A Display of Strength
Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Rated: NC-17/H for strong sexual content, including scenes of sexual violence between women.

Warnings / Disclaimers: Sakura Taisen and all derivative characters are property of Sega. I make no profit from them. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

Timing: Set before the second OVA series, but after the first. Based on the characterizations as seen within the OVA series.

Author's Note: Arr, mateys, there be lesbian spankin' ahead. If'n ya don't like it, don't read it. If it's illegal for you to read it, what are you doing here, anyway? Since this takes place in the twenties, wouldn't that mean that the German Leni could have been in Weimar Berlin? Nothing to do with the story, just wondering. Also, I'm not very happy with the characterizations as they are now.


Kirishima Kanna whistled tunelessly as she sauntered through the hallways of the Imperial Theater.

"Argh...where is that pain?" Kanna ducked her head into the dining hall. No snake. Maybe for once she was actually in her room.

Her arms swung loosely at her sides as she continued sauntering through the halls. As she walked, she once again wished that the Captain had chosen someone else to pass the message to Sumire.

Heaving a sigh, Kanna stopped at Kanzaki Sumire's door.

"I hope she doesn't have a tea set in there." Flashes of delicate china being flung at her head would have made Kanna turn and walk away if she hadn't told the Chief she'd do this.

Taking a deep breath, Kanna knocked.


Well, at least she wasn't calling Kanna an uneducated lout. She opened the door and stepped in shutting it behind her. As she pushed the door shut behind her, her palm triggered the lock.

"What do you want, you musclebound buffoon? I'm in the middle of something very important."

Kanna sneered, baring her teeth.

"I'm here under orders, you snake!"

"And what orders are those? To harrass the priviledged with your uncouth and crass ways?"

Kanna stepped forward, a deep growl starting in her chest.

"Keep it up, cactus woman, and I'll show you crass and uncouth!"

Sumire laughed and raised her naginata to point at Kanna's heart.

"What could you do? You're just a musclebound goon with hardly half a brain to back it up! You don't even deserve to be breathing the same air as someone such as myself!"

Kanna's eyes narrowed as she took a step forward. Sumire withdrew the naginata and dropped into her stance. Kanna stepped lightly across the carpet, belying her large frame. As she drew closer, Sumire began with another barrage.

"What do you even think you're doing here, with your lack of manners and breeding? You're only here to make me look good, and you manage to fail at that!"

Sumire sliced her naginata through the air. If the angle remained true, the shaft would strike Kanna right where her neck met her shoulder.

A single large, callussed hand wrapped around the shaft and pulled it from Sumire's grasp. In the next breath, she found herself lifted bodily and flung over Kanna's shoulder.

Sumire stared at the long smooth expanse of Kanna's back. her fiery gaze traced a path down the corded muscles to land on the tightness of her rear.

Sumire weakly pounded at Kanna's back as she felt the tall woman shift.

"Where's...ah! I see!" Kanna took a few steps forward, shoulder digging into Sumire's stomach as she ignored the fists on her back.

"What are you doing! Put me down!" Sumire hoped she had kept the breathlessness out of her voice.

A soft clack of wood against wood was Kanna's only reply. Kanna stared at the wall for a moment.

"Hmmm...Glad to see you at least take care of your weapons." Kanna turned to face Sumire's bed. She gasped as Kanna abruptly swung her down and cradled her in strong arms. Sumire's arms were crushed against Kanna's chest.

Kanna leaned in and grinned. "Thank you for the back massage, by the way." Sumire struggled ineffectually in Kanna's grasp. "You've been acting like a spoiled brat. So, I'm going to treat you like the bad little girl y'are." Sumire gasped as she was abruptly flipped over and settled across Kanna's lap. Kanna quickly grasped her hands and pinned them to the small of her back.

Struggling, Sumire gasped again as she felt Kanna's warm breath against her ear and her skirts being shifted. "That's right. You're gonna get what every bad little girl gets - a spanking."

