Title: Vampiric Dreams

Rating: NC-17/H

Pairing: Kanna/Sumire

Description: Sumire has a midnight visitor.

Warnings / Disclaimers: Sakura Taisen and all derivative characters are property of Sega. I make no profit from them. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

Authors Note: Started with a single mental image, of Kanna like she is in this fic. Mmm...


The dim light of the moon struggled through the gauzy curtains that shifted with the night breeze, casting it's low illumination throughout the bedroom of Kanzaki Sumire. The acclaimed actress and freedom fighter reclined on her bed, her loose robe draped and exposing her long legs. A sigh escaped from her lips as she shifted, the robe falling further, almost exposing her full femininity.

The drape of the robe barely covered her breasts, their fullness pressing against the fabric in a tantalizing display. Her legs lay almost completely exposed, the tops of her thighs barely covered by the folds. The shadows of the room lengthened as a stiff breeze forced her window open with a steady push. A sultry, rich scent filled the room as a large shadow filled the open window, blocking out the feeble light of the moon.

A hungry gaze raked Sumire's body as the dark figure stepped into the room from the window ledge. Deep, steady breathing indicated that the woman on the bed slept deeply and well. A flash of white teeth split the dark face as the intruder grinned ferally.

The intruder stepped away from the window, and dropped the cape that hid all indicators of identity. Short red hair fell over her forehead, messily arranged as she ran a hand through it. Normally bright eyes were shaded by the dim light as she stepped further into the room and closer to the sleeping woman.

As broad shoulders left the partial shadow next to the window, her full frame was illuminated. Large boots made no sound as she shifted, the worn fabric of her pants straining over the thickly corded muscles of her thighs. The firm muscles of her stomach were thrown into sharp relief of light and darkness, their tensing enough have made the woman on the bed squirm with sudden arousal. An old bit of cloth masquerading as a shirt draped from her shoulders, most of the fabric having been torn away, leaving all but her breasts and part of her back uncovered. She lifted her arm to shut the window, the muscles in her arm tensing and releasing in a salacious display. Her large, callused fingers softly shut the window, cutting off the chill night wind.

She turned to the bed, her back muscles shifting as she walked slowly to the bed, her booted feet making no sound. A small smile quirked one side of her mouth as she allowed her dark gaze to rake Sumire's body once more.

The sleeping woman shifted uneasily on the bed, the heat of the intruder's gaze palpable even in her slumber. Shaded eyes laguidly traced the line of Sumire's reclining body, her svelte frame outlined by the fall of her robe.

A flash of white teeth split the darkness as the dark head lowered to the supine woman. Strong arms cradled the svelte frame against hardened muscles, the intruder quietly taking a place on the bed.

A large hand traced over exposed skin, barely dipping under the drape of the robe where it fell. The belt worked loose as the callused fingers worked their way over smooth skin.

The robe hung loosely over Sumire's body, barely preserving her modesty. A smirk curled the intruder's lips as she drew the folds of the robe away to reveal the gentle curves of Sumire's naked body to her hungry gaze.

Dusky nipples caught her attention, forcing her to dip her had and suck the closest one into her mouth. The feeling of the woman's flesh in her mouth almost forced a groan from the intruder's chest. A thickly muscled thigh slipped between naked legs, the roughness of her pants forcing a deep sigh and a shudder to work it's way through the still sleeping woman.

At this point, if Sumire woke now or later was of no consequence. The intruder had her firmly in hand and was not going to release her.

The gentle caress of callused fingertips worked it's way over the sleeping woman's side, skimming over the sides of her breats. A large thumb flicked over a nipple, a wide grin breaking on the larger woman's face as she watched Sumire's body respond.

All those times, spent wishing...they would be repaid tonight. Tenfold.

The intruder leaned down and traced a path over Sumire's exposed neck with her tongue. A murmur of pleasure slipped from the supine woman. The intruder smiled, her lips against warm skin. Large hands rose, fingers spreading as they engulfed the soft flesh of Sumire's pert breasts. Heavy in her palms, the intruder bit back a moan at the feel of the other woman's breasts. Pebbled nipples poked against her palms, and sharp teeth bit at her lip as her breathing hitched in her throat.

Sumire's legs shifted in her sleep, spreading wide beneath the intruder's thigh. The intruder couldn't hold back the sharp gasp as her thigh met with glorious wetness. She leaned into the woman below her, muscle stimulating sensitive flesh.

Sleepily, Sumire raised her arms and embraced the intruder, her slender arms wrapping around broad shoulders. The intruder kissed her gently, lips pressing against those that had only a few hours before cursed the very existence of the woman in her bed.

Now, beneath the moonlight, Sumire surrendered to the erotic assault of the imposing figure who was pulling her from sleep. Gentle kisses rained down upon her face, tracing a path down, to her delicate neck.

In the darkness of the room, the flash of sharp teeth shone brightly before they sunk into the welcoming expanse of Sumire's smooth throat.

A low moan, born of pleasure, rang through the room as the intruder suckled lightly at Sumire's throat. A trickle of the sustenance that filled the intruder's existence seeped from the corner of her mouth as she clung to Sumire.

Her hands still cupped Sumire's breasts, squeezing slightly as she suckled. She could feel the ecstasy that flowed through the smaller woman as she drew sustenance, delight filling her at being able to share this with the woman who already held her heart.

