This came after yet another night of sleeplessness. The muse slid up behind me and whispered in my ear while licking it. How could I say no to that?

If you want to, you could consider this an uberXena fic. Or you could cosider it original since, wow, hey, it's yet ANOTHER PWP, and as such, there isn't really much character development. What a shock.

The things that happen when I'm denied sex.

by Lex 'Spork' Tenou

The smoothness of silk will always remind me of her. Her...

Let me start at...why start at the beginning? No, I won't tell you about any of what she did to me. I'll tell you of my first time with her.

She was young and innocent when she was sold to me. A bright beauty. Too smart for her father's liking and no suitor would have one so acid tongued. I bought her to inject a new life into my harem. But, then, she did so much more than that...

I digress. She could not have been more than seventeen when I bought her, fresh and pure. Her hair was hidden from my view on our first meeting, when I bought her. I could tell she was a beauty, though, even behind those veilsher father had put her in.

Here was my own English Rose, ready to be plucked.

I had the scene set carefully. She was to be kept pure of any drug, for they deaden the senses. She was kept away from the rest of the harem until I had introduced her, which I did that first night. She had no premonition of the scene that I had displayed for her.

The eunuchs I owned were loyal to me and me alone. They had good reason to be: I knew they only loved men, a crime punishable by death, and I had left them their manhood. This made them willing to go to hell and back for me in this land where, by law, all eunuchs must have thier manhoods removed.

I ordered my entire harem to be present. Here was the pride of all the lands of the world-beauties from around the world, all here ultimately of their own desire.

The first time she came to me, she was in an easily removable and brief half-shirt and pants outfit...a classic among those in a harem. I saw she had been dresed by Steven, her hair was done magnificently, in a deceptively simple looking twist. The material of the outfit clung and caressed her skin as my ands would soon. The material revealed nothing but showed everything. Layer upon layer of shimmering silk and satin graced her skin.

I saw her eyes widen when she first saw me. When I bought her, she could not tell who I was under my large cloak.

Her first sight of me was me, reclining lazily on a large pile of pillows, one of the girls of my harem, Rachel, between my legs, servicing me. She had a skilled tongue and could suck better than most woman I have found. I had chosen her for this honor of servicing me on this night because I knew that Rachel was a very smart girl who picked up on things quickly. Exactly what I needed if things turned either for the worse, or in my favor.

She walked in, dressed in those gossamer veils that masqueraded as clothing and stopped dead directly in front of me, her shock rendering her speechless for once.

"Close your mouth, girl. No one can reach it up there." A soft titter of laughter rippled through the mass of bodies around me.

Her mouth closed with a small snap and she blushed...rather prettily. She could no longer look upon me, mumbling something under her breath.

"Speak up, girl, none of us can hear you." My tone was sharp, causing her to jump a bit, but raising her volume, as I wanted.

"You-you're, they're, you and her, she and you, they-" A wave of my hand and a curt "enough" cut her off.

"Compose yourself, girl. You embarrass yourself and your family name by your stumbling." I reprimanded her sternly. I felt I already knew what she was trying to grasp in her mind.

"You're all women!"

I arched an eyebrow upwards, in an expression I'm told can be rather intimidating.

"Indeed? How could we have missed something as important as that?"

That brought a bright blush to her cheeks.

"I-I mean, you're all-you're all-" Exasperated, I waved my hand in her direction again.

"We what, girl? We're all fucking? We're all having fun? What?" The irritated tone in my voice caused the girl before me to tremble and Rachel between my legs to broaden her strokes of her tongue to slide over my clit in an almost soothingly excitement stirring way. The girl befoer me made to speak once more. "Cease. I have no wish to hear your prattle any longer." I gazed upon her in that harem costume, my own blonde-haired, green-eyed English Rose. My eyes swept down her svelte form and back up again. My eyes met hers and I was lost in a sea of deep green. I felt that I did not wish to be rescued.

When I spoke again, my voice took on a husky timbre that sent shivers down the spine of all the women present.

"Come here." She hesitated for a bare instant before the start of my frown got her moving. She walked nervously next to me, trying her hardest not to look at Rachel, who still remained diligent and attentive between my legs.

Soft moans began to rise around us as the women turned seriously to bringing each other to pleasure. Once again, my hot gaze swept her body. I saw her shiver as if with cold and I could not help a slow smile. She was excited.

Rachel's talented tongue danced on my clit and into my pussy as I raised my hand. barely gliding it over the slit in the side of the pants leg. My hand remained a bare millimeter away from touching her heated skin. Finally I gave into my desire and allowed my hand to touch her bared hip.

Oh the smoothness of that skin...I had never found another in all the world to rival that silky smoothness that I felt on her hip. My hand flexed, squeezing her soft skin. She shivered again. I glanced at the soft triangle of hair between her legs, barely hidden by the gossamer folds of cloth. What little was there was already darkened with an unspoken desire.

A slow and lazy grin crossed my features.

I kept my hand on her hip as I reached down with my other hand and pulled Rachel up roughly by the hair. The look on her face was the same pain caused rapture I was used to with her. Her dark eyes met mine and a silent communication passed. She bowed her head and moved to another area, to join some other women.

I turned my hot gaze back up to my English Rose.