Sumire cried out as she felt the cool air wafting over her thighs. Kanna grasped her panties and with a firm yank, they tore loose in her hand. She laughed. "I hope you weren't too attached to these."

"What do you think you're doing, you big lummox! Let me go!"

A hail of blow fell onto her exposed buttocks. Smack after smack filled the air, punctuated with cries and sobs from the captive woman. As it continued, she became absently aware of disant muttering from Kanna.

"...for insulting me and that's for thinking you can fight alone and that's for hurting Sakura and..."

Sumire squirmed beneath Kanna's erratic onslaught. Kanna was either completely ignorant of what her blows were doing, or she was really, really good at this. It seemed that just as one part of her abused buttocks began to recover, Kanna's firm palm struck it once more. Sumire was beginning to think it would never end.

"And that's for slapping my hand away!" Both women panted heavily. Kanna inhaled deeply and smiled. She ran her hand in a gentle carress over Sumire's sorely abused backside.

As her callused fingers dipped between the juncture of Sumire's thighs, she was not disappointed. "Heh...what's this?"

"No...don't..." Sumire arched her back and pushed her hips into Kanna's questing fingers.

"Aha...it seems the prickly cactus woman is really nothing more..." Kanna bent her head close to the captive woman's ear, whispering as she ran her fingers over slippery labia. "Than a lesbian slut."

As the words registered in Sumire's fogged brain, Kanna thrust two fingers into her. "Ahh!" Her cry echoed in the large room. Kanna smiled as she felt Sumire's inner muscles squeeze tightly around her invading fingers.

"Mmm...good girl." Kanna began a slow thrusting within her captive lover. Sumire whimpered and squirmed beneath her erotic onslaught.

"Please..." Her broken gasp brought a smile to Kanna's face.

"Please? What do you want, cactus girl?"

"I need you! Please!" Sumire pulled at her hands, still held firm at the wrist by one large hand.

Kanna pushed deeply into Sumire and curved her fingers slightly, rubbing against the sensitive nerves within the begging woman's inner walls. She continued her thrusting as the woman in her lap panted heavily, her head thrashing from side to side. The strong woman leaned over her captive and breathed hotly into her ear. "Come for me. Come while I'm buried deep inside you." At the husky whisper that caressed her senses, Sumire surrendered to the feelings her powerful lover brought forth from within her.

Watching Sumire shudder with her orgasm in her lap fulfilled a fantasy Kanna didn't realize she had. Satisfaction filled her as her woman collapsed.

Kanna smiled as she withdrew from within her woman. A soft groan from her lap told her what Sumire thought of that. With gentle care, Kanna shifted until her lover was cradled within her arms once more.

Kanna looked down at the peaceful and languid woman in her arms. She truly was beautiful when she wasn't being a bitch. Even when mean spirited, Sumire's passion was attractive. Kanna pressed a gentle kiss to Sumire's forehead as these thoughts ambled through her mind.

Sumire stirred slightly, curving her hand around the back of Kanna's neck and sliding her fingers through the short hairs there.

"You're my girl now." Sumire cuddled closer to Kanna as her strong lover spoke. "If I want you, I"ll have you, 'cause you belong to me now. Ain't that right, cactus girl?" The former insult was spoken with affection, removing it's sting.

"Yes." Sumire raised her eyes to look into Kanna's piercing gaze. As she drifted in their depths, the thought that she had been waiting for Kanna to claim her flitted through her mind.

Kanna smiled. "My girl."

Sumire returned the smile and pressed a kiss to Kanna's lips. When she shifted to move away, Kanna's hand caught her head and drew her in for a deeper kiss.

Sumire moaned into Kanna's mouth. The powerful woman responded by deepening the kiss even further and forcing her tongue into Sumire's mouth. Her hands moved to the fastenings of Sumire's dress, unhooking the many small buttons on the back. One hand caressed up and down Sumire's back as the other made quick work of the buttons. Kanna was silently thankful for the manual dexterity lessons that were required as part of her training.

