Loving Alex
by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

Pairing: Det. Olivia Benson/ADA Alex Cabot

Rating: NC-17/H

Disclaimer: All characters contained herein belong to NBC and all parent companies. I make no monetary claim, and am only using them for fun. I promise not to leave any permanant marks.

Author's Note: Fluidity and flexibility are very, very good.


There are so many things I want to tell her when we're like this. They won't come out. My only words are the firm ones ordering her onto the bed.

She hesitates, testing my mood. I push her onto the bed, following her down. My lips press against hers insistently as I pull her shirt open. A stray button hits the half empty glass of water we left next to the bed this morning.

She struggles under me slightly as I tug her bra from her body. Her breasts are exposed to me now, her nipples stiffening in the air. They're heaving with her breaths as she glares up at me.

A flush tinges her cheeks as I openly stare at her, my hips pressing firmly into her. She can feel my hard on through my pants. It's pressing right along her clit. My hands trace a slow path from her jaw to her breast, pausing slightly to trace a pattern on her neck. She inhales sharply.

She knows better than to tell me she doesn't want to do this.

She might cry and tell me no, but she never means it. She always arches up into my hands, and always squeezes tight around me when I finally bury myself inside her.

"Just do it already," she spits out at me.

My fingers latch onto her nipple, hard. The formerly soft pink tissue turns red, then lightens into white as my pressure increases. A cry of pain leaves her mouth

"Shut up."

She quiets and glares at me. I love a girl with spirit.

My fingers gentled, softly brushing against the very tip of her abused nipple.

My hips begin to rock slightly against her. Her cheeks quickly flush as she feels the arousal I always inspire within her. My fingers gently follow the lines of muscle that begin to show as she tenses beneath me.

I lean down and kiss her softly, my lips brushing hers in a whisper of sensation. She moans softly. I smile.

She opens her eyes and looks up at me. She sees the look in my eyes and shivers. She knows I've claimed her as mine.

I reach down between us as I shift between her legs. I know she won't fight us any more. Her skirt and panties soon are draped across a chair across the room. My hand returns between her thighs. She lets out a small gasp as my fingers slide around her, manipulating her clit slightly.

"You haven't been this wet before."

She looks slightly scared and highly aroused.

"You were touching yourself before I got here."

She looks positively spooked now. She can't imagine how I could know. I circle her clit and then lift my now soaked fingers to my mouth and taste her. I smile.

"I suppose you won't be needing to come."

She whimpers beneath me. She knows I mean it. She knows I always mean what I say. I can see that she's scared that I'll decide she has had enough fun.

My hand moves to my fly. I can feel how hard I am through my pants. It's so hard wanting her all day, knowing that I can't have her. Not until now. Not until I have her writhing and begging beneath me.

My dick gets caught on my pants. I shift and pull them off, leaving me in nothing but the harness. Her eyes rake over my body hungrily, lingering at my crotch and the hard dick that awaits her.

"I really don't care if you're ready yet. I want to fuck you until my eyes roll back in my head." My calm conversational tone makes her squirm as I return to my position between her thighs.

She lets out a soft whimper as the head slips over her clit. I smile. I know there is no humor in my eyes.

"You are going to give me the ride of my life. We will stop when I decide I've had enough." She squirms a little more, arching her back to push her hips towards my hard dick.

I pull back slightly and wrap my hand around my shaft. It feels good. Thick. Ready to break down her walls and bring me off in ways I've only dreamed about.

I maneuver myself between her legs. I lift her knees to allow me better access as I line up with her wet pussy.

She moans low in her throat as she feels the head lodged at her entrance.

I lean over her, my hand remaining firmly around my shaft. I lean over her on my free arm, supporting my weight. As I begin to push my hips forward and slide home into her, I move my now free hand to the other side of her head and support myself on both arms. I watch her face as I push into her.

Slight apprehension gives way to a consuming bliss. I continue my slow thrust until I am locked deeply inside her. Her feet, which had been pressed flat on the bed, now hooked around my lower thighs. Her hands clutched at my shoulders.

I remain there until she opens her eyes, frantic with her need for me.

"Please!" Her begging sparks something deep within me.

I pull out of her and slam back in, my hips pistoning as I give myself to her. With each meeting of our hips, she cries out in pleasure, her face a study in rapture.

Her nails are beginning to dig into my back. The slight pain drives me higher than merely looking and hearing her does. I feel the slight pulling on my dick as she tightens around me.

Her legs shift up to my hips and pull me deeper into her. Her arms pull me down towards her. I shift onto my elbow. Our breasts are touching now. I shiver at the sensation of her damp skin pressed against mine.

The new position causes my dick to hit new places inside her, as the increased activity beneath me can attest.

"Please...I want to, please, I need you, oh god." The words tumble from her lips mindlessly, the begging obvious in her voice as her fingers claw my back. I'm sure I must be bleeding.

I say nothing, merely continuing to drive my dick into her. My skin must feel as though I have a fever. Her hips are pushing up against me, her pleas washing over me.

"Not yet." My low growl forces a whimper from her.

I heighten my pace, determined to drive her to the brink of insanity before I allow her a release.

I can feel her, hot and tight around my dick. She continues begging, her face drawn into a spasm of pleasure.

The heat that has been burning through me this entire time begins to pool in my groin. I can feel the twitching begin.

I lean down next to her ear, her continued whimpers punctuating my thrusts.

"Come for me."

Her eyes fly open, unseeing, as she stiffens. A short eternity of silence before she shudders and lets loose with a strangled "oh, god!" I would smile if I wasn't so wrapped up in my own orgasm.

My spine stiffens as I thrust into her, her spasms beneath me driving me over the edge. Colors explode behind my closed eyelids as my body locks, burying my dick deep within her.

After a blissful explosion, I collapse onto her shoulder. My dick remains buried within her.

I raise my hand and wearily run it through her hair, our signal. The scene is over.

She turns her head slightly and kisses me on the cheek. A heart is traced on my shoulder. I smile and kiss her ear.

"Love you." I mumble.

Withdrawing and rolling over with a groan, I flop onto my back. Loving Alex takes a lot out of me.

Looking over at her, a gentle smile spreads across my face as I see her lying in peaceful repose.

It's always worth it.


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