"I will explain the rules once and only once. After tonight, you have a choice. You may stay here with us, safe and protected, or I can sell you at the noon bazaar tomorrow. Tonight, I will teach you all that I can about the pleasure to be had between two women. If you do not wish to participate, or you do not enjoy it, you may choose to be sold tomorrow to another, in all likelihood, a man who will choose to add you to his breeding herd. Should you choose to remain here, you will have as much freedom as is possible, or as I deem fit. None of the guards can be bribed, and no male in this household will service a female. Am I perfectly clear?"

I could see my English Rose blushing mightily at my straightforwardness which I though adorable since we were in the middle of a room filled with fucking women.

She nodded, her eyes gazing steadily at me through her embarrassment.

"Yes, I understand."

I smiled at her and slid my hand abruptly in through the slit in the side of the pants straight to her already dripping pussy. She gasped as my hand met her wet folds, taken a bit by sruprise, but also because it felt so good. The way she hearly fell on top of me was indicator enough of the joy she was having as I ran my fingers over the slick folds.

I extended my other hand up to her and pulled her down next to me on the large pillow.

The air of the room was rendolent with moans as all the women of my harem brought each other to orgasm after orgasm. An occassional soft scream would ring out, but it was mainly moans and breathing.

I licked a slow path up the side of her neck to her chin and to her mouth, finally capturing her mouth in a long and slow, heated kiss. A low groan rumbled in my chest as her hand brushed over my erect nipple in her quest to wrap her arms around my neck. I pulled my hand out of her slick pussy and was met with a groan of dissapointment into my mouth.

I lashed at her mouth with my tongue and she allowed me no quarter. She was an active bedmate, nipping and caressing me as I began my ravishing of that perfect body.

I licked and sucked a path down to her breasts. They stood proudly, nipples at attention and begging me to suckle them. I rolled them between my fingers and licked them, taking them between my teeth and biting them, finally sucking them as she let out a long low moan.

As I sucked harder at her breasts, leaving marks and hickeys, her moans increased in volume and intensity.

Her head was thrown back, gasping and moaning, clawing at my back. I knew from the way her nails dragged across my skin that I would have scratches for days and I didn't care. I wanted her to leave my back bloody.

I had purposely neglected her dripping pussy as I worked on her breasts. I worked my knee between hers easily, nestling my hips in with hers.

I don't remember taking off her costume, but I apprently must have, for by this time, she was as naked as I was.

I began to rock and thrust my hips against hers, grinding into her clit and pussy with my own. My efforts were met with an even deeper groan and her wrapping her legs around my lower back, squeezing me in a delicious vice that I never wanted to be free of.

I ground against her until I achieved my first orgasm of the night, which wasn't long at all. She was moaning and thrashing her head and arms about as I licked down ehr body, kissing her breast, her sotmach, her inside thighs. I left a deep hickey on her inside thigh before spreading her moistened lips with my thumbs.

I don't think I had ever seen a more beautiful pussy in my entire life. I salivated even more at the sight of it. The smell just about drove me crazy with lust. I propped myself between her legs, her legs spread wide to give me easier access. I leaned forward and licked her once, from just at the entrance of her pussy to above her clit.

Oh, god, her taste...I could drink her all day and still be thirsty for more.

I leisurely began to lick her clit, slowly flicking it. After letting her think I was calming her down, I upped the tempo and intensity of the proper fuckign I was giving her.

I took one hand and slid a finger inside hr as far as it would go. I began to thrust it in and out of her, adding the next finger and the next, until I had my entire hand up inside her. Oh, god, the velvet vice she held me in...

With my hand buried deep inside her and thrusting steadily and slowly, I returned my attention to her clit. I took it into my mouth and sucked it, trying to suck it clear off of her body it seemed. Her moans and cries became louder as I began to suckle it, drawing it in and releasing it repeatedly.

I was starting to fuck her in earnest with my hand, and began to flick at her clit with my tongue in short, swift strokes, increasing the speed and hardness of my actions until, with a loud and ear splitting scream, my English Rose shuddered and came.

Oh that nectar she gave me in orgasm...I have never tasted anything so delicious.

I finished licking up her orgasmic juices and rose. She was laying against the pillow, half exhausted and trying to recover her senses.

I stepped into and fastened the special harness quickly. It hung low on my hips, at a perfect angle to fuck a woman senseless.

And that was exactly what I planned on doing.

I stepped back to my English Rose and lay down next to her once more. I ran my hands over her body as her breathing slowed and evened out. She watched me with those large green eyes filled with wonder. i looked into the depths of those eyes and immediately positioned myself between her legs, ready to plunge deep within her.

She wrapped her arms around me once again, her nails already on my back, ready to scratch me deeply.

I steadied the dildo with one hand and slid it into her in a measured even thrust. I allowed her a moment to adjust to the feeling. Her nails were already digging into my back as I pushed into her.

The memory of that fucking...god.

I tried to keep the thrusting steady and even, I tried to keep control. She fucked me back with those delicious hips, grinding herself into me and causing the harness to rub against my clit.

I managed to hold out for a little while. At least five minutes of her fucking me back befoer I lost it and began to fuck her like a madman. I pistoned my hips into her seeling to drive her into the pillow beneath us.

Her nails on my back, her breasts against my own, her hips fucking me so deliciously, her cries and screams of pleasure in my ears...

We must have fucked like that for a good two hours before falling apart from sheer exhaustion.

My English Rose...


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