Sumire attempted to grind herself against Kanna's firm stomach, but was stymied by her tangled skirts. Moaning in frustration, she barely noted as Kanna's hands pulled the top part of her dress down from her shoulders.

It wasn't until Kanna's hot mouth tore away from her own and wrapped around a nipple that Sumire forgot about her skirts. Her hands tangled in her lover's short hair. Kanna's hands continued undoing the fastenings of Sumire's dress. She was grateful that Sumire was not an advocate of corsets for everyday wear.

Kanna lifted Sumire bodily, pulling her more firmly against her wetly sucking mouth as the skirts were pushed off of Sumire's body. Taut, smooth skin met Kanna's questing hands as she hummed in pleasure around her lover's nipple.

Sumire arched into Kanna's mouth, whimpering. She needed more of her lover's mouth.

Kanna grinned wolfishly and nipped at the tip of her woman's nipple. She laved the nub with her tongue as she heard the pleasured gasp above her. She rested her hands on Sumire's hips and moved her into a straddling position over Kanna's lap.

She pulled her mouth from her woman's nipple and ran her fingertips lightly over Sumire's naked hips. "I'm gonna make you scream, cactus girl."

Sumire whimpered and pushed her wetness against the crotch of Kanna's pants, seeking some purchase. She found naught but amusement in her lover's eyes.

"This musclebound buffoon is gonna make you come like no one else can." Kanna grinned, showing her teeth. "And when I'm done, there ain't gonna be a doubt in your mind that I'm the only one who can make you feel that good."

Sumire whimpered. "Never..."

Kanna grasped Sumire's hair and pulled her head until they were nose to nose. "That's right, cactus girl...never again are you gonna be running off to someone else, 'cause I'm the only one what brings this out in you. That's why you can't stand me." Kanna leaned in and bit Sumire's neck lightly, ignoring the woman's gasp. "I make you weak."

Sumire shook her head weakly. Kanna's teeth dug into her neck again, sharply. There would be a mark there later.

Kanna grinned as she laved the bite with her tongue. Her fingers had drifted around Sumire's hip and buttocks, into the warm cleft between her thighs. There, she found a renewed wetness and searing heat. Her mouth latched onto Sumire's neck, sucking, as her fingers slid through wetness.

Sumire cried out, her hips hunching against the callused hand. Her movements stilled as Kanna's fingertip brushed across her clit. A bit more of that she wouldn't be able to hold back any more.

Kanna's mouth worked the section of Sumire's neck heavily, sucking, nipping and licking in quick succession. There would be no doubt later of what Sumire had been doing. Sumire whimpered as her mouth danced the fine line between pleasure and pain.

Her fingertip slid over the erect bundle of nerves once more, causing Sumire to shudder. She grinned into Sumire's neck and circled her lover's clit slowly.

Sumire could feel it building rapidly within her. She was going to come in the lap of her forbidden fantasy.

Kanna stopped circling and switched to short, sure strokes. The shaft quivered as it was caressed between her fingertips. Sumire stiffened in her lap, her hands clutching spasmodically at her back and head. If she was topless, she'd have nail marks. Kanna mentally noted that she needed to take off her shirt next time.

Sumire's mouth opened as her body continued to be assaulted by Kanna's confident fingers. The sensations swirling in her gut were spiraling tighter and tighter, her entire being centered on how her capable lover was touching her.

Kanna sucked hard on Sumire's neck as she felt the tell tale shudder in Sumire's clit. Next to her ear, Sumire let loose with a single, primal scream, something sounding half way between a feral howl and a shriek.

Her orgasm ripped through her body mercilessly as Kanna's fingers stroked her. She didn't even register the scream that erupted from her as she gave herself over to Kanna once more. She collapsed against the stronger woman, her conciousness slipping from her.

Kanna kissed the deep purple mark on her woman's neck and cradled Sumire gently. Gazing down at her now unconcious lover, Kanna couldn't stop the self satisfied smirk from spreading across her face.