned, meeting Sakura's tear filled gaze. "Haven't you figured that out by now?"

Ohgami wondered where this scene was from. It didn't sound like anything they had done or were going to do. Maybe it was an acting exercise.

Sakura stepped forward and placed a hand on Maria's shoulder. Maria flinched as Sakura's other hand raised to tuck part of her hair behind her ear. Her words, when spoken, were so soft as to make Ohgami lean forward to catch them.

"I don't care what you think you can or cannot feel. All I care about is what this..." She laid a hand over Maria's chest, near her heart. "Is telling you." Sakura looked deeply into Maria's eyes. "What does it tell you?"

Ohgami could see Maria's breath hitch in her lungs. Such acting!

"I..." Maria closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "It says I love you." She opened her eyes, tears glistening on her cheeks. "It says I should forget the past and move forward, with you. It says...I should hold you and never let go."

Sakura pressed herself against Maria, sliding her arms around Maria's shoulders. "Then listen to it and take what is yours!"

"God help me, I cannot resist you." Maria swept in and claimed Sakura's lips with her own.

Ohgami sighed happily. Those two were truly the epitome of the Hanagumi.

He slipped out of the auditorium as quietly as he had entered. The two women were frozen in their stage kiss as he left, and he smiled.

It did his heart good to see such dedication.