Title: The Watcher Exists

Rating: G/PG

Pairing: Kanna/Sumire

Description: Kanna watches Sumire, and thinks.

Warnings / Disclaimers: Lesbians ahead. You have been warned. Shoo. Sakura Taisen and all derivative characters are property of Sega. I make no profit from them. All original ideas are distributed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For more information on the Creative Commons License, visit CreativeCommons.org.

Authors Note: This just kinda appeared one night. I like Kanna's POV. I should write in her style more often.


I watch you.

I don't think you know that.

Right now, I'm watching you as you rehearse for our next production. I'm sitting in the audience right now, my knees pressing against the seat in front of me. I wonder if you can feel my eyes on you.

You turn to face me in the darkened seats, your passion turning your eyes to limpid pools of wrecked emotion as you proclaim your undying love for me...or rather, my character.

I sigh heavily as I watch you.

Such is the way of things. Most days I can count on hearing a public love confession from you, towards me. Only thing is, it's never really me that is being told those precious words.

It's a pining schoolboy...a hard boiled detective...anyone except the uncomplicated martial artist from Okinawa.

You crumple into a heap on stage, your tears echoing through the auditorium as you bemoan your fate, doomed to love the man who will never return your affections. If I wasn't the one in this situation, I'd laugh at that.

Even with your catty remarks and insistence at uniting everyone by giving them a diva to rail against, you still show a rare beauty. I don't deny your appeal. I can't. The evidence is right in front of me.

I can only harp on other aspects of your personality, but never your looks. I couldn't do that. To you...to myself...I don't know who would be hurt worse.

You rise from your theatrical sobs and laugh, the sound sending shivers down my spine. Don't know what it is about your laugh that does that to me...

You turn and, while calling her a simple country girl, manage to compliment Sakura on her performance as your maid. If I didn't know you so well, I would doubt the sincerity of your praise. You, for some reason I don't know yet, can't just come out and say what you're thinking. You need to live as this self proclaimed Top Star.

That means you can't come out and say that the words you've just proclaimed for my character are just as fitting for me.

I stand as you dissappear into the wings, heading towards the dressing rooms to change.

I didn't notice it for the longest time. The fights continued as they always had, your cutting words affecting me as they always did. You turned to me, your face filled with contempt.


There was something in your expression. Some hint that I knew I'd seen before, but had never been able to place.

I can recognize that glint anywhere, now. Then, I was still green to your ways.

You insulted me, telling me I would never know romance if it came up and bit me on the nose. I blinked at that one. It was so odd, so out of place, that I remember it still now. I looked into your eyes and felt...a shift. A tiny change, deep inside, and before I could think, the words spilled from my lips, daring you to prove it by letting me take you out.

The startlement you stared at me with was genuine. I guess you didn't figure on me recognizing your game. I almost didn't, and right then, I still didn't. Took me a couple days of thinking about it to realize how effectively we had managed to manipulate each other.

Sakura smiles and waves at me as she cleans the stage. I know you left your script. You want her to see the glowing comments you've left in there, about her. If I don't see her take it, I'll make sure she doesn't forget it.

You nearly drove Iris crazy that night. You couldn't find an outfit and insisted on throwing what you did have around your room, screeching like an ill tempered banshee. Since Iris was nearby, she got to hear your ranting. I'm sure she learned new words that day.

I waited for you, downstairs, trying to look as casual as I didn't feel. One hand was in my pocket, drawing back one side of the blazer I wore. Underneath, the plain shirt hugged my frame closely, tucked into my nice pants. I don't think you'd ever seen those pants before that night. They're soft and a little bit fuzzy. They're really nice to touch.

I didn't expect to see you wafting down the staircase looking like some damn angel incarnate. The way that dress clung to you...it should be illegal. I was hoping really, really hard that I didn't look like as much of a gaping idiot as I felt.

That was the first time you really spoke the truth of how you felt towards me. I didn't know how to deal with your kind, shy words.

Behind me, there had been a low whistle. Kohran was staring at the two of us when we turned around. She said that Taicho and the others were right...we really did make a dashing couple.

My cheeks are on fire again as I remember the delicate blush that stole over your features.

Trying to save us from any more examination, I extended an arm to you, and we left.

That night was one of sheer bliss for me. I was able to enjoy your company without pretense, your honest feelings and shy nature showing true. Your cheeks flushed more that night that any other time we've been in public.

You finally emerge from the dressing room, changed into a light dress. I stand, my arms crossed over my chest.

It's strange to think now that any of our fights could have held any venom. I think back on how we used to bicker and I cannot recall a single instance when I truly wished harm to come to you. I can definitely recall plenty where I wanted to take you aside and spank you like a naughty child, but none where I really and truly wished for you to be hurt.

Your calm and steady gaze has fastened on me. I watch you silently.

You don't know that I've been here for most of the rehearsal. I wait until you get closer before I speak.

I think I realized it the moment you challenged me to take you on a romantic date. I know most wouldn't see it that way, but I know you. That was why you said it. You dreamed of me holding you.

I may have taken it easier, but you knew first. You knew very soon after we first met. and I knew that exact moment. The feelings had been a part of me since so soon after we met as to have been there the whole time. I just didn't recognize them.

I tend to have that problem.

Good thing you don't.

You're in front of me now. I speak softly, my words carrying easily to your ears as I praise your performance. Your eyes widen slightly as you realize exactly how long I've been here. The smug satisfaction that steals through me is enough to remind why we still bicker.

It excites us.

It thrills us.

In a way...it connects us and makes us know that we're loved.

I offer you my hand and you take it, choosing to lead me out of the auditorium. My eyes rake over your form, appreciating the cut of dress you've chosen. I smile as you pull me along, still watching and waiting for you to tell me you're ready for the ring I've been carrying since the day after our first date.