Title: Maria 4

Rating: NC-17/H

Pairing: Kanna/Maria

Description: Kanna really...really...likes Maria.

Warnings / Disclaimers: Sakura Taisen and all derivative characters are property of Sega. I make no profit from them. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

Authors Note: This was inspired by one too many "Want to have Maria? Tweak her titties and you're golden!" hentai manga. Every single one, man...what, are her boobs linked directly to a nerve center that says "Sex now"? Whatever happened to simple, easy seduction? Gah. Then again, it is hentai manga, so I'm expecting a bit much. Oh, and the title? It's making fun of one of the most popular Maria-centric hentai manga out there.


Kanna bit her lip as she watched Maria shoot at the distant target. Day after day, her friend did this, never knowing the illicit thrill it sent through the taller woman. Each caress of the trigger was a caress against her skin, each expended bullet an addition to her hunger.

Her violet eyes raked Maria's svelte form, the ample breasts almost impeding Maria's shooting. Her rear was lovingly encased in a pair of woolen trousers, the pattern setting off the solid color of her shirt. Kanna allowed herself the pleasure of fully drinking in the figure before her, imagining what it would feel like to have that lithe body pressed against her own.

So intent on this image and sensation was she, that Kanna failed to notice that Maria had finished with her target practice. Her eyes remained fixed on a distant point, the tableau of Maria's delicious nudity dancing before her eyes.

"Kanna? Kanna?" Maria waved her hand in front of Kanna's face. Kanna blinked as she was abruptly pulled back into reality.

"Maria? You done?"

Maria smiled, her eyes showing her affection. "Yes. I'll practice again tomorrow."

Kanna stood, stretching. As much fun as it was to watch Maria practice, it always left kinks in her back to sit so long.

"Let's hang out in my room. I don't want to deal with anyone right now."

Maria nodded, knowing of whom her friend was speaking. "Very well."

They left the shooting range and sauntered to Kanna's room, Once they arrived, Kanna shut and locked the door. She wasn't sure why exactly, but she had the feeling she should.

"Do you think your practice went ok today?" Kanna grinned at her friend.

Maria had taken her customary place on the single chair in her friend's room. She leaned forward, her crossed arms pushing her breasts up into the neckline of her shirt, giving Kanna a decadent eyeful.

One which Kanna took full advantage of while her friend was replying. The gentle swells of Maria's breasts filled out her shirt exquisitely, the smooth skin calling out to Kanna to be touched and caressed.

Maria's answer was barely heeded as Kanna took her fill of the sight before her. She wasn't sure exactly when she had started finding Maria to breathtakingly ravishing, but she wasn't about to kill off such a great feeling.

She grinned at her friend, hoping to distract the other woman from the fact that Kanna had been staring instead of paying attention. "Ah...the city is beautiful this time of year."

Maria turned her head to the window. "Yes, it is. Is that tree blooming?" She stood to move to the window and get a closer look. "I think it is." She leaned onto the windowsill casually, her rear pointing directly at Kanna.

Kanna stared for a long moment. She could just barely make out the outline in Maria's...oh my. She moved forward, her hand reaching out for Maria's hip. Her fingers made contact, curving around the delicate bone.

Maria gasped. Kanna held her breath, her hand resting on Maria's hip.

After an eternity, Maria pressed herself into Kanna's hand. Kanna closed her eyes in relief and allowed herself to do as she had been dreaming.

She reached her free hand down and covered Maria's rapidly warming center with her hand. It was engulfed by the enormity of Kanna's palm. She grinned and pressed her hips against Maria's buttocks.

Her friend's breathing had become heavier since she had first placed her hand on Maria's hip a scant moment before. She was obviously enjoying this, and not wanting it to end. Kanna squeezed her hand slightly, eliciting a long, drawn out groan from Maria at the sudden manipulation of her arousal.

"Don't tease me!" Maria's voice was thick with need, her Japanese becoming accented by her Russian as her arousal grew. "I've been waiting for too long for you to tease. Do it!"

The words surprised Kanna. She hadn't realized that Maria had been sending signals. Apparently, she was blind.

She shrugged. Oh, well. Time enough to make up for that later.

She quickly rent Maria's pants, pulling them from her body. Her exposed underwear was unbelievably indulgent in their delicacy. Kanna traced the pattern as they grew transparent with Maria's arousal. Her fingertip flicked over the erect bud of Maria's clit, as exposed as though Maria were wearing no panties. Maria bit her lip and pushed her hips backwards.

"Take me!"

Kanna grinned.

She pulled the panties from Maria gently, setting them aside. She would keep them, if Maria didn't mind.

She returned to Maria's glistening pussy. She licked her lips and grinned as she bent forward.

Maria's eyes widened as she felt the sinuous tongue lashing at her clit. Her hands clutched at the windowsill desperately as Kanna sucked her clit into that devilish mouth.

"Yes!" Her cry was soft and fervent.

Kanna circled Maria's clit with her tongue, then flicked it sharply. Grinning, she stood and roughly thrust two large fingers deeply into Maria. The lithe woman threw her head back and yelled incoherently, her pussy gripping Kanna's thick fingers tightly.

Kanna reached beneath her lover and pinched a nipple through Maria's clothes. The vise on her fingers didn't let up, and if anything, became tighter. Kanna slid her free hand downward and found the slippery nub of Maria's clit.

Her rough fingertip slid over and around Maria's clit while her fingers split her wide open. With every brush of her fingertip, Maria thrashed and cried out below her. Kanna grinned.

The sensation circled higher and higher for Maria, her wetness flowing from her and enveloping her lover's fingers. Her body ached for more and demanded release as she arched against her lover.

Kanna adjusted her fingers deep inside Maria and began a slow caress deeply within the smaller woman. Her fingers on Maria's clit matched the rhythm that she created within Maria's tightly grasping pussy.

Kanna grinned to herself. Next time, she was going to make Maria scream by using nothing more than her tongue.

This time, however, the sensation was too much and drew a long scream from the depths of Maria's being. It echoed in the street outside, and Kanna laughed merrily, quickly degenerating into a low groan as Maria's tight pussy gripped her fingers in a massaging vise. Kanna shuddered as reciprocating waves of pleasure washed over her with each spasm of her lover.

Maria's orgasm continued inexorably, her body succumbing to the ministrations on her sensitive clit. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her, her pussy desperately grasping Kanna inside her. Finally, she reached down and pushed Kanna's fingers away from her clit.

Breathing heavily, she relaxed as Kanna hefted her easily, carrying her to the bed and dropping her on the sheets. Maria barely had time to draw in a breath before Kanna descended on her open pussy like a starving woman.

As her eyes rolled in the back of her head from the renewed pleasure, Maria thought to herself that she really should have seduced Kanna much earlier.