The larger woman drew back slightly, licking her lips. Sumire opened her eyes, contentment shining in their depths and curving her lips into a beautiful smile. The dark figure that loomed above her grinned.

"Ready to scream, Cactus?"

The husky voice sent thrills along Sumire's spine as she lay beneath her lover. The cocky smile that danced in her lover's eyes was enough to convince her to completely disregard any and all apprehensions.

This was Kanna, and she was safe.

Sumire smiled at that thought, lust igniting within her as Kanna's heavily muscled thigh moved against her once more.

"You couldn't make me scream last time, brute."

Kanna roughly pushed her thigh against Sumire's wetness. The smaller woman gasped sharply, her blunt nails digging into Kanna's shoulders as her back arched.

Kanna smirked.

"I wasn't tryin' to make you scream last time."

Any response was cut off as Kanna covered Sumire's mouth with her own, laying claim to the mouth that rained insults on her all day. With a deep groan, both women succumbed to the kiss, their bodies moving together slowly. Delicate hands explored the smooth skin of Kanna's back, sliding under the torn remnants of her shirt.

With a devious smile, Sumire dragged her nails across Kanna's exposed back. Kanna inhaled sharply against her mouth, her lips parting slightly. Sumire grasped the opportunity and attacked her lover's mouth, invading with her tongue. Kanna, taken off guard, allowed herself to sink into the kiss, her arms pulling Sumire closer as their tounges reacquainted themselves.

Kanna's hands roamed freely over Sumire's nude form, her fingers sending dancing thrills along smaller woman's nerves. Kanna's thigh rested easily between Sumire's own, the slickness of Sumire's arousal allowing the sensitive flesh to slide freely over the tense muscle.

Sumire gasped as her hips hunched against her lover, sending spasms of pleasure through her system. Her breasts pressed against the broad plane of her lover's chest, the crushing sensation adding to her spiraling arousal.

Kanna grinned, her teeth a slash of white in the darkness, as her hands slid over Sumire's sides, over to her breasts. Cupping the delicate mounds in her hands, she flicked the erect nipples with her thumbs. At Sumire's moan, she leaned down and pressed a kiss to Sumire's neck, over the puncture marks.

The smaller woman cried out at the sudden stimulation of the sensitive skin on her neck. Her nails dug into Kanna's back sharply as her head tipped backward.

Kanna bit her lip and slid a hand up the outside of Sumire's thigh. She slipped it between them and cupped Sumire's wet sex once more. Sumire shuddered in her lover's arms. Kanna's thick fingers slipped between Sumire's slick folds, finding her clit with unerring accuracy.

Sumire stared blindly into the darkness of the room as the gentle manipulations between her legs crashed against her senses. Kanna was going to make her-

Sumire didn't have a chance to finish the thought as her body surrendered the overwhelming and delicious stimulation, her senses assailed by the wondrous pleasure. Her body spasmed uncontrollably under the solid frame of her lover, her eyes closed as Kanna took her heights unimagined.

As her body calmed, Kanna took her into a gentle embrace, kissing the smaller woman wtih a tender reverence before they settled in and slept.


Sumire opened her eyes suddenly, the beginning rays of the sun just barely peeking over the horizon. She took a deep breath and tried very hard not to analyse what she was feeling.

Unfortunately, the decided lack of bed companion forced her to do nothing but think about it. A sharp sorrow filled her at not having that beastly woman in her bed. In addition, startlement swirled in her mind at the mere thought that she, Kanzaki Sumire, would dream about such a person.

She was not worthy of shining Sumire's shoes, yet here she was, occupying her thoughts, waking and sleeping.

Sumire stared across her room, to her mirror. Looking back at her was a woman who truly needed a check on her reality. Kanna wasn't a vampire. She wasn't...that way. And she wasn't in love with Sumire.

Closing her eyes, Sumire swallowed her pain and rose to start her day. She was soon on her way downstairs to fetch herself some breakfast. She paused in the doorway as she spotted the tall redhead that had dominated her thoughts that night.

Kanna raised her head and grinned at Sumire.

"I made ramen!" She licked her lips as she watched Sumire walk closer. "Want some, Cactus?"

"Like I would eat such base food." Sumire picked up a bowl and extended it to Kanna to be filled. "Do you think me some sort of simpleton to eat such things?"

Kanna smirked and walked around the counter, holding Sumire's bowl, now filled with ramen. "Nope. I think you should probably remember to make sure your door is closed before going to sleep from now on, though."

With that, Kanna set down the bowl and leaned in to Sumire, her face a mere breath away from Sumire's. The smaller woman could feel her heart beating rapidly in her breast, a chill filling her at the possibility that Kanna could know what she had been dreaming last night.

"I'm glad to know that you don't find me totally repulsive, Cactus." Kanna's soft statement filled the scant inches between them and Sumire swallowed with difficulty.

"Of course I do. You're loud and brash and beastly." Did Kanna have to lean in like that?

Kanna grinned down at Sumire, leaning in even further. The next words she spoke were barely a whisper. "But that's what you like about me." Kanna closed the distance between them, speaking the next words against Sumire's lips before capturing them in a torrid kiss that challenged the dreams Sumire had the night previous. "I heard you."